Short Post on my Journey

I used to be bullied when I was younger because I was extremely shy and quite fat. As a result, I grew a very low self-esteem. At the worst part of my life, my parents divorced and I grew up with a single mom. I love her very much. But with all these insecurities growing up, I was always feeling inadequate, and I felt like I did not deserve to be happy.

One day I found some stuff on youtube, things like guided meditation, guided self-hypnosis, and tried it out. They seemed to help and it opened up a rabbit hole for me. I then found subliminals and eventually found this website last year. I did find it a little too good to be true, but I decided to just take the plunge.

I was debating whether to run Ascension for Women or Seductress. I ran Seductress first and I realised that my social awkwardness was slowly improving. I did not stutter as much, I could open up to friends instead of being so guarded. I also stopped being so defensive against men.

For the past 2 years, I did fasting, yoga and lifting, and lost almost 40lbs. Thank goodness I didn’t have loose skin though. I also took method-acting classes, posture classes (walking with a book on my head), and many other things. I became a geek for self-improvement and it felt like these things compounded my confidence more and more along with the subliminals. It was working so well I decided to get a custom sub, adding things like Elegance, Facial morphing, Perfect style & smell…

I just want to express my gratitude for changing my life. I felt like such a changed person that I even changed my legal name. :slight_smile:

I’m still work-in-progress, and I want to expand into spirituality too now, so I might look into that aspect too. (I do wish there were more modules for women though hehe)

Also, can I check if the custom subliminals have Qv2? Or only the major products for now?


Custom Subliminals are Qv2.


Hello –

All customs are Qv2 or Ultima (click here for more information the Ultima build), and you get to choose which build type you want during the checkout process.

I’d recommend holding off on customs until you get a feel of how our subliminals affects you, since there’s no refunds on custom products, as opposed to the 30 day guarantee for our major titles. Also, you’ll want to know what issues you have before delving into a custom.


Welcome to SubClub and congratulations for those massive results and these great changes!

Keep it going!

On another note, did you journal your experience along the path or not really?

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Okie. I did benefit so much from the program though so I’d love to hop on with a custom :upside_down_face:

I didn’t journal but I feel like I should have haha. Looking at all the journals here I think I’m going to start doing it now, it seems pretty nice to look back and go “wow I was feeling like that” at so and so point of time.

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Confirms my thought that not Journaling still works. Like with my wife.

But doing it has even stronger results.

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Welcome @erinambers, and your journey so far is inspiring.

The healing and spirituality programs are another level indeed. Lately I find myself putting them into the same or similar category. Programs that work deliberately with the Inner.

Here’s a Healing challenge kind of question. (It’s rhetorical, not an actual challenge. It’s something I work on myself.):

If you saw yourself from 8 (or 5 or 3) years ago, would you be able to treat her with compassion? I mean, even though you now know that she’s capable of so much more than she thinks. Could you sit with her and listen to her without cajoling her to change? Could you tell her—the you from 8 years ago or from 5 years ago—what you think is absolutely perfect about her in that moment? While, at the same time, connecting to the deeper and further potential that you know is within her? Could you be the big sister that she needs?

That’s a healing challenge that I love.

I believe that our past moments still exist within us now, and that we can choose, at any moment, to bring Healing to the literal past. It’s an odd belief. But I do have it.


So true… and it either becomes a demon or a friend :upside_down_face:

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yeah,I somehow have a similar belief…to expand that…the future,the present and the past could coexist…at any given moment,we could tap into any point of time,from there we could either heal traumas,draw wisdoms or simply understand ourselves better…

.I think ,I start to develop this specific belief when I studied NLP‘s timeline therapy …it is funny that now all the jargons seemed lost…there is still parts in me somewhere…

If I remember correctly,in Buddhism,they have a similar concept about time ?I know you are quite knowledgeable…will it be something you pick up along the path of studying different teachings/ideologies ?


Hmm… I feel like there’s no such thing as a present, past or future. Whatever there is, is only here now. If we think of our past, it’s happening now… if we think of a future, it’s also happening now. We can get lost in a thought about past or future, but even that happens now… even if we wanted to leave, that fantasy of leaving now happens… now. Haha this certainty of nowness, this beingness is our entire experience.

What we can carry are memories or habits from the past. If we were traumatised, we carry that fear with us so in a way it’s still “here” now. Our future is also here now, because by changing our relationship with our deepest fears, anxiety, insecurities, anger, and emotions, we can change the trajectory of our lives. :slightly_smiling_face:


you are frying my brain in a funny and pleasant way…:joy:lol…

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Well said.

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Congratulations on your self-improvement. You can shop the store. If you would like help building a custom, please post your ideas and we are happy to help.

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Just a short update on how the subliminals have been going over the last week. Over the last few days I’ve been becoming more feminine. Recently I’ve grown a love for wearing a bow or scarf in my hair, something I’ve never done in my entire life. I’ve also been experimenting with korean-style “bare faced” makeup and such. I do feel like my style is becoming more feminine, for instance I’ve been wearing skirts and more floral/lacey/soft flowy clothing… generally feeling more sexy. I’ve been feeling very cute and girly (not that I wasn’t before, but it’s definitely more noticeable now).

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a girl I worked with and she was basically telling me that I’ve changed a lot since last year. And she said, “no, I mean you’re more confident, and you’re very happy and cheerful now. You’re like a whole new person. You’re like a sun.” I was really surprised to hear her say that but really happy about it. And I was thinking about it earlier today, and I realized that she’s totally right. I do feel like a different person now. I feel like I’m enjoying life more now, and I’m feeling much more open to new experiences. I feel like I’m much more free. I feel like I’m more “me”. I feel I’m truer to who i am…

It’s interesting how I’ve been feeling more open to new experiences, because the last few days I’ve been having a lot of lucid dreams. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence, or if the subliminal suggestions are causing the lucid dreams. But I’ve been having more of them, and they’re much more vivid. Not sure if anyone has had these.