[SOLO] EmpQ experimental v1 log


I was a bit sceptical, since it’s an experimental build, but after reading all the amazing reports of other users, I jumped in.

DAY 1:

I mainly use masked format at night. I also use Ultrasonic throughout the day, but I am unsure if it works, because I am using my Huawei Mate 20 pro only, for ultrasonics.

I ran 11 loops of masked at night. This is what I noticed so far:

  • Feels definitely lighter than Emperor v4 - v4 made me depressed in the morning. EmpQ made me feel great in my skin.
  • More mentally tired for sure
  • Felt at ease throughout the day. Nothing was bothering me.
  • Tried to work on my business(started with affiliate marketing niche site) but couldn’t focus well.
  • while socializing I felt like not talking much, but was also less self conscious.

That’s it for the first day. Now starts the second night.


Day 2 & 3

Day 2 - Sunday - was no different from day 1 - great mood for the whole day.

Felt a bit mentally drained - too much exposure I guess.

I spent the day socializing with my family again. I was feeling good, but spent the time being a listener, not talking much.

Emperor v4 made me feel like crap, whenever I was being unproductive - even after a successful day, full of work, spending time watching TV for 15 minutes felt like I was a loser for not pushing myself.

EmperorQ doesn’t do that, and it makes me feel relaxed, good about myself and happy in the moment.

Day 3 - Monday - work day

Woke up early, full of energy and smooth confidence.

The previous versions made me feel like crap at work. EmpQ has put me in a state of flow. I’m enjoying the work. That’s new.

Second guessing myself has also subsided a lot.

I also love the overall feeling of relaxation and stress-free state I’m in right now.

I’m very happy so far.