[SOLO] Experience with EmperorQ


I started running EmperorQ the day Saint released it, but before that I have listened to EmpV2-V4

  • I felt New Beginnings was working on me a little bit.

  • Immediately after playing it I felt very optimistic about life, even if the previous days felt as if things were not going so great for me. Your world could be crumbling around you yet, I did not have any worry in the world and knew things would be okay. Also, I began to feel more emotionally stable, very grounded.

  • I did notice I was able to think quicker, almost like QL 4. It did fade once I stopped running it after a few hours and began to struggle to put sentences together. This never happens. This did not happen on day 2 of listening.

  • This sub feels very smooth. At times it feels like I am running PSIT and I want to start chasing women.

  • Another thing I noticed is I want to take massive action with this sub. I notice this drive is geared more towards wealth acquisition.

Initially, I planned to run it just four loops, but I like the way I feel on it so I will run it at least 8 hours a day. I don’t feel exhausted or easily irritated after listening to the sub like i did with emperor V2.


I love this about EmperorQ!

Yes! And I saw immediate results in my language learning.

I agree, although I plan to take every third day off. No reason to not take my time with this.

I look forward to your journal posts, keep going!


Thanks Amash. Do you feel you better process the sub by taking the day off?

[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ

Day 3-5:

  • Yesterday I woke up and my body was a little sore and today it feels even more sore.
    Early on the soreness did feel like it was just located on my arms at times, but yesterday and today my entire body felt sore.

  • The rapid fire thinking continues and I am liking it.

  • Overall, I am feeling very happy and the optimism continues. Even the most simple things in life seem more pleasurable, today. Things that may have bothered me before do not bother me at all.

  • Obstacles?!? What obstacles? I feel like anything I am confronted with will be easily overcomed. I have a huge sense of confidence about myself and anything I do.

  • I feel a lot less limited in what I can achieve and can therefore be successful.


Is this something you have been struggling with?

What are your goals for EmperorQ?


The confidence has always been there on some things, and on other things it comes and goes. Running EmpQ I feel like its there all the time and it does not matter what I encounter, it is there.

I think at times I have let some things hold me back, but I am not seeing much hold up now.

Hard to say and pin down concrete goals, since I don’t know what is in it. I don’t know if it will address all issues I want.
If it gives me more drive to get things done, focus on work, business and money, then I will be happy.


Day 6-8:

  • Soreness is gone and I feel a bit stronger. I want to say that my core feels stronger.My arms and chest feel firmer. I would say the overall resulting strength I notice in my body is comparable to results I achieve with very light workouts, not heavy workouts.

  • Lately, I have been paying attention to what does not serve my goals
    and eliminating anything that waste my time, including people.

  • I feel the need to compartmentalize every goal into smaller goals and every task into smaller tasks.Slowly, I am adding more structure to my life.

  • I have come to the realization that what I want in life is more important than what others want for me or expect of me, nothing else matters.Only what I want matters!

  • I have been wanting to reduce caffeine intake, so I tried this two days before running the sub. Normally, I can only go two days without caffeine, but I managed to go longer than that with very little to no craving for it. I did not even realize I had been without caffeine till this morning.

  • I notice that I am able to drive the sub towards either acquiring wealth or women, all this is dependent on my desires.

  • There is a steady push to get things done with this sub, no matter how small the task is.

  • Also, my anxiety is more under control in social situations.

  • And lastly, my optimism and confidence continue to be at the new levels, since running the sub.


I have also noticed the desire of the sub and my subconscious have been pushing me towards taking actions a lot more since starting EmpQ.


Would you say it is pushing you more than previous subliminals you have used from SC?


Ya i feel like it is an upgraded version of khan total action or some of that in the script atleast.

Have you noticed this or noticed other people saying similar things? Is there something new in the V5 script that kinda guides you or hints towards taking more action then other subs in the past have?


Day 9-12:

  • This sub is pushing me to complete any task I have in front of me. It pushes me more than PSIT, EOG or any other version of Emperor. The more action I take into completing whatever I need to accomplish the more obsessed I get with finishing the task. I go into get shit done mode.

  • No craving for coffee at all, but I feel too sleepy in the morning that I need to drink a cup of coffee. I normally have 3-4 cups of coffee a day.

  • I went for a long walk and my leg muscles felt more contracted than usual.

  • Short term memory has been a bit better than before I started the sub.

  • Optimism and happiness continue.

  • Anything I want seems possible today, no second guessing myself now.

  • I am more in control of my emotions when I encounter people that do things that normally upset me. I just brush it off and I don’t let it bother me. I don’t even feel the need to tell them off.


Day 13-17:

  • Still feeling the optimism with the sub and life seems more joyful with it. I catch myself smiling for no particular reason.

  • I have much more clarity with my thoughts and on any issue I face. Everything is being broken down into pieces.

  • I am more confident and place a higher value on myself when I am around women. I have this feeling that I can get any woman I want.

  • With this sub I have not had many dreams, except for last night and the first night I ran it. Also, I am not noticing any reconciliation like I have with other subs from SC or feel the need to switch subliminals.


Day 18-21:

  • With the world melting down, I am now able to stay at home and focus on
    playing music again. I started to brush up on music theory. It looks like I can easily tune out the bad things in life to not change my good mood and focus on the positives.
    Also, once I shift goals(music playing) I notice I fully concentrate and focus on that task.
    I obsess on the given task at hand.

  • I do notice I hate wasting time now and I have to be doing something of value to me at all times.

  • Even with all that is going on in the world with the pandemic, I am not in extreme panic mode. I am not hoarding years supply of tp. However, I did prepare and made sure to take care that I have anything essential I may need for a few weeks.I am not worried about death. If it came calling tomorrow, I’d be glad to have lived this life and to have experienced the good and the bad. I say this with a huge smile and lots of joy.At the same time I am not out there putting myself at risk and not because of fear, but to be responsible. I have been feeling sick for a few days now.

  • It has been tough to take action this last week and a bit frustrating. The only thing positive about it
    is that I can focus on learning anything I enjoy.


day 22-26

  • I took a day off and felt I was able to process the sub better. I may do this more often.

  • Productivity and learning continue to be things I strive for and enjoy doing.
    I need to be always doing something and it just increases once I start doing something.
    Motivated to get things done, instead of procrastinating.

  • I am more accepting of things the way they are in life and realize how little control I have and that is okay now.

  • I continue to learn and research new things I want to learn.

  • I have not noticed a high sexual drive like I did in previous versions of emperor.

  • My optimism continues to be there, but joy has died down a bit. It might be due to what is happening in the world.


day 27-30:

  • In the 2nd week I used EmpQ I noticed my body looked more lean. So, I stopped working out because I did not know if something was in the sub that was helping me get more lean or if my results were because of the workouts only. I have not looked in the mirror for the past two weeks and today my body looks a lot leaner. Is there a fat burning module in this? I did not notice these results in emp2-4.

  • My confidence continues to be extremely high, almost to the point of being too full of myself.
    Not sure if others will be put off by it, but I don’t contain myself from being who I am around others, nor do I feel I should apologize. This is something that is new to me, since running sc products.

  • I am now learning things at a much faster rate now.


day 31-34:

  • I took another day off from running empq.The joy I felt in earlier days was gone, but after the day off it was there and I kept on smiling throughout the day.

  • I’ve been having lesser patience with people and feel irritated at times. The small things that would not irritate me, do irritate me now. I notice my irritation is more pronounced with people that I feel are wasting my time.

  • Sill very productive when playing empq. No matter how big or small the goal is, I try to complete it. Even stuff I had put off several months ago because it was not a priority, I somehow managed to complete the tasks. I was able to not look for an excuse and just complete them. It’s a one step in front of the other approach that leads me to just get anything done. This is something I also noticed with EOG st4.

  • Before going out to get groceries I feel anxious, but it does subside once I leave the house. I have not listened to Aegis Initiative, because I wanted to just listen to one sub. So far, I have averaged 12 hours of listening per day.


day 35-38:

  • I took another day off and felt I started to question where I want to be in life and what makes me happy. Also, my mind starts to want to construct a plan on how to get there.

  • I am still having a lack of patience with people and continue to feel irritated by anything I perceive to be a huge waste of my time or anything that is nonsense.

  • The more I listen to empQ the more I realize I’d rather work alone and become financially independent. I’ve become more of a lone wolf and feel quite content with working alone.

  • I feel the need to study everything and anything, but I feel at times that I am focusing on too many things instead of trying to master one subject or skill. I wish I had a better sense of direction.


day 39-42:

  • I have been more productive and have been able to focus on one thing even though I want to multitask. I want to conquer multiple things, but I think it is better to focus on one task no matter how much I struggle to want to start on something else. If I focus on multiple things I will just take longer to complete things or maybe I won’t complete them at all.

  • Lately, I have been online talking to new women, but I’d rather focus on my side hustle. When I start pursuing new women it feels similar to PSIT in that I just go for it. I am not afraid to let them know what I want. I am a man after all. I feel strong and sure of myself, just not as dominant as previous emperor version.

  • Even when I feel stressed out I feel stable at the same time and I am sure things will be okay. This is not the case when I don’t listen to empQ.


day 43-46:

  • I have been reading a lot and it is something I don’t particularly like. When I am reading, I start to want to put my focus on something new. It continues to be a struggle to keep focus on one thing.

  • I find myself spending money as if everything will be okay and money coming into my pocket won’t be an issue. I am not being too tight-fisted with money.This is something I felt when running eog.

  • These days I find myself questioning what I want to do that makes me happy because that is what matters most.


day 47-51:

  • Have taken a day off from running empQ and now that I am back on it I feel more energized and the joy I felt early on is back.

  • Still very productive while on empQ. I have to be doing something at all times or else I feel I am going nuts. Have continued to read on various subjects that interest me.

  • I am also working out more lately, since I have more time on my hands. I notice I am very grounded and not much rattles me. Even with the stuff going on now that we all have to deal with, I have a quiet confidence that all will be okay.