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I have a friend who makes a living playing Magic The Gathering(some days he is playing Hearthstone too and other similar games). For anyone who doesnt know the game it is a card game which you can play online or in stores. There is some short term luck in results but it is mainly a skill based game. There is no luck in long term results, meaning if someone is good enough and play many games, he will dominate the environment especially if he is much better than the others but volume of games is essential. A top player might have worse income if he has much lower amount of games than a player who is good but is playing more games

My friend might want to try a subliminal to boost his results. He is playing around 8-15 hours every day depending the day. He is already very good but he would like to improve in any possible way. His main focus is to improve financially through the skill game(s) is playing. He would like to run the subliminal during his working hours, it would be great if the subliminal wouldnt tire him. For example i told him i cant run Khan when i am working because i am getting tired quickly. He has a debt from buying cards lately he would like to pay back as fast as possible

When he is losing he is very angry. I actually saw him crying once and he was 28 years old then. He would like if it is possible the sub to help him reduce or eliminate this reaction

Any recommendation about a subliminal or a stack is appreciated

Help with creating my stack
Gaming Mastery and Poker

Since this game doesn’t need lightning reflexes I’m thinking Limitless (with Beyond). It probably won’t help with the emotional equilibrium (maybe Regen?), so he should get some meditation going to “reset” himself.

Didn’t know there was money to be made with this one, I thought pretty much all financial tournaments were endless hack, slash & shoot games.

If Limitless is indeed the correct choice, it may be worth it to hold out for Quantum Limitless. Since that has a different amount of stages it won’t be a free upgrade.


Why you think Limitless is better option than Mogul or AM or even Emperor?


There is a Gaming skills sub here on subliminal club’s Weapon X catalogue.

Why not that one?


That is interesting choice. I got the feeling that Gaming Mastery might be focussed towards games like dota(MOBA) or counter strike or RPG


You indicated it is a skill-based game that he spends 8-15 hours a day on that needs to be played a lot in order to make a decent profit. His focus is to improve financially through the game. Given that he wants to use the game to make money, he wants to focus on said game and he’s working on improving his skill in that game, which is mainly strategy, I figured he would best benefit from Limitless. Limitless will allow him to learn while playing as he observes his opponents, while providing him with the insights he needs to win. Like most titles it will likely improve his intuition as well, which will manifest as “luck”. This is a mental activity that is supported by priming his mind to absorb as much knowledge as possible from his experience.

So, listen to Limitless to grow his skill, use Beyond Limitless before his “work day” starts to synchronize his conscious and subconscious towards that goal.

AM and Emperor are much broader and may very well bring him to a point where he figures playing Magic 15 hours a day isn’t going to get him where he should be in life and love. They are great if his goals were less specific than what you stated, and I personally love AM as a sub even though I haven’t actually run it myself, because it is small and fast compared to the multi-stage ones.

As for Gaming Mastery X, like you I get the feeling that is helpful more for the arcade-style games instead of a game like this. But once he’s got some money left, he could always sprinkle it into the mix. As a Weapon X title, it doesn’t need to be run throughout the day.


Yeah this is what I thought of immediately


Thank you for the detailed response


@SaintSovereign Any insight on this?

Reading the forum

Seems limitless is the way to go but Gaming Mastery has some interesting modules including Limitless aswell


@Fire any recommendation regarding which sub is more suitable in his case?


Gaming Mastery with Limitless for pure skill development would be great.

Mogul/Ascended Mogul/Emperor/EoG for the business part of it, if he wants to make great profits off of it. Emperor would be especially good.


If he was about to combine emperor+game mastery+limitless what proportion would you suggest? Like how many loops each on his playlist

Why you think emperor is better than mogul for his case?


1xEmperor 2xGame Mastery 2xLimitless

Because of the mentality Emperor fosters all around. Mogul will help with it, but there’s a bigger focus on general self-development with Emperor which he would need due to him losing his cool.


Makes sense thank you