[SOLO] EmperorQ testing journal


This is my first entry for the EmperorQ journal. I’m coming from Khan that I have previously used and I’m looking forward what EmperorQ will do for me. :slight_smile:

I will update this journal whenever I’m aware of any changes coming up.

Listening Pattern: Using US only during day on my laptop. I will take 1 day breaks as I see fit.


Welcome to the testers lab :wink: @enigma2k

How long did you run Khan and what results did you experience?

What are your goals with Emperor?


thanks! Happy to be part of it!

I have run Khan for about 4 months and it really changed me. I got more dominant around women, had phase where all I could think of is women, got into cooking (and I cook really well already). Still I don’t feel really productive that I focus more on parts that earn me money. Is still procrastinate a lot and watch too much TV. This is where I hope the new Emperor will help.


We are on a very similar path then :wink:

I wish you all all the best and amazing results!


Day 2:

I wouldn’t have thought that I will post an update after just one day but some changes already happened. In order to get all these kind of changes you have to be really self aware and being able to listen to your inner-self. Meditation is a great tool to train self-awareness.

  • I could not sleep as long as usual. There was an inner force that wanted me to get up.

  • I felt more energized and productive as usual so I was already productive in the morning and did not procrastinate as I usually do

  • feeling more positive and euphoric

  • I picked up meditation again (after not having it done for several months) and was also motivated to do my physical exercises that I usually hate to do

  • I felt more libido than usual, thinking about having sex with women I see outside

  • I felt more self confident and walked alongside people in the supermarket in a more dominant way. It is hard to describe but I felt superior to the other people - maybe even a bit in an arrogant way.


Day 3:

I woke up earlier today as I just could not sleep. My head was buzzing with things I have to do and thinking about all this I realized I don’t have enough time to do it all.

I felt very positive and optimistic right from the beginning in the morning and looked forward to do some work.

I immediately began cleaning some parts of my flat that I would normally not do. Like toilet, kitchen bin, kitchen floor, etc. Last time I did this I was running Khan for quite some time. Funny thing is, I’m only on the 3rd day and I already got this effect that took me much longer to reach while on Khan.

Besides the cleaning, I did some other work in my flat that I procrastinated for 1 year now. it is really crazy the effect EQ has on me. I fucking love it. :slight_smile:

[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ

Day 4 (OFF day)

Had a bit of a breakdown today as I woke up earlier than usual (again) and could not sleep. My sleep time today combined with all the previous days since I started Emperor where I also didn’t get enough sleep resulted in me being very tired today. I decided not to listen to Emperor today and resume tomorrow.

I did a nap in the afternoon but even after sleeping for a few hours I was still tired and unproductive.

I also have to note that I’m listening to Emperor only during day and not while sleeping. So the effect that this has on me is pretty strong. Normally I only had this sleep problem when I listen to a sub while sleeping. I guess, however, that this effect will subside with time.


Day 5 (OFF Day)

Was still very tired today with some headache and neck pain. Decided not to listen to Emperor today and start again tomorrow. I guess I started too strong at the beginning and should better ease into it.


Day 6 was a ON day and Day 7 an OFF day. Did not get any strong effect during this time so I will now change the pattern to 2 ON and 1 OFF.

Day 8 (ON)

Been listening today and will continue tomorrow to see how it goes.


Unfortunately, I have been in quarantine for the past 7 days and can’t really test EmperorQ with the outside world.
I have been listening to it every day now without a break and I no longer get tired from it like I used to the first few days.

The positive productivity effects that I had in the beginning, however, have also diminished. It is possible that this is all due to the current quarantine we have in our country. I took a break today but will continue listening tomorrow.

I feel, however, more inner peace and relaxed than usual which is also good considering being cut off socially.


Day 17

I’m using a 2 ON and 1 OFF pattern and the effects of EmperorQ are already natural for me that I don’t really notice it any more.

  • What changed for me big time is that I am much more calmer most of the time. I feel inner peace whereas I was often slightly anxious before.

  • I got into stock trading to make the best out of this current corona crises and I can feel that I am emotionally detached from money which helps if the stocks are going down and you just bought it.

  • I got more confident when going under and being under people (currently only at the supermarket due to restrictions)

  • I got more libido that makes me think about women more often. Not as strong as it was the case with Khan, but the effect is still there. Under Khan it was really excessive during some periods where I had to constantly masturbate or have sex to get my head clear.

  • Unfortunately I’m not very productive at this time. This “being productive” effect only happened at the beginning of Emperor but it quickly wore off. Hope it comes back soon.


I had a lot of reconciliation the last days where I felt inner stress and quite some anxiety. I also felt very unproductive during this time.

I have been listening to EmperorX for nearly the whole day without taking any days off. I remembered @SaintSovereign recommended in an older post that his listening pattern where he gets the most benefits and no reconciliation is only 5 loops per day with one day off every 3 days.

So me listening for an average of 15 hours per day compared to 5 hours that @SaintSovereign does just seems crazy to me. It is about 3 times as much, so it is no wonder I’ve felt reconciliation.

It also explains to me why the effect of EmperorX was the best during the first few days when I actually started it. My mind was still fresh at this time.

I took yesterday off and will take today off today too. Tomorrow I will slowly start again with only 3 loops and then will start to increase to 5-6 loops .

Anybody made similar experiences?


Day 28

After taking a 2 day break I felt the EmperorX energy again in the morning. I felt the urge to be productive, didn’t sleep as good as normally. So this 2 day break really helped.

I have listened now to only 1 loop of Emperor and will up it to 2 times tomorrow, 3 times day after tomorrow and so on. I guess I will stay at 6 loops per day to get the most out of it. Less is more I guess. :slight_smile: