Sleep Problems on Beyond Limitless

Since running BL every other day, I began to experience insomnia and in general all kinds of sleep problems (from taking more time to fall asleep, waking up in the night multiple times, etc).

Are there more people here on the forum experiencing sleep problems related to listening to Beyond Limitless? If so, it might be useful to update the script with a light Deep Sleep module to counteract that. If not, I am just weird.


I’ve definitely been having sleeping problems lately, unsure if it’s related to BLU though

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yes, I have experienced the same by waking up in the middle of the night thinking it is already early in the morning but only a few hours have past since I fell asleep. It feels like the time slowed down during sleep… :slight_smile:

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Seems like a more general theme then lol

As I said to you earlier, I didn’t sleep for three days.

Nonetheless, I felt refreshed when I woke up and I did have very deep sleep for as little as 4 hours a night.

I can also attest to sleep issues. It’s been quite an interesting experience, because I had never had insomnia and sometimes wondered what it’s like to have it. Well, now I know.

I’ve run Limit Destroyer and then switched to Rebirth after a few days. One loop a day in the beginning and then one every other day.

I already posted in bl ultima, i always had sleeping issues but with bl ultima are magnified. Eve though i have deep sleep in my custom

:: Runs cognitive enhancement & productivity sub ::
:: Expects to sleep the same amount of time ::


Valid point :joy:


Real talk, its because your brain is so stimulated by the script. It goes away. I’m up to four loops of BLU a day. If it’s still too much, do one loop every two days.

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How was your mini vacation?

I mean, I took like 4 hours off and watched a movie, then got back to work. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Watch anything good?

Are there any new ultima titles getting released the next few weeks?

Yes, of course. :wink:

Ultima Stage 3, which is performing beyond expectations, Ultima Stage 1 (A), etc. And, a surprise. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


My reaction:


do you run 4 loops every day or i didnt understand something?

I started with one, got the overstimulation issues. They started to subside a bit, so I ran more loops.

Four whattttt?


Saint Sovereign do you experience better and more profound results since listening to more loops?

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1 more thing lol Are you guys backed up on your orders for the customs?