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I have not stacked Ecstasy with any other product here. I have been running Freedom more frequently in the past several days. I don’t see much happening so far with my financial beliefs.

However, I do have to say that I have run into a string of bad luck since starting. In the past week I have blown two tires, two household appliances have broken spontaneously, and I have had some bad allergic reactions.

Haven’t been meditating much. Too busy.

Lastly, Would Total Breakdown help or complement the effects of Freedom?


Okay, so I am nearing half a month on Ecstasy of Freedom and there are only a couple of things that happened:

  1. I learned not to depend on others for money.
  2. I got depressed and stayed that way.
  3. I got back on the job search.
  4. Not many of my beliefs have changed (I don’t know how long it would take someone to finally see effects of the sub that they are listening to. Again, I already came into this with some good beliefs about money).
  5. i am probably going to do Total Breakdown by itself for the second month, before going to Life or Reprogramming for month three.

I won’t be combining Ecstasy with Khan at one time.


Working plan for subs (WILL BE UPDATED REGULARLY):

Freedom —> Life (what I’m currently doing) —> Actualization .

Yup, the whole Ecstasy of Gold program.
I don’t intend on getting Alchemist.
So on January 4, 2020 I’ll be through with the two subs and can use either Complete after that, depending on what is left to accomplish.


Great news! Got two new ideas for potential businesses. Perhaps there were things in stage 1 that I didn’t think I would need, but I did.


Less than a week remains until I move on to Total Breakdown. This first month has been alright with my creativity. I will probably have a job by the end of this week as a chef.
While I’m there, I want to continue my 4+ year entrepreneurial persuit. My remaining PACT money will probably be spent auditing at trade school.
I will post my Khan goals when the 4th of August comes around. I turn 24 next month, and so I will be on my way out of Breakdown by then.


Summary of Ecstasy of Freedom and next steps.

Okay, today is the last day of Freedom. I will start by admitting that I wasn’t as exposed to the sub as some other people on this forum have. I would listen to the masked version shortly after waking up, and then, if I was on the computer later, I would turn on the ultrasonic subs and be listening for about 5-6 hours. I refrained from listing while I slept, since I have a history of not getting a good night’s sleep while they were on (maybe it might have been a coincidence and it might have been something else, I don’t know for sure).

What happened: I definitely experienced a surge of creativity during this past month. I had a couple of ideas for businesses, and I have decided to attend trade school to get a certificate in IT. I did get depressed, but I found ways to handle it. Now I understand that the main function of Freedom was to break negative beliefs about money. As I said in numerous posts earlier, I already had some good beliefs about money itself. The problem though, was that I actually discovered that it wasn’t negative beliefs that held back my potential. My fear did. And that is why I made a decision to go to to Khan in August.
Speaking of Khan, I had hope that, if Freedom didn’t break all of my beliefs or my fear, then Breakdown would finish the job.
All in all, my horizons did expand, and my creativity came around for me.

What Is Next: When I created the flowchart a few weeks ago, I decided that Breakdown would be best, since I know that I need to change before my money situation can. Alternating Khan with Ecstasy would be more effective than stacking them.

Why I Chose Total Breakdown: My anxiety, fear, and negative thinking patterns would have nullified any positive benefit that came from Ecstasy of Gold. I even tried doing one of Brunson’s 30-day plans during this past month, but I just couldn’t do it. Don’t know if this fear or depression is also from EMF fields. Regardless, I need to completely rebuild myself before I can really continue further into Life. At the present moment, I plan on doing Life after this, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it, whether I will do Life or Reprogramming afterwards.

What I Will Do Differently Compared to Last Month: I will listen to the subs more during the day and not just waiting until I am on the computer to run it, or in the morning. I will try again to see if I can run Breakdown at night. I will use the subs more during everyday tasks (I was using Subtle Energy Science’s various Ultra audios in the day this past month).

I understand that Khan is not an easy sub to run, but I don’t think I have a choice if I really want to change my life (and my wallet) for the better. When I reach the end of Breakdown, shortly after I turn 24, I will be in a better place and more receptive to the later stages of both programs.


@Smythsonian If I understood correctly, do you feel a desire to switch to Khan because you believe you have many negative thoughts patterns holding you back?

Well, it might be too soon to judge. Khan ST1 was difficult, but the results were not apparent then. Actually, ST2 was necessary and very difficult. The deep results are obvious in ST3. Maybe it’s the same with EoG, where a lot of the benefits you look for might become a reality in ST3.

What do you think?


@AMASH Khan would do more for me than just get rid of the fears, which may came from negative thought patterns. It would turn me into someone who is completely different in every way from where I am now. I have also been down because I have this EMF sensitivity that will take a long time to rid myself of, and I cannot keep living in constant stress. It has already taken it’s toll on my body. I look like I have aged ten years after the last four.


I understand and that is a very reasonable and smart thing to consider.

So what is your plan now? What are you going to be listening to and how often in the next 30 days?


@AMASH Like I said, Breakdown is next. As far as the plan goes, I will have a lot more exposure time this coming month. On September 4, Life or Reprogramming will be next, but I don’t want to think too much about them right now. I actually have goals for Khan, and I will post them tomorrow.


Yes, then great! Enjoy Khan, and if anything, Repgramming would be a great one to run next.

In my experience, both ST1 and ST2 were necessary, one after the other, to make me the person I became today. I don’t think only ST1 would have gotten me here. And I am still getting better with ST3.


Today was a pivotal point in my journey. I said I was going to post my Khan goals today…
…but I’m not.

Today, after an awful night of absorbing too much subtle energy, my pastor at my church did a sermon today that started a series called “Next Step.” It was talking about taking a next step in faith and God’s promises and faithfulness when we break through our fear and take the next step by faith. At the end of the sermon, he had us all pray for what our next step is.
This brought me back to the decision to whether or not switch over to Khan from here. I know for the past few weeks that I was going with Breakdown next, but my spirit is saying something else.

I will do Ecstasy of Life this month.

This sermon also helped my figure out my goals for this particular module. The sales page says “The second stage of Ecstasy of Gold is focused on getting you learned and ready to take on all the challenges that you will face on your road to riches. This subliminal will guide you to the skills and knowledge you will need to make the most wealth in your life. It will help you find the areas that you will excel at over all others, and that will make you the happiest you can be.”

Therefore, my goals are…

  1. To know what my Next Step is. I believe this is one of God’s ways of revealing to me this incredible truth.
  2. To know for a fact and without a shadow of a doubt what I am good at and what my talents are.
  3. To start making money this month.

And finally, number 4,

“Again, take a moment and imagine how it would feel to never to second-guess yourself on your journey, how it would feel to know exactly what you want in life, to have that inner knowing and step with absolute confidence on your path, and be absolutely sure you will achieve the abundance you so desire.”

Priceless clarity.


Got the job! On Thursday, it will be four years, two months, and twelve days (1,531 days) since this gnarly mess started. So glad it’s over.


Just wondering. What if I stacked stage 2 with Ultimate Artist at the end of this month?




As always, depends on your stack. The ratio of your primary sub vs. Ultimate Artist will affect and shape your results.


Thats very interesting quote. I never take photos, i dont use instagram, i have facebook only to talk to my friends. Why you think it is worth recording it?


Will probably just skip to Gold Complete at the end of this month, stacked with Ultimate Artist. Had to take a long break since my phone died a week and a half ago.

As far as my results go, I at least know that cooking at a restaurant is not my thing. Can’t handle five things at once. Gordon Ramsay would probably slice my throat with one of his kitchen knives if I ever came close to Hell’s Kitchen, because I am such a donkey.

My initial suspicions about my career are starting to just confirm themselves. An entertainment mogul, with perhaps some venture capital (love Tony Robbins’ book Unshakeable). Problem is, that will take a long time, and I won’t be able to move to Nashville until much later.


Taking a hiatus for a while.


-Stage four has certainly helped get me to the point where I need to take action. This will be my primary sub for the forseeable future.

-There were three goals set for the next year: Get $50k for an investment account, writing becomes a daily habit, and I write at least one screenplay.

-My body isn’t functioning as well as it should be at my age. My voltage is low, all of my chakras are blocked (even though I have lost over 30 pounds since April), and I experience lightheadedness on a regular basis. It was part of the reason why I was fired from my chef job after only three days; my brain was foggy and I nearly fainted from the heat and Wifi (as well as not meeting the training deadline). I am trying to get my hands on a grounding mat for my bed. This has to stop.

-I have started listening to the subs at night.

-I want to add a new supercharger. Yes, I read about Mind’s Eye. Seems great. I can already do some good visualization, but if it can be better, great. Commander looks better, as it can stand for Emperor without having to add an entirely new Major Program. I am on the fence about As Above, So Below. If it could help with my energy without having to go the the full-blown Alchemist, I would consider it.

Thank you to everyone who has been following my journal.


Can you write a bit more how stage 4 helped you to take action?