[SOLO] EmperorQ My will be done


Hello everyone,

I’m very glad to be a part of this experimental testing group and would like to thank Saint and Fire for giving me this opportunity and all the hard work they do to make theirs products one of a kind.

I’ve been listening to Emperor v4 since it was released back in December last year until today my stack during the day was masked versions of

Rebirth x1
Emperor v4 x4
Limit Destroyer x1

Spartan x2 while working out at the gym or occasionally before sleep. I don’t listen to ultras and while I sleep.

I’ve decided to go exclusively with EmperorQ this time, starting with 3 loops and adding more based on how I feel and keep posting my observations and noticeable changes internal and external here.


I received the files form Saint yesterday but had a fever and wasn’t be able to start listening right away but was very excited to do so. Woke up today feeling better and rushed to download the files, I’m on my second loop right now. Interesting thing is I don’t get sick easily once a year at max and don’t even remember getting sick last year. But since I start listening to Emperor v4 I already experienced a flu, runny nose, sore throat, neck pain, back pain etc on all different occasions which all last a day or two at most and then gone as if nothing ever happened and I wasn’t taking any medicine those times. Even today waking up feeling better but still had some aftermaths body feelings. Listening to the first loop of EmperorQ got rid of any lasting symptoms of yesterdays fever. Don’t know if it makes any sense. Now I feel lightess in my body and the mood is back to normal.


Welcome crnk to the testers lab :wink:

What are your goals you want to achieve with Emperor?


Thanks for the welcome friday,

I’d like to improve and/or to rebuild from the ground up the three pillars of my internal Imerium of heaven which are

Physical - health, strength, sex
Mental - beliefs, thoughts, emotions
Financial - abundance, independence, opportunities

To sum it up I want to have true power over myself and bit more :slight_smile:


Haha I like that.

Do you already have specific plans to achieve these goals? Or are you waiting for Emperor to do its magic first?

Either way, I really recommend a daily journal online or offline. I did not journal in the beginning and therefore did not really work with the subliminal consciously. I was getting some results but since I journal I feel the effects much stronger (I also do think I get better results now as I can reflect on my past experiences, the good and the bad).


Well I developed the blueprints for some and following it but it’s been work in progress with different degree of success since I was introduced to self-development back in 2008. I want to think I improved a lot but I believe it’s a never ending process and now with the Emperor it’s something special. It’s like an old and wise mentor who recognized all the potential in me and helping me rise to become the best version of myself by using all his wisdom and sometimes harsh and painful lessons (reconciliation is a btch…).

NAd yeah I should journal, I remember I was exited to start one in the beginning of running v4 but couldn’t force myself to do so after I went deep into the program. Also, I find hard to notice the results and changes on Emperor and I mean deep profound ones, I have my theory that if the program works directly with my subconscious mind some meaningful and important changes go straight to Unconscious Competence if we would take a Four stage of competence learning model. So the situation should arise where I would act differently for me to take notice or someone who knows me well enough to notice it for me.



Finished 6 loops in total with the rest in between. I was in a naturally good mood all day, where on V4 I had to make some effort to switch it up when the circumstances required it often times I didn’t want to be disturbed. Didn’t mind having a chitchat about nothing here and there.

My ex (thanks to V4) visited me, complimented me on how handsome I was and asked if I was truly sick yesterday.

Had some warm feeling in my shins while listening to the 4th-5th loop.

Fall a sleep around 3am guess due to sleeping for most of the day and night before.

Had dreams about my ex and few people I know, and some money issue (I’m not in the desirable financial situation at the moment) all non-related dreams, can’t recall the details but it wasn’t pleasant nor unpleasant.


Woke up at 8am refreshed

Added 4th loop to my playlist

I would say first half of the day was productive, managed to get few things done even If I didn’t want to

Interactions with people was easy going, women were noticeably trying to please and assist me which I expect them to do so. Men behaved and complied.

Got a compliment from my gf on my sexuality (she is on her period)

Felt the strong urge to quit smoking on my way to buy a pack of cigs, thought to my self why the f I’m doing this, still bought a pack. Went to another store later that day and bought nicotine gum, will see if it helps.

Second half of the day was nothing special, felt very sleepy and went home for a nap, ended up sleeping for an hour while listening to my 4th and final loop of the day.

Had a dream about some kidnapping of a child, was chasing on foot white mini van trying to open the door, ended up talking to a driver through a lowered drivers window while dragged by the car, it looked like skating. Managed to verbally convinced the driver to return the child, he ended up returning two girls age 10-12 and 6-5, the smallest one was on his arms when they went to a building together to theirs mother, he might be theirs father I don’t remember.

That’s it for now, 10 loops in total.



Woke up at 8am without the alarm, I like the quality of my sleep more than on V4

Had a dream, riots in the streets of china (I used to live in china for a long time). Found myself in the middle of a long walking street both sides surrounded by 2-3 storey buildings, people were running and crushing things, I didn’t participate just walking up the street and calmly observing. Next thing I was going up the stairs in one of the buildings clearing my way of a broken chair, noticed the sun shining through a window also broken if I remember correctly.

Added 5th loop to my playlist

Nothing special to report about the first part of the day, social interactions were smooth and favourable to me. Random gazes and stares from both genders but I’m used to it.

Second half of the day hit me with the nap attack again around 14-15pm went home and slept for a 2 hours straight.

Was dreaming walking in a long hallway of a flat checking the rooms in a row by the both sides of the walls, most rooms was empty but not abandoned, found myself laying in the bed in one of the rooms facing my gf in another bed next to me. Then in a hallway again heard my fathers voice giving me advice how to boil whole chicken, after at the kitchen table found myself eating the chicken with my gf and telling her that it was uncooked in the thickest part of the breast.
After that I found myself outside walking, bumped into a girl (don’t recall if I knew her) she offered to give me back some money that I supposedly should’ve return to her but ended up giving it to another girl and the first girl was pissed at her for that, the amount was 13.13, it’s a meaningless amount of money in my currency, so I told her not to bother and keep it.
Then I was walking into some international bar/restaurant, there was one table occupied and another with the food on it but no people, walked up to a bar and talked to a cute waitress she was my country mate, so we’ve talk in native language after she passed me a written note, don’t remember the content but it was pleasant.
Asked a barman for the price of hookah, and he replied that I don’t have to pay he’ll make it for free.

The rest of the day was ok.

5 loops today, 15 loops in total.