[SOLO] EmperorQ testingg


I am coming john…


Are these name-embedded versions or only v5?


only v5 brother


If we get good information from these tests, we will choose the “best” testers and create name embedded versions for them to test.


Recieved my copy of EQ from @SaintSovereign some hours ago.

Two loops in and I am already seeing results CRAZIER than any other SC alpha-sub I have been on.

Will drop an elaborated report at the end of the day.


Sorry I got all caught up in the goodness of this sub and the behavioural changes I am experiencing with it.
I felt different changes after every consecutive loop so I jotted it all down.


  • I started feeling a tiny sense of bliss in the 1st loop accompanied by a greater disregard for approval from friends and family, this was stronger than Ev4 much similer to Ev2.

  • I noticed myself growing extra intolerant of others bullshit and wasn’t hesitant to clap back If they suddenly started throwing shit on me. After this, I felt tired and decided to take a nap.

  • Played ultrasonic while sleeping. 3 loops till then.

  • After this I went out to test this bad boy socially outside. Played 2×commander with not so effective visualization. And things went a bit shit here. Although STRONG eye contact but the presence wasn’t as strong as it was in Ev4.

  1. Being an ENTP, my wits and clever wordplay is something which I heavily rely on but it wasn’t flowing naturally. I opened my mouth expecting to spit gold but It was usually something lame which I definitely didn’t expect myself to say. In fact, this behaviour was similer to my behaviour at the start of Ev4 just not as bad as Ev4.

  2. Also I noticed subtle signs of me trying to Please people, something which was alien to me on Ev4. Also was very slightly awkward naturally.

  3. All in all, It was bad. I blame the lack of exposure for all this.

  • I came home and the went with the 4th,5th and 6th loop. I felt a slight headache at this time. It became stronger later but vanished before the end of 6th loop.

  • Felt a much greater burst of joy and energy on the 7th loop, it was similer to KST3, i was loving everthing. I also besides “feeling” smart could see a clear difference b/w my intelligence before and after the sub, verbal fluidity and greater articulation came along with it. I was solving problems without needing to thing about them much. In fact, I was feeling more smarter than how I felt on QLST4 but I didn’t feel as creative as the other days where I have QL.

  • Listened to 12 loops of EQ(masked)(1hour long) yesterday


  • I felt[and still feel] GREAT DISINTEREST in my usual time killer activities like YouTube and music. even Joyriding seemed boring. Actually everything that kills my time is boring, there is 0 fun in it left now.
  • I also feel more disinclined to eat junk food now. I threw away the leftover burger my sister gave to me, I effortlessly declined the bullshit in my daily diet. A strong no came out of my mouth this time without any second thought.
  • I initiated a digit detox and also nofap:hard mode yesterday. Hencwhy I am writing this now.

so far so good.


Early Day 2 results:

  • alot of vivid dreams. All of them personal. None of them make sense.

  • Socially I am behaving how I used to behave during the start of Ev4. Bit insecure and added awkwardness just as in the initial stages of EV4. The script needs more time to seep in.

Also feel a great urge to stack QLST4(wont do it). i am feeling as though I am not behaving According to the mindsets I instilled from QL and Ev4. Also I am getting the feeling the good effects of EQ have vanished except the discipline. Also headache’s there as well.

This is reconciliation. something good is coming…


also Magic numbers everywhere.


I only saw 1 magic number in 3 days of EmperorQ, and it was: 555


I also been having lot of random dreams. Most of them are like short videos and none of them seem to connect to one another.


I used beyond limitless and commander today. Like yesterday, they weren’t as “effective” as they were during my ev4+QL stack, there was very small change, and it dissappeared pretty quickly.

@AMASH, I see 1 in every 2-3 hours. 1111,1133,1010,2222. Infact when I put out that post, the time was 0033 lol.


I used to see those all the time on Khan and also on Limitless. But they stopped on Emperor v4. Maybe EV4 is still stopping them somehow, and EmperorQ still didn’t overcome that programming of EV4 :slight_smile:


Those ‘angel’ numbers have been part of my life since around two years ago when I awakened. Ever since I’ve been doing my spiritual practice and following my life path I see these all the time. Repeating numbers every time I follow up with them, not them down and try to understand what they are telling me.

For example 11 or 111 or 1111 has to do with manifestation. When I’m manifesting something whatever it is the synchronicity leading me towards that particular manifestation always get confirmed by returning 1’s.

Numerology is an interesting subject, I suggest anyone interested to be aware for it and follow your own guidance.


Same. Mine are BIZZARE as in I haven’t had these kind of dreams at such a greater frequency ever. I had 4 last night.

Heres a breif description of the 2 I remember:

1st one was quite serious, I saw myself and my people in a place undergoing war based on relegious differences. There were some details which only a person very close to me will understand but nevertheless the whole thing ended with my house and my people(family, friends, peers) exploding in a big bomb blast and I was the only one that survived
I was involved enough to believe it was all real. I was relieved to realize it was a dream when I woke up

2nd was a bit generic at the start mostly about the world ending. The real highlight were the shiny colourful images I saw in my head and the action sequence of me trying to survive. I came home and saw the popular girl from my school from the time when I both was and considered a loser by people around me. We never liked each other. I still waved at her, she just winked at me seductively, and left.


Nofap day 1 successful. I felt no urge just dis-urge when the thought of faping came to me.


early day 3
I feel lazzzyyy. Also my time killer activities are boring now so I sitting here wondering what to do with my day.
Slept at 2 yesterday and woke up at 10.


Also I feel a bit insecure while running EQ like as if I am under attack or something.


That’s interesting @Rapsta

How much experience do you have running Subliminal Club subs? And which ones did you run before and for how long?

Maybe knowing this can determine how people could respond a bit differently to EmperorQ, depending how much previous experience they have.


I used all stages of khan when it came out solo. Then I moved to Ev4 and bought QL to learn faster.
During QL+Ev4, I felt the most comfortable I have been even though my external reality was “falling apart”. I reached a point where nothing bothered me much naturally.
Right now with EQ, I feel different, naturally not at ease but I cant pinpoint the problem here.

I believe its the new script settling in. I faced similar problems during the start of Ev4. Everything felt very awkward at the start of Ev4. Thankfully, EQ doesnt feel as bad as Ev4, till now.


Aplogies for not updating the journal from the last 2 days, i lost my phone and missed 2 days of listening because of it.