Show yourselves!


Curiosity has got the best of me. It would be cool to be able to put a face to the name. I will start


This is me


How many loops of Brad Pitt Ultima do you do every day @Upwards ?


Only 22 loops a day :grin:


Cool looking forward to reading your journal! :stuck_out_tongue:


why can’t i do the same?


I gave the moody look a go, and my hair has grown quite a bit since this picture.


@Brandon You look nothing like I expected but that’s not a bad thing


I’m probably older than people expected too since I act like I’m about 16.

What did you think I looked like haha?


I don’t really know. You’re a dancer so I was thinking something more like that I guess


Same. My mind is updating the mental model of @Brandon now




I’m interested in knowing what you guys thought I looked like.

I can’t stop thinking of @Azriel being a bodybuilding God for some reason.


I have no idea why, but I thought you were black ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Well…luckily for you, I am.

I’m 1/4 black from my dad’s side aha.


That works for me lol. I don’t feel QUITE as dumb now


:joy::joy::joy: don’t worry, most people who know me don’t actually know I’m 1/4 black - they think I’m either fully white or foreign.


you guys look great!

@Brandon you are much more masculine looking that I imagined :joy: (shame on me for unconcious bi/homosexual stereotyping)


totally lol

haha I’m muscular but not particular lean and far from a bodybuliding God

I don’t want to show my face due to a few organizational involvements I have but will get a partial pic of my bodybuilding god frame up at some point. As I’m practicing ‘exposing’ myself (metaphorically) more


I wish I had a better picture to show you all but those two are all I have


Tag me. Always. :sweat_smile: