[SOLO] Emperor Q Testing


I have been running emperor v4 for 50 days and its a great subliminal, so I am excited to test Emperor Q.


I started my Emperor Q experience, by listening to the masked version while sleeping.
I had a great sleep, full of wonderful dreams, where I played the role of a dominant man of confidence.


My third night of listening to the masked version of Emperor Q and again crazy dreams. Dodging bullets like Neo in one dream and enjoying the sexy female teacher getting frisky with me in another.

Emperor Q is great fun for this aspect alone. Now another excellent addition I have noticed, is an increase, in feel good emotions. Emperor Q makes me happy and positive, its a fantastic feel good subliminal.

My final point for today is the smoothness of this subliminal. I felt good and strong in every way on Emperor V4, but I was also a bit tired emotionally and physically most of the time. Now this feeling is gone on Emperor Q and is replaced with more energy and happier state of mind overall.

Emperor Q reminds me of a hit song from the 80s called “Smooth Operator”, cause man this subliminal is super smooth.


Emperor Q is giving me that nice push feeling that I enjoyed on Emperor V4, but it feels stronger on this version. This feeling for me is what helps me to actually take action on my various disciplines.

I began a fast on monday night and I will hit the 48 hour mark soon, I always go at least 72 hours and I may go longer, I just take it day by day and according to how I feel. I’m working towards becoming really ripped and I am so glad to have the Emperor Q subliminal, to give me that push.

That’s it for now. My goal is to make sure I post some details about my Emperor Q journey, every 2nd or 3rd day. I am not much of a writer, like many guys on here, that have the skill of a veteran novelist, and I do read and admire their posts, but I am so grateful to have this opportunity to test this wonderful subliminal Emperor Q, that its my pleasure to contribute to this research and this fantastic forum.


I have been running Emperor Qa v1.5 the past three nights. I listen for 6 hours as I sleep and then I get in another 2 loops during the day. I love this subliminal because whenever I listen during the day, I notice its like hitting the reset button, in that it always brings me back to a feeling of strength and confidence.

My weight training workouts and diet, have been going wonderful. I am a disciplined person, but I find that Emperor Q really helps to give me that extra push to keep me on this path, I am very happy that I have been given the opportunity to test this subliminal.


Exactly! Excellent description :blush:


Thanks buddy. This is by far the best subliminal I have ever run. I have used many subliminals over the years but absolutely none have given me this strong masuline confidence that Emperor Q has. Good luck on your journey Tarmicle.


I agree! You too, brother!


Discipline, productivity and efficiency are just a few of the excellent qualities that EmperorQ seems to be increasing in the belief systems of my mind.

I suddenly decided to do spring cleaning a bit earlier then I ever do. I rearranged my clothes in the closet, exchanging winter wardrobe for spring and I also cleaned up many other areas of the house, that I had been putting off forever.

As I was cleaning I had this intense desire to make sure the job was done efficiently and completely. This brings me to my main point of all this and that is mindset.

EmperorQ is now beginning to have a major impact on my overall mindset. It seems like when I have a task to perform, I just do it, no complaining or procrastination, I just get it done. This is that familiar, “PUSH” feeling that I get from listening to EmperorQ and I love this feeling, its just one of the many great benefits of EmperorQ, the best subliminal of all time.


So I have been really busy, since the last time I posted. In fact, the next day, friday the 13th, everywhere, in this part of the country,was put on full lock down, because of the COVID -19 crisis situation. Also my wife is employed at the hospital, so it adds an extra layer of stress to everything that is happening.

Aside from that though, EmperorQa seems to be helping me maintain my discipline as I am fasting and working out intensely in my weight room.

I am definitely going through some reconciliation right now, as I get near my third week of listening to EmperorQ. I am a bit tired during the day, but I have lots of strength and energy for my workouts, even though I am cutting right now.

Well I hope all my fellow EmperorQ test subjects are getting positive results also, as I believe this is the most beneficial subliminal I have ever experienced. That’s all I have to report for now.


So yesterday early in the morning after walking my dog, it was time to warm up my car and clean the huge amount of snow and ice off my car before driving my wife to work at 6 am. Its still dark at that time up here in the great white north and as I was scraping my windshield, my windshield wiper breaks off. Now usually I would start swearing and getting reallly pissed off, but I just smiled to myself and said … oh well I think I needed new wipers anyway. I drive my wife to work and all is fine.

I then head over to Walmart to get some groceries and I was expecting the shelves to be empty as most news stories had indicated. Turns out they had everything I needed, so that works out ok.

I then head over to Canadian Tire to see if I could get some new wipers installed, but I wasn’t expecting to be able to get them installed, as they are always booked up and crazy busy at that store, especially during stormy days. Turns out, they fix me up immediately, they install my wipers and don’t charge me the cost of labour, decent! I say thanks bud, and I am happily on my way.

I mention this story mainly to emphasize the point that, " for me Emperor Qa works like some type of lucky charm." I get green lights, parking spaces, extra friendly staff at the stores I frequent and this is all new, since I began running Emperor Qa.

Another noticeable development for me is not losing my cool, or simply maintaining a positive attitude during stressful situations and this is the way I always respond now, its like Emperor Qa has rewired this part of my brain permanently and it feels good.

Finally last nights dream was strange but weirdly satisfying rock n roll fantasy. I dont remember much, but I was at a summer camp and the instructors were Malcolm Young and Angus Young, of course the famous brothers of ACDC fame. I remember sitting at the picnic table and laughing with both the brothers and then I woke up, literally with a smile on my face.

I am so happy to have been able to test this subliminal Emperor Qa, as it seems like the perfect fit for my personality and goals.

I am still doing 72 hour fasts, on a low carbohydrate diet and I am able to work out intensely because I have a nice little weight room in my house. I only mention this because literally everything is closed here and they will probably declare a state of emergency soon, as they have done in neighboring provinces. Emperor Qa has kept me smart and alert though instead of anxious or panicking as I might have been in the past. Also Emperor Qa has helped keep me disciplined to maintain an intense workout program and an extremely strict diet.

I hope everyone is staying safe and calm during these trying times and I wish all my subliminal club buddy’s all the best.


So today is 24 days of running Emperor Q and I have been using this every night as I sleep for 6 hours and then 4 hours during the day. The results have been fantastic and my discipline has increased greatly. I also ran Emperor v4, for 50 days before this and then I went immediately into using Emperor Q. Now for me personally, I have found Emperor Q to be much smoother and more powerful then the previous version.

I have taken no days off. My workouts are extremely intense and my strength is actually increasing, even though I am concentrating on becoming extremely lean and I am very close to that state now.

I have been in self isolation for 12 days now since my wife is employed at the hospital and I drive her back and forth to work daily.

This province declared a state of emergency 8 days ago and as we are so close to this, from a standpoint of her employment, I feel that Emperor Q, has helped keep me calm and positive.

Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 has been created and so kindly released for all of us at subliminal club by SaintSovereign and Fire. I myself am extremely grateful and my wife and I have immediately started using this subliminal today, as to do otherwise would be foolish, at least in our particular situation.

I will be continuing to use Emperor Q, during my 6 hour sleep period but my daytime subliminal, will become Aegis Initiative: COVID-19. I will report my experiences here as always.

I wish everyone here at Subliminal Club good health and safety, as we all deal with this crisis.

It was only -20 degrees celsius this morning as I walked my dog, so spring is in the air and that’s something to look forward too … lol. Stay positive everyone, stay unified and we will prevail.


So its been 27 days straight of running Emperor Q for 6 hours each night and also for 4 hours during the day, I also added in 2 hours of Aegis Iniative COVID-19 subliminal 4 days ago. Now I feel my subconscious mind is telling me its time for a break.

My wife is employed at the hospital as I have previously stated, but the issue with this is that, although it is a state of emergency in this province and we are following all the correct protocols, she is always telling me, how erractic and paranoid her co-workers are becoming and its just becoming a bit of a grind.

Im sure my message is a bit incoherent because Im typing this, a few hours before I drive her to work in the early morning and I have been up all night with a heavy bout of insomnia. I thought I might as well write something down because Im gonna take a break this weekend for a few days off all sublimnals.

Its my birthday on friday, so I figure on having a few high carb days and just relaxing with some Netflix as I am feeling kind of depressed or burn out or something. But I must qualify, that I dont think this is a result of running Emperor Q, but more likely just accumulated stress from the COVID situation, that all of us here on subclub are likely feeling.

Finally I must say that Emperor Q is my favourite subliminal ever, most of all because it gives me such a nice confident masculine feeling and definitely a extra boost of discipline, which is exactly what I am looking for in a subliminal. I am not really interested in the sexual aspect of the Emperor subliminal, but more the concept of all the other aspects included in a single stage subliminal, very impressive creation by SaintSovereign and Fire. I am very grateful to be participating in this experimental test of Emperor Q.

I wish everyone here at SubliminalClub a safe and healthy journey, over the coming weeks as we all stand together to battle this health crisis. Best wishes to all my subliminal club brothers.


So I am back after a bit of a break over the weekend. I ended up taking four days off using any subliminals and two nights ago I got back on Emperor Q. I was a bit overtired from running subs constantly for just under three months and so the rest was required. I am now back to listening to Emperor Q everynight for my six hour sleep cycle. I also listen to two hours of Covid 19 during the day and between two to four hours of Emperor Q.

I actually began to notice that I really missed the confident feeling of Emperor Q after being off it for three days. I may start having one day off a week but like before, I will let my subconscious mind direct my time frame as to when to take a break. I am currently listening to Emperor Q and man I definitely missed the great feeling that Emperor Q provides.

I will be so excited when I finally get the opportunity to use my name embedded Emperor Q. I am not really interested in any other subliminal right now, just Emperor Q and I think a name embedded version will work even more deeply on a subconscious level.

Not much else to say as we finish off our third week of total lockdown, in this province. My wife is controlling her stress well, since she is a health care worker and so we are constantly exposed to this sutuatuon, literally. I have encouraged her to listen to the Covid subliminal a couple of times a day and she has said it is helping.

So the experiment continues and I am excited to see where this journey will lead. I am hoping name embedded Emperor Q subliminals will be available soon. Everyone stay safe and healthy.


So I have been on Emperor Q now for five weeks, with a three day break, approximately ten days ago. Now after the break it took a few nights of listening, for that great reset of confidence feeling, that Emperor Q brings, to seep back into my subconscious and to settle back into my body and mind to make me feel great again.

Now I have read that, a lot guys on here, have already switched to a different subliminal and so have essentially ended their testing of the great Emperor Q sub.

I am continuing on with my testing as I distinctly recall a post by SaintSovereign stating that one month of subliminal usage barely scrapes the surface and it takes at least three months to intiate a deep and meaningful channge.

Since Emperor Q is arguably the most dense subliminal ever created, then I would think that at least six months of continuous use, of this subliminal and this subliminal only is exactly what is required, to truly reap the rewards of this experiment.

Maybe after awhile, all the guys still testing Emperor Q will be rewarded by SaintSovereign with a name embedded version, here’s hoping.

Finally the stress of this province being in a state of emergency since March 12th and the fact that my wife is a front line worker at the hospital, is another reason for me to continue running the Emperor Q subliminal, as it has a profound affect on my state of mind, during this crisis, it has really helped me to stay grounded and not go into any type of panic mode or be overcome with anxiety.

I wish everyone here at SubliminalClub to stay safe and healthy during this time of crisis. Stay positive everyone.


So first of all, my bad for taking so long to update my journal. I usually try to write every few days or so, but my life is so static now, with staying home and being laid off from work, and my wife being a front line worker, things are hmm … just static. I am very proficient at verbally expressing my ideas but not so much with the written form.

I am now into ovet fifty days of EmperorQa v1.5 and before this I had already completed fifty days of Emperor v4, so I think I have a good handle on the affects of both. Of course Emperor Qa is much smoother and also a bit more powerful as far as helping me maintain my discipline.

Like everyone here, I am very excited about the upcoming announcement of the next great product that subliminal club will soon release.

I am most interested in trying another version of Emperor Q, with my name embedded and hopefully I may be able to take out the sexual mastery module, as it doesnt fit with my current life goals. Hopefully SaintSovereign will have more details about how designing your own subliminal with Q will work soon.

I am so excited to be here at this time, after many years of running subliminals, from many other producers, with inferior results, its so exciting at this time with the magickal wizardry, of Fire and SaintSovereign. Finally I am in the right place at the right time. Stay safe and healthy all my subliminal club brothers and sisters. All the best to everyone on this most excellent forum.


Just here to mention I am grateful, for being given the opportunity, to test Emperor Q. I am now going to continue on with the latest version of Emperor Q, as this is my favorite subliminal of all time.
In fact I have listened to the newest version of Emperor Q, the last two nights while sleeping and the sheer power of this new version was immediately obvious to me.
Anyway, all the best to my subliminal club brothers and sisters on your journey. Stay healthy and positive everyone.