Official Listening Recommendations for Single Title Posted

Take a look:

This won’t be relevant for most people here, as most of you are listening to stacks. Those recommendations will come soon. This is for those listening to a single title without switching strengths (since that’s technically a stack).

Post questions and comments here.


Massive thanks for this, as I was considering starting a thread solely dedicated to listening strategies. This simplifies a lot :slight_smile:

Ultima titles are boosters, but many of them — like Beyond Limitless — can be run as a major subliminal. These titles are exceptionally powerful. Start with one loop in the morning and one loop in the afternoon.

Whoah, this is very unexpected, given the first recommendation to start with a loop every other day.

Well the 1 loop every other day is for Terminus and not Ultima. Add the fact that Ultima is more of a booster.

That being said, mining your Dreams can prove very helpful to understand how to overcome your internal issues. Take a look at DREAMS, our subliminal title designed to explore your subconscious, and determine what you need to work on to maximize your life and potential. Using Dreams alongside a the INCLUDED dream journal (a journal where, as soon as you wake up, you write down what you dreamed about) is recommended, and will allow you to notice the patterns that show. It is also recommended to listen to it before sleeping (preferably with falling asleep to it).

i hope the reference to DREAMS in the subliminals while sleeping article hints at an upcoming DREAMS Ultima update :smiley:

Of course. We finished the script today. :slight_smile:




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@HypeDaddySovereign - the instructions are very clear so that’s very much appreciated.

One question I have is that does the same instructions apply for Multistage titles? Since there are now rest days with Q (and possibly this will apply later to Terminus and Terminus Squared multistage titles), am wondering whether one month for each stage will be enough or not. Without stacking.

Why do I see a lot of people taking “don’t run more than” parts as a challenge?

Do the same rules apply for the aegis COVID 19 ?

Yes. Most of your already know your single title sweet spot, however. You may not need to start with a small amount of loops. But, if you’re having issues, follow the guide.

By all means, that’s their prerogative, but we’re cracking down on people who aren’t following instructions and claiming that our products don’t work as well as those that are clearly inferior. The subliminal that was being advertised is exceptionally inferior to ours. The ultrasonic version I heard was just two voices, talking at natural speed, with “scripts” that look very similar (if not the same) to what was on the script library of another producer. That’s no better than you repeating affirmations to yourself while washing dishes.

And people who should know better were fooled into thinking that those titles were “more effective” than ours, when they were slamming Terminus and Terminus Squared titles for months, non-stop, with minimal rest days. When they stopped and switched to this inferior title, our scripting went into full on execution and they began getting results via the subliminal bloom. They then misattributed these results to the inferior sub.

We’re letting it slide this time because official recommendations weren’t out, so the argument could be made that they didn’t realize the proper usage protocol. Now that we’re writing these support articles (and we’re going to plaster them all over the forum here so no one will miss it), no one will be able to say, I NEVER- NEVER KNEWWWWWW again.


Does running a major title + a booster count as staking? I’m assuming it does, but want to confirm.

What if the booster is in Ultima, does it change the answer?

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Give me a Des…Des

Give me a per…per

Give me an ately…ately

What do we get?

In need for instructions on stack rotation


Apologies if I’ve missed this clarification… for listening recommendations, would a Q custom count as a single title or a stack?


If you’re listening to it alone, it’s a single. I’ll add that to the article in a bit.


I’m assuming Ultima is considered a stack once added to a single Q sub
Is the protocol still 2x a day morning and afternoon when stacked with a single Q?
Can Ultima be run on the 2 days off of Q?

If this is all coming in stack directions happy to wait for that

What does it mean “to stonewall”?

Hi. When are the stacking instructions coming?


When your SubQ just refuses to listen to the subliminal’s suggestion and completely block the progress.

I think it happens when you are asking too much or your subconscious feels overwhelmed so it just blocks everything to protect itself!


Am i correct in saying that taking a break or few days of a break and then go on back to your stack slowly will help stone walling?

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