Six titles for 5 minutes instead of 2?

So as the title says, has anybody tried listening to 6 titles for 5 minutes each (total run time of 30 mins) instead of 2 titles for the full 15 each? (total run time of 30 mins)

Exposure is 30 mins in both cases, and I’m not saying running titles for the first time, but let’s say I’ve already listened to wanted and PS for 2 months and the other titles for 1-2 months so in theory I have already integrated (at least in part) the core of each of those major titles, so listening to them for 5 minutes might keep improving in those areas, while listening to more titles can help advancing in other areas.

Can’t afford customs right now (just saying this because it will probably be one of the answers to just make a custom)


A similar question was asked and Fire’s answer (he is one of the producers of subs) was no.


I don’t know that anybody has tried it. If a person tries it, they need to take full responsibility for any negative outcome that happens. That’s one of the reasons why sub club hasn’t released the very powerful subs that they have.
Too many people would disregard the listening schedule, and then complained about the recon, or how the subs didn’t work.
The bottom line is if you do so, YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for negative stuff that happens.

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Stop it. No.