Small introduction


just wanted to say hello to everyone on the forum been lurking here since September last year. bought some sub for this year and those have been helping me out greatly. I’ll write a review at the end of the year. So far subclub subs have benefited me greatly in career field and my personal goals. I hope this forum continues to grow and that subclub continue to expand with they sub, wish everyone the best


Which sub did you run


january-march =
regeneration, spartan, emporer fitness
the elixer, sanguine, the legacy, beast with and unleased

quantum limitless, ultimate artist, inner circle, ectasy of gold, minds eye
dreams, angis initiative covid-19

august- now
khan, ectasy of gold
libertine, god like masculinity


I want to hear your review of khan buddy


will post at a later date, was thinking i should release the earlier review first, so lets see


Yeah men, awsome!

Yeah, you should start a thread where you put all your experience :wink:


got it write it out will post soon


Yeah I’m on khan too and I wanna see how others are doing on it