Smythsonian's Quest for Greatness


Hello. I have decided to document my experiences with Ascension. As Tony Robbins used to say, “Anything worth living is worth recording.” I believe that, and I shall do it here.

Earlier this year I did a post called “Recommendations for a Struggling Christian,” in which I asked for a good stack. I got a variety of answers, from Ascended Mogul to Emperor. It was hard to make a choice when so many of the subliminals can do the same job and more, combined with all of the various stack subs sold separately.

A couple of days ago, after much thought, I decided to go with Ascension because I wanted to have a sub that can go from the ground up. I needed to get a shorter script so that I could get a more clear result. The more advanced versions of this sub (Ascended Mogul, Emperor, and especially Khan), even though they were tempting (and I want to do them sometime in the future), seemed like I needed a foundation first before I can do this. I’ve read way too many stories of people who go to the more advanced major programs and quickly return them because they were not ready for them, and then @Fire and @SaintSovereign whip out their guitars and sing Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More.”

Ascension just makes the most sense because I have very deep-seeded problems involving fear and masculinity. Sometimes I constantly question whether or not I am even a masculine guy at all. I am still stuck in a 4-year rut of unemployment after dropping out from college twice. I am constantly struggling to find my life’s purpose. I want to be a storyteller / musician / novelist but I sometimes avoid it because it’s not something a man would do (people down here in Alabama avoid abstract pursuits like the plague). Concerning goals, when I think of the man I want to be, I look at Justin from The Secret of Nimh, or Jesus, or even someone like Michael Eisner, who was a great, creative CEO in his time and I want to be like him. I absolutely want to own my own business one day.

I will be listening to this sub along with some chakra meditation. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Reiki master who told me that all seven of my chakras were blocked, that I was practically in limbo. She also sensed a great amount of stress and tension in my back, and barely any oxygen. Physical things will need to be dealt with along with this.

I also wanted to bring up the chakras because I previously purchased Dreams, but got next to no results. Turns out that lucid dreaming is directly connected to the third eye chakra and since all of the previous others were blocked, there was no possible way to get all of the benefits from it.

In the end, I will be starting off by listening to just Ascension v2 before adding anything else. After I have made some progress with my podcast, I can add either Godlike Masculinity or Limit Destroyer later.


Welcome Smythsonian. You have a good plan there. Keep us informed.


A few days have gone by since I started listening to Ascension, and I’m getting the usual symptoms of starting the journey (the dreams, the depression, the anxiety, the career crisis). I have noticed a slight shift in my work ethic and I have a goal to go along with this journey, at least for right now: move to Nashville and leave my parents’ house.
I’m also trying to decide on a couple of stack modules: either Godlike Masculinity, Limit Destroyer, or Sanguine. All three seem great, but I don’t want too many other modules that distract from the main one.


I have been feeling better lately. The dreams still come, but my dream recall is getting weaker. I have been listening to another seller’s Solar Plexus Chakra subliminal as well as this one. I feel better and a bit more confident. Still doing my meditations.


Ecstasy of Gold is now mine. I will be adding Ecstasy if Freedom to the stack for a couple of weeks before switching to Ecstasy of Life.

It turns out that Gold is exactly what I need. It’s certainly time to end this four-year Hakuna Matata and deal with what is at hand right now: making money in SOME way.


Major depression today. Probably another side effect of beliefs coming into question.


About ready to get Elixir simply because of the depression. Trying to keep it away with exercise, but stage one of Ecstasy must be a giant sub. I wonder what the modules are?
In other news, i’m Going to apply for a job every day from now on, whether here or Nashville. I simply cannot take it anymore.


I’m happy to see your progress, @Smythsonian!

Keep going, maybe use this forum for accountability, and let us know the good news soon.


I have not stacked Ecstasy with any other product here. I have been running Freedom more frequently in the past several days. I don’t see much happening so far with my financial beliefs.

However, I do have to say that I have run into a string of bad luck since starting. In the past week I have blown two tires, two household appliances have broken spontaneously, and I have had some bad allergic reactions.

Haven’t been meditating much. Too busy.

Lastly, Would Total Breakdown help or complement the effects of Freedom?


Okay, so I am nearing half a month on Ecstasy of Freedom and there are only a couple of things that happened:

  1. I learned not to depend on others for money.
  2. I got depressed and stayed that way.
  3. I got back on the job search.
  4. Not many of my beliefs have changed (I don’t know how long it would take someone to finally see effects of the sub that they are listening to. Again, I already came into this with some good beliefs about money).
  5. i am probably going to do Total Breakdown by itself for the second month, before going to Life or Reprogramming for month three.

I won’t be combining Ecstasy with Khan at one time.


Working plan for subs:

Freedom (what I’m currently doing) —> Breakdown —> Life —> Reprogramming —> Actualization —> Action.

I don’t intend on getting Alchemist.
So on January 4, 2020 I’ll be through with the two subs and can use either Complete after that, depending on what is left to accomplish.