[SOLO] ALoveSupreme Tests Emperor


I was just sent the files to test this subliminal and am currently listening on my laptop. Soon the files will be on my phone and I will be playing them overnight.


Day 1:

  • As others have reported I feel extremely happy and pro social. Most importantly, I feel like myself. Both Emperor V3 and V4 had many elements that made me feel out of character. I feel like the elements of Emperor are just a part of who I am now, rather than something I have to keep up with.

  • Something very interesting happened last night. I’ve been in my room all day except for a trip to the grocery store for food. After I received the testing files I became very happy and pro-social. I decided to head to a bar in the neighboring town completely solo. On my way there I became conscious of the fact that nothing would likely happen and this may be a waste of time. Regardless I pushed on. In the parking lot I stayed in my car for several minutes because of the same feeling. I kept feeling an internal push to go on so I did.

At the bar I saw a group of friends. It turns out one of my friends had invited me earlier in the day over Facebook, but since I rarely use that platform I never got the message. Considering the amount of pushback I received to even get over to the bar I’d have to consider this a manifestation of some sort.

  • I found socializing was a lot easier as well. I was worried about this because sometimes all my attention goes internal and I’m unable to socialize very well, but this wasn’t an issue at all.

This was all the results I noticed in the small amount of time I had to test the file before I headed out. I’m listening now, will post an update with more of what I notice later.


Day 2:

  • I’ve been thinking about women a lot lately, women I want to know in real life that I’ve been speaking to online. I’ve physically met the majority of them, but not in conditions that would have allowed me to escalate.

  • I was going to say nothing particularly exciting had been happening but I remembered a dream I had. I felt about 13 and for some reason my father was coming to punish me. He was much bigger than me at that age but I said fuck it, no matter what I’m going to fight this guy. There was the ghost of a fear response, as in I felt that I should be afraid, but instead all I felt was courage. As I remained in the state of courage I grew up, and then I fought my father and absolutely beat the shit out of him.

I also just now realized that I could take my dad on in a fight. It must be stuck in the deepest parts of my brain that he’s much bigger and scarier than he is, but in the real world it wouldn’t even be an even match.

  • I feel mentally healthy to a very strong degree. I don’t know what’s in the script, but I feel like listening to it all day. Some part of the script is nourishing me in a way that I haven’t felt in a very long time.


@ALoveSupreme You said in your first post how you feel more like yourself. I can definitely relate. I’m fighting a cold but I definitely feel more in line with who I feel I am mentally and emotionally


A woman just approached me.

I went to a coffee shop to do some studying.

Just as before, I had my eyes set on a different place to go to, but felt an internal push to go to this particular coffee shop. I had sat down for a while when I felt somebody looking at me. I looked over, but she was seated facing me so I thought nothing of it. I moved a few seats down as it was more comfortable and then she moved to come sit near me.

She asked me if the room was also stuffy to me, and I replied that it kind of was. She continued trying to make conversation so I took it as her wanting to flirt with me then.

I told her we should go outside and speak and we walked around the city.

She was very interesting and I genuinely enjoyed my conversation with her.

I also realized she was gaming me.

She kept the attention solely on me and used my name a few times throughout the interaction. She later brought up that her favorite book ever was “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” which fit the puzzle.

At some point she mentioned that she had dropped out of school because she had found “mentors” who retired at 24/25 years old.

Things started getting fishy here.

This is a classic MLM story. I asked her if she was trying to sell me something and she said she wasn’t.

I told her I wanted to see her again a while later, but she said that she had cut off all her friends and only hung around mentors, and that if someone wasn’t also hyper-focused on success she didn’t want to hang around them.

That was fine with me, and I was still 90% sure I just avoided a MLM pitch, so I let it go.

The only thing that made me doubt such a thing was that I felt the same internal push to be in this exact situation when I could have been in any number of different ones.

I noticed several things in the interaction:

  • I didn’t assume she was attracted to me upon first looking at me as I may have before. I would have been right in this situation, but I didn’t assume a thing. Only after the initial stare, moving to be next to me, then trying to start a conversation with me did I escalate.

  • I escalated so naturally I don’t think anyone would have thought I was anything but a player. There were some college students playing DnD around me and one of them just looked at me like I was some sort of pimp. From his perspective I’m sure he saw me walk in, have a girl who had already sat down move all her stuff to come talk to me, then me smoothly walk her out of the building and into the night. Typing this out makes me almost not believe it.

  • The only thing I wish I had done is end the conversation on my own terms. I told her I was going to drop off my stuff at my car as we had already walked around a fair bit of the city and I assumed she was down to do more of that. She asked me where I had parked and said that was where she had parked and she would just go home after. This was also after the possible MLM pitch, so she may have realized that I wasn’t going to be sold to and wanted to dip.

Also, after we said our goodbye, I saw another girl who had approached me a week ago.

This girl was butt ugly in my opinion, and although I flirted with her and she got real close, I left to go speak to someone else. She continued trying to get closer to me, but I didn’t want her and eventually she got mad and ignored me the whole night lol. She saw me tonight and just walked the other way :rofl:


That is some great action taking here!

Hmm, she seems to be a little fishy/weird but I would have never thought of an MLM pitch… Did you exchange numbers with her?

Anyway, if you continue like this you will be soon stealing all the hot girls from cafes. Keep going!


No she told me she didn’t want to date anyone at the moment and I just let it go.

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me as this was only day 2.

Day 3:

Went to a job interview and did really well. I was still reserved and Emperor-like, but I was able to break out of that for a little bit and interact with the interviewer and I did a great job. It just required a lot of energy from me and afterward I was fatigued and not as present.

That was it for the most part. I got home, did some basic chores, watched TV and slept. Not very productive today.

I was looking in the mirror just a little while ago and I kept having the continuous thought that any woman would be lucky to have me. I’m handsome, confident, great in bed and I have a real masculine edge.


It’s almost as if you had… a heightened sense of knowing whether someone was being honest vs. being manipulative. :wink:


Isn’t there a PCC style scripting in EmpQ? I noted it in my journal, I see these “power games” played in literally every interaction. I always have an undertone of smile in every interaction knowing that I can’t be talked into anything. =)


Day 4:

Today is an off day. The previous 3 days had nonstop Emperor listening and I spent most of those days asleep. When I had to be awake, I was on fire, productive and charming, but otherwise I just wanted to sleep the whole time.

I’ve spent most of the day in reconciliation. I felt an overwhelming wave of loneliness, wondering why no woman wanted me and felt that I was alone and friendless.

I’ve come out of it now and I’m examining things more clearly. In the past few days especially I’ve received many approach invitations from women, and have a tentative date planned with a girl after her finals are done in the next 2 weeks. One of the girls I spent much of my time thinking about on the first and second day texted me, but I felt like I had lost interest in her.

Not sure exactly where this is all going. At one moment I feel alone and want someone, the next I don’t want anything to do with these women. Hopefully this will balance out. Not at all sure if I’ve genuinely lost interest because my beliefs have changed, or if my interest would return if I went on another subliminal.


EV4 and EQ seemed to have me struggle with this back and forth until I recently just decided not to care either way. You may make a firm decision soon or rather or not you want to spend your time and energy on women.


Im on emperor, khan and ps at the moment and I can also pretty much sense bullshit early on


Day 5:

  • Woke up and handled all the tasks I had for myself.

Made calls to the new job and got everything I needed settled. I start on monday.
Called a previous job to get my tax documents.
Did laundry and ran some errands.

Then I relaxed without shame or guilt and finished a series I had wanted to watch.

I thought this was great advice so I came to a decision about the women in my life.

I decided to just let all my efforts go.

  • I believe the women who want to stay around can stay, those that don’t can leave. Women are like cats and their emotions change all the time, being caught up in that storm of emotions that are so chaotic isn’t healthy for me at all.

There were times in the past were I would meet a woman and she’d be really interested from the jump, but being cold and emperor-like seemed to drive them away later.

I tried to remedy that recently by being more warm and open and that didn’t work either lol. I’m putting entirely too much effort into this and it’s becoming a time sink.

I feel that a large amount of neediness has just been killed.

A large amount of this needing to get laid came from reading journals on here, seeing men racking up numbers and seeming unable to do so myself, so this need to compare myself to others is also dying.

  • I find the same thing happening in relation to my job and career. I don’t feel the need to become a millionaire, or even have a long term goal that includes that. My goals are more modest now, but they equal success for me, not what others would consider success. I no longer feel this internal tug of war between pursuing my own success and what society would consider success. I’ve become much more relaxed in relation to achieving what I want, and guess what? It feels sooo much easier to achieve success now. I actually feel excited to get the days tasks done.

  • Much emotional healing has happened. New Beginnings is definitely doing much work. I spent much of my childhood being the quiet kid, and when I began Emperor I seem to have reverted back to that behavior. When people would comment on how quiet I was I took it a bit personally and “tried” to be more extroverted, which felt unnatural and had poor results. Same thing with being called unemotional.

I’ve just settled into myself now. I’m not here to appease anyone, and I’d have to think that many of the people who say these things were doing so exactly to get under my skin, or provoke a reaction. I’m getting the clarity of healing, where my old behaviors seem irrational.


Also I had an interesting dream.

I went out last night to get food at a fairly expensive burger place. The cashier was all smiles and leaning towards me, but I was in my shell. I ordered a whole meal but held back on getting cookies because they were tiny for the price.

In my dream I ordered the cookies, and flirted with the cashier.

Neville Goddard teaches this technique of rewriting reality, where you take a real event that happens and then rewrite it to what you want it to be, and thats exactly how my dream felt. What if I had been just a bit more social than I had been? A little less worried about running out of money before my next paycheck?


Great productivity and mindset seem to be an excellent benefit of EmperorQ.

Gettting rid of that neediness is a fantastic benefit and also the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin.

I have experienced similar benefits and it has made me aware of how empowering this state of mind can be, as it’s like releasing the chains of bondage that the blue pill imposes on us men in our current times.

I am also a Neville fan and I wanted to thank you for reminding me of this great techinique, “the pruning shears of revision”, is what he calls I think.

Great progress and action taking on your part though buddy. All the best on your EmperorQ journey.


Good realization, at the end of the day you can’t control someone else’s decisions, thoughts, actions or emotions. Only men with advanced game with women know that in the end, attraction has more to do with the person that’s attracted, than it has to do with you. People create stories of others in their heads all the time. Best to leave as much expectations and attachment to outcome as you can out of interactions with women (people in general really).

I can also relate to the whole “not needing to be a millionaire” feeling, which is funny because being wealthy was my goal for years, but now I couldn’t care less as long as I can take care of myself and have some surplus to help others when needed. I definitely don’t deny the importance of financial freedom though.


And on the other hand, I want to have a yacht and travel the world. It is not about the millions in the bank account, but what you are and able to do with that money.


Day 6 and Day 7:

After the whole neediness thing going down, 4 different women texted me via Tinder. I still think my online game could use some work though, and if anyone has any proper books or guides, or can walk me through their methods that would be appreciated.

Other than that I’ve been reviewing my journal and just taking notice that many of the themes that I ascribed to my life have just fallen away with little fanfare.

There’s been a running theme of getting dressed just to take myself out, and not neglecting little things around my home just because “no one will see them.” I’ll see them, and it does bother me to live in a messy home.

Other than that there’s been a strong desire to get my mental health correct as there has been low grade depression running in the background for a while that I just haven’t taken care of.

Also, I did cry on one of the earlier days. It happened right before I went to sleep and it was a large amount of grief and sadness that washed over me, disappeared, then I went to sleep and awoke feeling like a different person.


Day 7-10:

I took day 9 and 10 off, save for 1 loop each day. A complete break makes me feel run down and not as well functioning as usual so 1 loop is my concession.

Started work during this period.

It’s a simple clerical job but I’m bringing an Emperor’s mindset even to that, doing my best to complete tasks as quickly as possible.

I’m finding that although I’m extremely tired in the morning I’m still getting to work early as well.

In the same vein as all my other manifestations I keep running into my boss and it seems that she likes me far beyond and above my other coworkers.

I believe a concrete result from my most recent killing of neediness has just manifested. Don’t want to talk about it until it happens but we’ll see.


Days 11-13:

Had two dates planned, one for Wednesday and one for Friday, with two different girls who both flaked. Setting the dates was a huge change for me in terms of results, but them both canceling without a word being said to me was odd. Not sure what happened with either girl, but they’re largely off my mind and I’m on to other leads.

Speaking of which, I’m talking to 2 women on Tinder right now, have to postpone a third date because of the whole Corona virus situation as well.

I’ve also been made aware of two very high paying jobs and noticed that I keep getting more opportunities in this same vein.

Other than that I’ve largely been at home.

Internally I feel rock solid and rather fulfilled, even though my results with women and work aren’t where I’d like them to be. For the first time since I’ve been running Emperor I feel like having fun. I’m finding new novel ways to approach life and work, and instead of being so regimented I feel like experimenting and not being so results driven.


It’s reasons like that make me invite women along to a place or activity I’d know I’d enjoy whether they show up for a date or not. That way, I still have fun and don’t even reach out to see what happened. I of course hope the woman is alright but I know from experience that the high quality ones will either notify you before, during, or after the scheduled date time to let you know they can’t make it, and also the reason.

If I never hear from her again, I take that as a clear indicator that she wasn’t truly interested and she gets blocked to prevent her from playing further games with my time.