Silva mind/ultramind method


I am currently going through the Mindvalley Silva Ultramind course, I’m on day 2 right now. I was wondering if anyone else has any experience with either format of the technique/program? If so please share your experiences. TYIA :slight_smile:


Not tried it but have been curious about this system. Would love to hear the experiences in this thread


Funny enough, I’ve started using the Silva Centering exercise for my morning meditation. Got to know about it when I started reading the book “You the healer” by Jose Silva. Though I’m not sure how closely the Mindvalley course is as compared to the original silva method.

As for using the contents of the book, I haven’t really delved too deeply into it as I’m focusing more on the centering exercise as a means to train myself into going to the Alpha level. The book did mention using this technique prior to doing deeper level work.


The founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, credits his success and the success of Mindvalley to the Silva Mind method and Silva Ultramind method. He began using it as a teenager then used it consistently to overcome obstacles and progress is his goals, eventually creating Mindvalley. The Ultramind course is the next evolution of the Silva Mind method, it is the final work Jose Silva produced just before he died. Vishen takes careful consideration to produce the course as Jose Silva outlines it himself in his final works to preserve it as completely as possible


I’ve read Silva’s original book many times, and bought an audio course from Robert Stone years ago that included Silva’s daughter, but I could never get into that one… Stone’s voice was too loud, and that kept jarring me out of my focused state. They needed to do better audio engineering on it to make sure the volumes were all uniform.
That being said, I love the concept and have wanted to do a proper Silva course for years. I like Mindvalley’s stuff, so thanks for reminding me that they have a Silva course! I will add that to my wishlist. :slight_smile:


I’ve got this box set of cd’s and a workbook from Mind Valley called “Silva Life System” that I bought at a church used book sale for $1. Looks unused. It dates from 2012. I think I am going to go through it, starting tonight.

I had read an old paperback of one of Silva’s books a long time ago but had not applied it.

I wonder how close this course is to Mindvalley’s present online course? I started listening to the first disc and there is a female narrator. I doubt this is the same as the online course, but I am betting it is high quality, pretty close to including new developments the system has incorporated and should be all I need to use the system.

Appears to be still available as a download for $199.

Looks like at least part of this is on youtube, too.


Wow, good find!


Nice find @dorfmeister! It’s definitely an older version of the course. Vishen mentions when he started Mindvalley that it began as selling the CD course for the Silva method, this must be a version of that! Really cool. It’s definitely different from the current product, as Vishen teaches that himself. Still very cool though! Please post your results back here :slight_smile:


Do they use subliminal in the Silva method/Minvalley method ?


I doubt it, but Mind’s Eye would probably be very beneficial for developing the Silva skills… constructing my workshop space was something I had a lot of trouble with when I started the Silva course years ago (20+ years ago), although I can still go there to this day. I never got my screen working though.


No subliminals, it uses what they call “active meditation”. Rather than trying to empty your mind of all thoughts you use specific visualization and relaxation techniques to drop your mind into alpha, theta, and delta states.


Mind’s eye would be a great tool for this, if only my stack wasn’t already so full :sweat_smile: