Simple sample based music making on a phone

I am no expert on this subject but I am definitely enjoying playing around with ideas on my android phone using Koala Sampler.

It is inspired by the old school Boss SP-303 as used by Madlib, J Dilla, Animal Collective and others.


Anyone else find interesting low budget tools one can use on a phone for working out musical ideas?

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Maschine for iPhone:

And of course, Garageband for iOS (free):


I should mention I’m on Android and Koala Sampler is on that platform as well.

Don’t forget Groovepad for Android.

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Was NanoStudio all the way for me.

But they recently upgraded and a key feature hasn’t come online yet. Hard to conveniently time-sync samples, (including your own recorded vocals).

Once that gets added, I’m back in.

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Thanks for this thread!

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