Simple guidance

I’ve decided on buying 3 programs:

Power Can Corrupt,
Quantum Limitless Q,
and lastly but not least beyond limitless ultima .

I’ve decided on directly using ST3 and ST4(QL) + PCC + Beyond limitless
now before I confirm the purchase I’d like to have my questions answered

Q1/ How many loops should I listen for each program? if answered please include which preferred order.(2 stages included)
Q2/I’ve been told that beyond limitless ultima is a state shifter would anyone care to explain what does that mean?
Q3/ do I need a day off weekily?

Read here

Essentially the scripts are designed to induce a state shift. Being in and experiencing a state shift over time will likely cause residual lasting effects/ identity change and long term growth but there not designed for that.

To grossly simplify it-where in my life am I a confident person? vs. Why do I feel so confident right now?

For stacking

Start with 1 loop for 5 days and take 2 days off.
You can reference here for how to run single titles. Stacking article is coming but the base still applies.
You can read the details here.

If your new to SubClub it’s recommended you do a month of one program solo
It’s also recommended to build through the stages with a program like Quantum Limitless,

If you want to jump into the further stages and/or stack it off the bat and like the results by all means go for it

This is what I would recommend. Be warned though. The subs here are VERY strong. And the consistent challenge of most is less is more.

Wait 1 hour between tracks.

Beyond Limitless Ultima
QL Stage 3
one day

and then the next day

Stage 4


PPC, QL Stage 3, QL Stage 4 one each/ once a day for 5 days a week, two days off, and then add BLU at the beginning or end of that stack for the second week on. Up the loops 1 at a time starting the third week to optimize.

For one, I wouldn’t make Ultima’s and “standard” subliminals part of a single stack. For example, you can run Ultimas for 1 or 2 loops in the morning or at night, then start your stack for an x number of loops.

Second, the general recommendation is to start slow, with a single loop of one program (Quantum Limitless) and only after a few days of experiencing how it feels add a second subliminal. Only after figuring out how that stack now feels you can consider adding extra loops, maybe with breaks in between. But always build up to it gently.

Third, although there are quite a few here (myself included) that will tell you not to rush up to stage 4 of a multi-stage, there are at least as many that ignore us, so do as you will. Running stage 3 & 4 in a single stack serves little purpose however. You would be better served by two loops of stage 4 than 1 of stage 3 and 1 of stage 4.

As for state shifting, I’m sure you know of those songs that instantly make you feel sad or energized when you hear them. Or how you can feel more confident if you take up a lot of space. That’s state shifting. So if you have a sub that wants to make you smart, and you have a sub that (temporarily) makes you feel smart, you’re helping the process along.

Taking a day or two off every week is highly recommended. Besides, it feels good to have a day all to yourself away from speakers/headphones to put everything into practice. In our testing this has proven to actually make the subs give faster results.

Good luck in your studies, do try and sound less demanding in future queries though. :wink:

PS Keep in mind that sometimes more = less. So even with all the pressure you’re experiencing to get results now, jumping straight to QL stage 4 and running many loops may actually give you less results compared to if you had started with one or two loops of standard Limitless. In the end, you could be “shooting yourself in the foot” so to speak.

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thx bro…

so I thought about it and tell me if im doing it right please

Day 1- Morning BLU (idk if I should do it once or twice)
1 hour break PCC once
1 hour break ST2 once or more idk tell me pls
repeat till day 5
and 6,7 is relaxation right?

guys i am new to subclub. i literally have no idea how to use these subs, what looping and stacking means?
by the way i am using starkq and estacy of gold subs
how to use them

Check here:

As for the unofficial recommendation that evolved after Q came out:

  1. Pick 1 - Stark or Ecstasy
  2. When you’re not too busy or distracted, play it one time.
  3. If you feel fine the rest of the day and the next morning (no headaches, difficulty sleeping, super-tired or other unexpected stuff), play it two times the next day. And if you are patient, the day after that.
  4. If you still feel fine, go up to 3 times (and three days).
  5. At this point, you could if you wanted add the other sub, playing each one 1 time (So 1x Stark + 1 time Ecstasy). Do this a few days. Or…
  6. As per the unpublished stack recommendations, you could do 1 day of Stark and the next day with Ecstasy, alternating them.
  7. By now you should be experienced enough to carefully start increasing the amount of times per day by yourself. If you do get headaches and insomnia and things like that, go back one step for a few days.
  8. At least once a week, take a day off.

As for terminology, a stack is multiple subs in a playlist (so Stark + Ecstasy played after one another). A loop is one playthrough of that stack (so Repeat All on your audio player is looping).

Finally, always keep a journal. On- and/or offline. In it, write anything unusual that happened to you, anything unexpected. Often only when we read it back later, we are able to connect the dots and see the change.

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thanks mate. def will use journal for this

Is this the ‘semi official’ unpublished stack recommendation?

Well, since time (especially the concept of “soon”) seems to be relative @ the SubClub hideout (think Spaceballs), I asked Saint what the stack recommendation would be like. He mentioned part of the recommendation would be to divide the stack up into smaller chucks and alternate them.

Of course, such things are subject to change.