Sinusoid's New Custom - Master Instructor + Quantum Strength

About a month and a half into my first custom - which I really enjoy - I started feeling a shift from social/sexual to professional and income growth. My custom is anchored with Emperor with heavy social/sexual programming. Perhaps this is a pull from Emperor and Sultan. As my business and teaching interests rose, my interest in dating has gone down.

With summer ending, I am back at school and tutoring season is starting up. Over the last month, I have worked my tail off to generate tutoring opportunities. I now have a network of 3 agencies providing me business plus my existing personal clients from my last year. I am starting the season strong, and I feel more opportunities will come up as more students head back to school and the college entrance exams start to open up again.

I have also felt a strong pull to take my physique to the next level. I have made nice strength gains but feel that there is a whole other level I can reach. I want to break those barriers down and have a body of steel.

I just ordered my custom. Here is what I built with some explanatory notes:


StarkQ (StarQ) - achieve a high reputation in my field, business/wealth/success programming

Intellectual/Productivity - Major Thrust #1

Limitless (LimCQ) - obtain broader content knowledge to open additional opportunities for tutoring
Mastermind (MasQ) - help plan/strategize opportunities and organize existing business
Productivity Unleashed (PrUnQ) - maintain high energy and focus
Virtuoso di Matematica (ViMaQ) - I am a math teacher/tutor. Math is my specialty.
Ultimate Writer (UWriQ) - Helpful for writing business proposals and to possibly tutor writing or English.


Dynasty (DynQ) - deepen relationships with my own children and my students, establish trust
Transcendental Connection (TrCoQ) - same as Dynasty perhaps from different angles

Physical Fitness - Major Thrust #2

EmpFit ST2 (EmFiSt2) - burn fat, sculpt body, increase endurance, achieve elite fitness, resist junk food
EmpFit ST3 (EmFiSt3) - build muscle, increase strength, break through plateaus
Spartan (SparQ) - increase intensity of workouts
Serum X (SXQ) - boost workout recovery, maintain energy
Deep Sleep (DeSlQ) - maintain energy
Asclepius (AsclQ) - boost workout recovery and general health

Result Enhancement

Stronger (StrQ) - willpower boost against junk food, productivity boost
Limit Destroyer (LiDQ) - crush perceived limits, good for both major thrusts
Approachability Aura (ApAuQ) - relationship building, establishing trust
Direct Influencing Aura (DirQ) - command attention, influence students, influence business relationships
Energetic Development (EnDeQ) - assist aura generation, help with overall energy
Stress Displacement - manage stress with busy workload, help with sleep, help with junk food cravings


So my idea for playlists would be:

Monday - Friday
Emperor Social/Sexual Custom x 2
Master Instructor + Quantum Strength x 4

Sat - Sun
Break - no subs

Libertine Ultima and/or Social King
As needed

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Great selection, although I am wondering why you did not just include EmFiSt4 instead of ST2+ST3.


Thank you and great question @subliminalUser. I have EmpFit St4 in first custom and that will be in rotation. I feel that I want specific boosts for fat burning and strength gains, so I went with the individual stages.


Interesting premise, let’s see how that works out.

This is a relatively low-powered audio at this point…BLU may be more effective even though just a part of BLU has to deal with social intelligence. I’d wait for True Social Ultima.

Very much looking forward to hearing how these two mesh for you.
I’ve been running Emperor Terminus custom this last week, and while it’s heavily sexual,
I feel a strong pull to getting in shape and generating wealth as well. Emperor core and Sultan.

That was the point of purchasing True Social as it is now. I get the free upgrade to True Social Ultima, which is what I really want. Then I can stack TSU with Libertine Ultima for a super social/sexual stack.

Exactly @Azriel. I feel the same way. It’s a broad based approach to increasing Sexual Market Value while lessening need/dependence on “getting girls”. Wealth building lays a responsible foundation for living a playboy lifestyle. Also, I feel a pull to less chasing and being more selective with the women I approach.

I see my two customs as highly synergistic, which is why I will continue to run both.