Social Conditioning and how it effects attraction


What i have noticed on my travels. Is in one country women may find a man with specific characterics more attractive then in another country for example.

If a caucasian guy goes to brazil women will be all over him like bees to honey. If the same guy with a dark skin goes there it will be a struggle for him to seduce women. Simply because of status and the way certain races are viewed.

If that same indian guy went to scandanvia or eastern europe he would have a field day.

Is there anything in Primal or Khan to help overcome these challenges ?.

Before anyone responds with “oh ba you have a limiting belief”. No i dont i have found it much easier seducing women in certain countries and struggled to seduce women in other countries because of social conditioning.


I think the quintessence of everything happening here is: You are the master of reality.


I think the manifestation and bringing into your life women who are predisposed to like you, which are in Khan ST3 and ST4 will do this.

Not to change the whole society. I don’t think the world work that way. But to get you in touch with more of the minority of women in “difficult” countries who will like you.

Because, who cares if 5 million other girls don’t like you if the next 1000 you meet love you?


I have definitely seen some of that, yes. Similar to how European accents do quite well in the United States. In some countries you need to be bold in your approach, in others sneaky. There’s also a difference between large cities and smaller ones. More people usually means they are more closed off. And I happen to live in a country where the women have been conditioned to be more independent and self-reliant, which makes them harder to get through. To my great annoyance it makes practice hard.

But having been around quite a few seduction masters, I also know that although yes, it can be harder, it is by no means impossible. It just takes a different approach. And once you get the hang of it, these things no longer form an obstacle. Once you are in the conversation, with the right skill set you can get to the finish line.

I’d say something like Khan can give you the right mindset and attitude, you’d still need to build the skill set on top of it. That includes cultural awareness.

Perhaps the women have some limiting beliefs? :wink:

I wish I could remember the story about a girl visiting Italy, written from both the man and the woman’s perspective. The woman’s being all about how romantic he was, while his was explaining everything away with practicality. It was hilarious.

PS I would just add that AMASH is right as well. Sometimes it just won’t work, move on to the next one. Her loss. There are cases where one has to play the numbers game, even if you are insanely good. But the odds do increase the better you get.