[SOLO] EmperorQ: It's time to crush


Hello guys.
I was added to the testing of the EmperorQ program. Something tells me this is going to be epic. Especially the fact that Saint said something like they are pushing it’s power to the limits in this version. So I am really excited to start this journey.

A bit about me.
I have been running a stack of Emperor and PS for the past 5 months. Well I did miss a couple of days here and there and one or two weeks when I was traveling. But been regular other than that. I couldn’t keep up with journaling, I was always bad at that. and also because many days were normal, I didn’t have anything special to report. For me it was not about day to day noticiable change. It was more like looking back after a couple of months and feeling “woah”. These subs were really killer, especailly emperor v4 was a bomb.

My plan for testing this sub.
I will be running this sub SOLO for the upcoming future. My listening time would be atleast 8 hours per day. I will be running the silent track while I sleep, thus the 8 hours. I will start the player a few hours before I go to sleep, when I am reading books, so there might be extra 2 hours of listening. I will report the daily listening time here.
For this test, I have a challenge to myself that I will post a journal entry EVERYDAY. This has some problems, as I am sure most of the days I will not find anything to write, so the posts might get boring. But it is a challenge I have to endure and follow through, this would work as a pointer if the Q is helping me to achieve my boring, mental challenges, lol.

Goals with this
I haven’t made any specific set goals for this sub yet. I don’t know if we should have specific goals with experimental subs. If we are allowed, I will create a set of goals and keep update on my progress towards them. But for now, no specific goal, only a deep belief that this might change my life forever.

Looking forward to a great journey ahead.


Day 1
Listening time today: ~10 hours
Total: ~10 hours

Nothing dominant to report.
Increased and Improved sleep, like when I first started emperor+ps. I slept all night, then I slept on my commute, after that I slept again right after coming back home.

I had cray dreams in all my sleep sessions. I woke up in the last sleep session I mentioned and immediate wrote a few keywords on the notes on my phone. These are the only dreams I mildly remember, others I don’t remember at all.
Here are the dreams briefly.

  1. A car was moving in a street I usually visit 3-4 times a week. But the thing is, that street is very narrow, like two people cannot walk side by side, so a car there is very unusual. Also that street is very poor, but the car was crazy expensive.
  2. Then a sudden storm is coming up and the storm is really strong. So I was in a hurry and to out of that place. The actual storm didn’t come in the dream though, just the crazy winds and rain before the storm comes.
  3. I was trying to boil/cook some eggs. Then I fail for some reason and give up.


Welcome to the lab @Grey ;).

That is a great idea, as journaling will help to get better and more profound results, even if you write down only the “little things” you notice.

Yes, it is allowed and encouraged :smiley:. With a subliminal like Emperor, you need to choose any goal and take action towards it. By working toward your goals, you open pathways to manifestation, and that’s where the subliminals do its magic.


Day 2
[Writing this in day 3]
Listening time: ~18 hours
Total: ~28 hours

Man oh man. I haven’t sleeped this much for a long while. Today was a holiday for me. I usually work on my side hustles on holiday and watch movies and such. But today, I felt sleepy, even after having 8+ hours of sleep at night. And I slept all day. Later I turned off the sub in the evening and didn’t have the sleeping issue on day 3. I can’t say this sleepiness was caused by the sub, but I was not sick and was not in a special diet or medication.

I had dreams, but as I am writing this entry a day later, I don’t remeber anything.


Day 3
Listening time: ~10 hours
Total: ~38 hours

Tuned down the listening time today. Didn’t listen at night while I sleep at all. Didn’t face the sleeping issue like Day 2 today. Although today was not a holiday like the day before and I normally had a more active day.
No ruthless action taking feeling like emperor kicked in yet.


  1. I was going to university and I was facing many adversities. like I was coming to university from a different city and I had to take a inter-city bus, had some issues with the bus. etc. [On an interesting note, I see this types of dreams often, like I want to go somewhere and I am having various problems that are hindering me to reach there, usually problems are with vehicles involved. I try to solve the problem, some times I can, but most of the time it gets frustrating one problem after another and enough to wake me up]
  2. Another dream was about me completing a project I hae been trying (passively) to complete for months, and earning the first $1 from it. Ofcourse $1 per day is not my goal, but it signified the money rolling in, maybe.


Day 5
Listening Time: ~10 hours (day 4) + ~16 hours
Total: 64 hours


  1. I have been playing so much virtual games for last 2/3 days. And I am actually doing pretty good at this. I just got at all time highest rank on a game I’ve been playing for 4 years. It is interesting, but alarming at the same time. Gaming is not my goal at this point. I need to build my empire. Need to stop gaming so much.
  2. Today, I was just sitting around idling. The sub had just turned off playing a couple of minutes ago, as the speaker’s charge was over. After a few minutes I suddenly felt a euphoria kind of feeling. It was not explainable, kind of extream joy. I felt like I had achieved some of my long term goals. I am far from them and I knew it, but in my mind, it was like I already have them. and everything was so peaceful and certain. I could feel the joy in both mind and body. It lasted for about 30-40 minutes or maybe an hour. After that things came to normal. Ofcourse, it magnified my motivation to work for it by multiple folds.

I had a few dreams but couldn’t remember them later.


Day 7
Listening Time: ~10 hours (day 6) + ~10 hours
Total: 84 hours


  1. The feeling of euphoria. I hit that extreme euphoric feeling once a day, which stays about 30 minutes on average. But I am more happy and joyous in general throughout the day, like 70% or more of the time. Excited about what the future holds for me, I am extreme positive of what’s going to happen without any proof or lead that it is actually going to be good.

  2. I am yet to hit the general crush it and ‘working my ass off’ feeling of emperor with this version. I really hope to get that soon.

  3. Last day I read a few journals here and saw others are also seeing the happiness things. Which lead me to understand that if I read about the other feelings they get, it might mess up my natural process and getting there naturally. So no more journal reading for now.

  4. This one is important, but it’s not really about EmperorQ. I am normally a person who starts working on a project at the very last moment, finishing it at the lowest possible quality I could produce. But a few days after I started Emperor4, I noticed that I am starting the projects way before deadline with a clear plan for everyday till the deadline. It was all good.
    But the problem is, I went ahead of time, decide to take some time off and baam… I am again barely making it in deadline. The end result is ofcourse more quality-full than my normal works, but not nearly what it was turning out to be at first.
    Now, if it was once or twice, I would think it is an accident or something. But it happened 5 or 6 times back to back. And last time, it happend, I was 6 days in on EmperorQ. I would really love it if this thing didn’t happen. It could change my life.


  1. Last day, I saw a dream that I was in an interview for my dream job. I was crushing it on the interview, all charismatic and everything was coming so flawlessly. Liked it.


Day 10
Listening time: ~10 hours (day 8) + ~12 hours (day 9) + 0 hours (day 10)
Total: 106 hours


  1. I really like looking at myself in the mirror. Had this feeling when I first started listening to Emperor v3. It feels amazing.
  2. I took a rest day today. Again, I started the sleepy feeling again. And again today I slept more than usual, like the beginning days on EmperorQ.
  3. As we are in home lockdown for 2 weeks due to corona, I am going to listen more of it and take action on my business and other goals with a clearly made routine. Will update on their progress.


  1. This thing is funny. For the past 2 nights I am having dreams where I have conflicts with my father. But in reality I am not having any conflicts with him. If it happened one night, it could be just a dream, but 2 nights in a row is definitely interesting.


Day 14
Listening time: ~30 hours in last 3 days
Total: ~136 hours

I was not getting the emperor work ethic feeling so far. Last day it was there a bit for 2-3 hours, not long lasting. It wasn’t feeling like that ‘get everything done and more’ type of emperor. But then today, bam… It hit real hard. I am not going to explain the feelings, but let’s talk things I got done.
I am working on a new web project. Today, I wanted to work on the whole lead generation side. So, I wrote the lead magnet from scratch. 3000 words. Then I formatted it to make the ebook. Then I designed the cover for it and exported the ebook. Then I built the lead capture page, integrated autoresponder. Then created the thank you page, the download area, wrote the welcome email. All while I also worked on another social media project.
Btw, did I mention I didn’t get full sleep last night? Got around 5 hours of sleep. And it’s already late tonight.
The day is over, but I cant stop. I really can’t.
Loving the return of the Emperor feeling. And it is stronger than ever.


Day 16
Listening time: ~0 hours
Total: ~136 hours

I stopped listening to the sub for 2 days as I was working like crazy and I was worried I will burn out, not work at all for a week and lose all off the results. So I let the mojo slow down a bit. Hope to start listening to it again from tomorrow.
And no, luckily I didn’t burn out. Rather reached a balance in the last two days. I might not do 10+ hours a day next, I don’t know. Let’s see where it goes.
My goals for the rest of March will be focused on learning. I have a couple of topics on mind, influence (mainly nlp based), economics (crash course series on youtube), international trade politics (mainly what’s between china and usa). I haven’t decided on one yet. Will update on progress.
Speaking on learning, last week I learnt about blockchain (set of medium articles) and selling (a old but classic book). Putting it here to keep track.

Had variety of dreams, happy, exciting, sad. They were mostly about stuff that I was thinking in my head. So I don’t think the sub actually had anything to do with them. No nightmares though.


Day 22
Total Listening Time: ~150 hours

Just woke up. Had an interesting dream and I know I will forget it in an hour. So I am writing it here now.


In the dream, I was coming back to my home town because my university was closed (no reason was specific). Although, I am already in my home town for the same reason.

After getting off the bus, I need to take a cab to reach home. But no cab was agreeing to go there. They were saying there was a new rule on a specific road that I need to go through, that any vehicle needed to go with atleast a certain speed, without stopping, and it was hard for them to manage.
Later I found one cab that agreed, but with a higher fare.

And after riding the cab I realized that I forgot my bag on the bus. But I kind of convinced myself to think that it was there beside me and suddenly it was there. Kind of a lucid dreaming stuff, but I didn’t realize it was a dream till I woke up.

So I was looking around and saw my home town, a small town, was so well developed, it was like time sqaure, with very less people. I was listening to songs with headphone, can’t remember which one. I wanted to listen to a different one. So I went to the search bar of the music player and found that the button ‘b’ was not working, which is funny, because it’s a touchscreen phone. there was ‘error’ or something like that written on the spot of ‘b’. there was an option to correct that, and I was trying to correct but I woke up.


Day 24
Total listening time: ~160

Nothing special. I have falled back a bit on action taking. I guess I am a bit pushed back with the home locked thing due to the current situation. It’s tough to be in the action taking, emperor mode when you are stuck in your room for almost all day. Need to find a way to crush it.
I have completed the Artificial Intelligence playlist from “crash course” on youtube. It was good, but pretty basic. Now I am reading a popular book named sapien. It is pretty interesting. I tried to read it a few times before, but got distrated and left. Hope this time I can go through it.

I had some really interesting dreams last night. Don’t remember much, but some. I had one nightmare sort of thing which woke me up in the morning, and I remember that.
So I was in a room and I wanted to lock the door. I grabbed the knob and pushed the door to close it. But suddenly, the door rushed open at a great speed on the other side and as a result I was thrown a long distance on the other end, which was dark. And that’s it. I got so scared that I woke up, with my hurt pumping and a blood rush through my whole body.
Had another pretty funny dream where I went to shower, put my pants off and realized I hadn’t closed the door or the window (the window side has a city view, lol). But it wasn’t scaring or shameful in the dream, but I took it as a “wtf just happened, lol” kind of attitude.