Skincare for Men?

The title says it all. What’s the BEST skincare brand and routine?


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I like Clinique.

Effective and not full of chemicals.

My boyfriend just bought me skincare for Christmas as he used to be a make up artist and has incredible skin.

He got me a cleanser, serum, moisturiser and some other stuff but the first three are my staple every day. I’ve missed days since but my skin is so much better already - I didn’t have terrible skin considering I didn’t use skin care or anything for my face prior - but my skin was quite blotchy and didn’t glow like it does now.

Cleanser - Estée Lauder - Nutritious Super-Pomegranate
Serum - Estée Lauder - Advanced Night Repair
Moisturiser - Estée Lauder - DayWear

I use them day and night in that exact order.

I’m not entirely sure if you guys have this brand but I’m in love.

Maybe I can get my boyfriend to give recommendations as he’s incredible at skincare.


Whoah! I did not realize Estée Lauder did men’s skin care (shocking to some, I bet). Would definitely appreciate recommendations as I’m looking to set-and-forget a routine that actually works.

I tried Geologie last year and I had CRAZY breakouts that lasted beyond the expected period. I do not want to go back to that.

In the middle of watching this

To be honest I’m not entirely sure they do however I bought my boyfriend skincare for Christmas and accidentally bought him men’s skin care and he was explaining how a lot of the men’s skincare (at least in the UK) use cheaper quality ingredients than they do for the women’s skin care but still cost the same.

I’m assuming Estée Lauder is probably just a female line however the skin care is great and has really helped my skin, so I’d say unisex with good quality ingredients.

Edit: The boyfriend used to be a make up artist and skincare specialist so he knows exactly what he’s talking about. I’ll ask him for recommendations for sure.

I’ll ask his opinion about the Neil Patrick Harris video too.

Not their lab series.

Keep in mind that using female skin care products is out of the question due to the differences between men and women’s skin (thickness, oiliness, distribution of chemicals are just some of those differences).

There is no need to use a “men line” of skincare, I did some research some years back and (surprise) it’s just marketing.
I strongly recommend Paula’s Choice products; I always get women giving me 10 years less than I have and asking what products I use.

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Know your Nutrients and purchase organic, natural skincare products. Our natural state is beautiful, everything you buy in the store is a pure chemical composition of lab-grown nutrients. In other words, eating fast-food all day, not working out, not taking care of your health in general, and then using a whole lot of skincare products to get your skin in order.

Well, at least Big Pharma is making money…

No, just be healthy, and use plant made balms that nurture your skin; aloe vera, frankincense, also extracted nutrients from plants such as B5, etc – just do your research and purchase organic skincare products, you’ll be surprised how good you’ll be looking. I bet, you will never purchase any marketized skincare product ever again and you’ll come to realize what’s been provided in natural supermarkets is the worst stuff you can put on your skin that’s available.


Hydrolised bovine collagen.

That was not my experience, sorry.
I absolutely agree with your statement about health (food, exercise, water intake), but at least for me 100% natural products do not give me the same results as Paula’s products.
I do not believe anymore in dermato-cosmetics products where you don’t know how much of an active ingredient you get, but I do believe in chemistry. And that’s exactly what yo get from products like Paula’s Choice or Ordinary. I you had a different experience with a 100% natural product, I’d love to know what was it and I’ll give it a go.

Reviving the topic. After 1 loop of commander + khan I went to buy the trifecta of skinscare. Gel, Scrub, Moisturiser. First time in like 5 years I use skincare.
Are men here using skincare?

Deciem - the ordinary
and also Korean skincare
just fancy stuff

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Wow. Weird to see this thread bumped up and realizing that I created this thread at the beginning of last year. At this point I have a highly developed skincare routine and have found my brands.

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I scrub alo vera gel on my face each night.

Is anyone here using Aseir Custom peptide-based products?

I heard about them on a Ben Greenfield podcast and have been super curious, though the price point is a bit above my “sure why not…” threshold for an unknown (to me) product.

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Damn I am just a newbie, I’m on Loreal :slight_smile:

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Do not worry, one day you will be with the big boys of skincare routines.

I use Jack Black for everything, love their skincare products.

Speaking of skincare, does anyone have any experience with skin/scar improvement while using SPS: Integumentary System?

I have been thinking of adding this to a custom since I have been struggling with some skin pigmentation, but I am not sure.