[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ


I’m having the same experience as you. I can’t sleep long and feel very tired the next day. This tiredness set in after 3 days of listening.

I will try the pattern: On - Off - On - Off - … (also only during day)


Let us know how that pattern goes!

It’s an interesting one that I thought of experimenting with before.


I have decided to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday OFF.

Today, I feel much better since it’s a day off. I am relaxed, productive, and very optimistic. It’s good to not feel tired.

I’ll also be spending this time in Coronavirus preparation. People are going crazy and a mild panic is around. Supermarket shelves are getting empty.

I did stockpile already, but I have a sense it’s not enough. So I need to make a grocery and supermarket tour to get a solid amount of reserves.


I agree with you on that. After a week of EmpQ, I’m feeling the resistance building up inside. I don’t feel on top like the first few days. But I think it’s making me face with who I am and where I stand.


How did the grocery hunt go?

I’m good for any self-isolation required, but yesterday morning popped out for a few extra things anyway. The hour+ long checkout lines at the grocery store changed my mind. I think I’ll stick with what I have.


Hey Friend found this Tread, Gosh I am thankful for your recommendation to switch to EQ.

I am loving your I love my life song, added to my playlist.



Why you decide to take so many days off?


I’m on my 3rd day off.

I feel fantastic. I feel like I have processed many things, subconsciously.

I don’t have any mental fog.

Mood not as elevated as the first few days of EmperorQ, but not down either. It’s stable.

This is how things should be. I’ll return to EmperorQ tomorrow, and I hope the rest days will cause the experience of listening to be even better.


Me tho, I took two days of and the third day I listened only a few loops. Emperor Q doesn’t feel so dense but it certainly catches up on you.

Taking days off really does work miracles.


Day 18 – ON:

  • I was somewhat dreading beginning to run EmperorQ again, because the last 3 days of rest were so smooth and wonderful.

  • Had a mild headache when I first began to listen to EmperorQ.

  • I had a jolt of energy and productivity after the first loop.

  • I ate double what I usually eat. More healthy, but a few junk things, which is normal when you need to stockpile because of the Corona virus. It can’t all be vegetables and fish etc, because they perish.

  • I felt smooth and alright for the rest of the day. Those 3 days off were very helpful.

  • People around me are panicking about the Coronavirus. I got a lot of work done, but it’s about 70% of what I could have if people I know weren’t trying to seek reassurance from me about the future of Corona. Humans prefer reassurance to hearing the truth and the reality. It’s not a good trait.

  • I found this video on Corona that I think is important to watch. What do you guys think?


I agree with his suggestion of continuing to live your life, but disagree with the idea of deliberately trying to become infected. “Herd immunity” is pretty basic maths, but seems to ignore a lot of factors. Here’s a Forbes article discussing aspects of this: Forbes

What kind of foods did you focus on? I stocked up before the big crowds hit so did pretty well, I think. I mostly went with frozen meats and vegetables, dried pulses, cheeses, bread flour + yeast etc for home baking, lots of dried fruits and nuts, frozen berries, plus some spreads and preserves, and muesli + oat milk. I already had a cabinet full of herbs and spices. I added a few cans of tomato paste, baked beans, fruit and vegetables, tuna and sardines, mostly as backups. And I included a few high energy snacks as well like peanut butter pretzels and muesli bars, mostly as occasional treats. And lots of good coffee. All long-lasting products. I think I’ll be eating pretty well over the next few weeks, probably better than usual since I won’t be eating cafeteria food at work. The only thing missing is fresh fruit and veg, but frozen is almost as good, and in some cases better nutritionally.

I saw a lot of people at the store focusing on pasta and rice, but that’s not for me, too many carbs and too little protein, fiber and nutrients. But cheap I guess.


DAY 21 - OFF:

  • Low libido. But I feel a circulation of sexual energy that is online located in my head and upper chest. From my belly button to below that, it feels “cold” like there is no sexual energy there. The nature of the sexual energy is similar to what Libertine produces. However, it feels “stuck” in my upper half for some reason. This did not happen with Libertine or Khan, it was all over my body, and shows a real increase in libido.

  • The new tech company whose services I am using and had a lot of trouble with gave me a free month of usage. That’s good news!

  • It was a good day. Good things often happen on OFF days. But not much specific to share, since it’s a Quarantaine period. I’m using every second of it, so it’s definitely not #QuarantaineAndChill

P.S. I wrote a detailed report yesterday, Day 20, Day ON, but for some reason I discovered now that it did not appear here :frowning:


Day 22 - ON:

  • EmperorQ passes the threshold today. What this means is: It feels smooth and normal, I have habituated, I feel almost as if I’m listening to a lighter sub. This is good.

  • I am doing the pattern of listening 2 days, and taking a day off. Plus, those 3 days off. I believe this had the biggest impact on my assimilating EmperorQ.

  • I am not as euphoric as the first days of EmperorQ, but still optimistic and above average in my emotional state.

  • I am not emotionally affected much by negativity.

  • I get periods where it seems everyone in the world is testing my boundaries, and I stay firm. I find it repulsive to placate people. And other periods where everyone loves me and wants to support my goals. It’s funny. Rudyard Kipling in IF was very right:

" If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;"

  • I walk upright. But it’s neither the swag of Primal and Khan, not the General walk of Emperor v1. It’s either a mix of those, or a confused situation trying to do both.

  • My brain is buzzing with ideas. I’m very productive. But I have now 14 goals I am working on at the same time. I definitely need to reduce this, it’s chasing too many rabbits.

  • I am manifesting learning resources that are exactly what I need right not, they are the right “mentors” in this phase of my life.

  • My language learning is going very well! My brain absorbs and assimilates knowledge at a great rate.

  • Since gyms closed and I workout at home, I’ve started Shaun T’s T25. It’s great! I am both motivated and disciplined. I also don’t feel sore much after the workouts although I give each workout my all. I think my recovery is much better.

  • I feel good. I think EmperorQ is the best sub I’ve come across so far.

  • I do turn off subs about 3 hours before bedtime. It helps a lot with sleeping. But I sleep 1h more than my normal average. EmperorQ demands recovery. I’m keeping hydrated and drinking a lot of water as well.


Day 24 - OFF:

  • Taking Saturday and Sunday off.

  • Sleeping more than usual.

  • Today is the first day of the mandatory stay at home

  • Emotionally a bit unbalanced, especially hearing of the exponential growth of Corona cases nearby, and also reading this report. What do you guys think?


Take care of yourself, @AMASH!


How is it going Amash?


I just had a breakthrough idea today, and I implemented ALL that is needed, created all the marketing, and did all the work in 1 day, and I put it into motion right away.

I’m impressed at myself! Something like this would normally take me a week, and to most people a month of more.

I also have lower energy, only because it’s hard to eat healthy when eating out of a coronavirus stockpile.

I have also being selected for a name embedded EmperorQ, so I am taking a week off all subs to let things reset properly, before beginning that new EmperorQ name embedded test!


Congratulations on both being selected and taking action on your business.


P.S. I have been OFF all subs for 1 week now, and I kept all of the benefits from EmperorQ so far, without any of the negatives: complete relaxation, high productivity.

With none of the negatives: reconciliation, mental fog, tiredness.

Also, my libido is better than on EmperorQ. Not as high as with Khan, but not so totally absent like EmperorQ.

So far, good times.

What did I notice that is different? I’m less aggressive / assertive than on EmperorQ, where it seems I was looking forward to conflict. Now, I am more relaxed, without being a wuss at all. I just don’t see conflict as worth it, so I move on, which is what I really want and believe is the right way to be.


Does anybody have Pimsleur Russian IV (4) and V (5)?