She is making it work like no one else

My step-mother is just one hell of a bad ass :joy:

I never really tell people about my use of subliminal use. Because as you know, most of the times that don’t really end well… And I get and respect that. But she is like the most spiritual and open minded woman I’ve ever come across and she kept asking me questions about the subliminal. So after weeks I told her “Would you like to try it?” She got all excited and happy and was like “Yeah I would love to try it!” Because she is such a lovely woman, that puts other people first above herself, I thoughts that Love bomb would be a great sub to start with and bought it for her. I did not tell her what sub it was en what it would do. What happened was the most funny thing ever:

  • She has trouble with sticking up for herself when it comes to conflict. Somebody texted her to say that a friend of his was pissed on my mother because she said something wrong when they went out drinking last weekend. Normally she would be like “Oh No! What? Who? What happened?”… Now she replied “Nice to hear that you had so much fun. If this woman has a problem with me, she can text me not you. Have a nice day!” She was almost crying when she told me about this because she was so happy that she stood up for herself instead of being the “Misses nice girl”
  • Colleagues are much nicer to her, even the ones that she normally don’t really like. They even helped her with some work she still had to finish before vacation
  • Her boss texted her today to say that she get’s a new laptop and a new flat screen to work at home. She asked for this 1.5 year ago and he just waved it off. Now out of nowhere he texted her to say that after her Holiday everything will be ready. How the hell :joy:
  • She feels calm, peaceful and happy
  • She has not taken any ADHD medicines after using love bomb for the last 3 days. She has NEVER done that before in the last 10 years.

This woman has been running Love bomb since Monday :joy: :joy:



The bomb has exploded


Haha yeah right! Will keep this updated if there are changes. Because I journal in handwritten style, she started aswell.

This Friday she will go on Holiday to the south of France with me step-dad, So, she got Way of Nature now aswell and starts Friday!

Lovebomb + CWoN while in the mountains and around rivers? This woman is going to have a blast​:exploding_head::partying_face:


I love it when good, honest people stand up for themselves, they deserve it the most. She sounds like a conscientious thoughtful person and oftentimes others try to take the piss with her. Love Bomb gave her unconditional love so the guilt of being assertive never touched her.

Her response was classic: if she’s got a problem with me she can cash me outside.


Imma tell her about your comment when she comes home from work. She is going to be so proud and happy that you said that!

Thanks for the kind words :blush: :pray:

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Everything a women needs is a little love and then the machine is working properly



Amen to that brother! :joy:

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I also brought seductress for my future women



Don’t forget to put heartsong in that stack combined with some Diamond or Lovebomb :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

She will be a lucky girl when she catches you my friend! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I allready walk around and smiling inside wich girl is the lucky one


That’s adorable <3


Forgot to post this, but on the first day of her listening to CWoN something special happened. She listened to the loops (Love bomb and CWoN) back to back for 15 min around 7AM in the morning. Around 9 am, I entered into the kitchen, and she was just sitting there with tears rolling down her eyes. I asked “Hey what is going on?”. She replied

“I feel incredible with so much love for life, for you and my sons. I just… I don’t know how I forgot how blessed I am?” and she could not stop expressing that. It was beautiful to see, somebody just sitting there, blissed out by life at the kitchen table and being grateful for all the things she have, not what is missing.

Being grateful for what she have, not what is missing. Here lies the important part.

Around 15 min later her sister calls out of the blue “Marlies! Marlies! Open your laptop right now, I just found the perfect job for you” while I’m sitting in the room with here. Her sister met this entrepreneur the day before while being in a business meeting. She is part of the design group that makes labels for big company’s (She made the one of Rivella) and this guy hired her for some labeling work. Apparently, he is looking for a Project manager that can help his team create and innovate new idea’s for a new product. Something my step-mom always wanted to do so. And for some reason this guy was like “Can you give me your sister’s number ASAP”. The only problem was, Marlies doesn’t speak English very well and can’t speak German, what apparently is very important for that job. And he replied, “Don’t care, we will figure out a way. When can we meet?” :joy: :joy:

Now she has a video call next with that new job while she is on vacation. They already asked if it’s a green light from both parties, that she resign from her job on the 1st of august. Now remember this guys hasn’t even meet her in real life, she doesn’t speak English or German what is necessary and the only thing he heard were stories from her sister.

What the (…) is going on here :joy: :joy: She bought a handwritten journal and keep reporting to me while being on vacation. I’ll keep you guy’s posted with this subliminal wonder woman. CWoN with Love Bomb is a beautiful, fast working and deadly combo. I think it has to do with detachment from her desires and just being extremely grateful. Being grateful is like the portal to new possibilities. It’s like these subs are helping her clear out all this negativity around manifestation.

Like Saint said:

@RVconsultant I had no idea that more stories would come, and I know this isn’t the right place to share her stories. Is there any change, you can put this tread in the woman journal section, and I’ll keep updating her stories from there?


That’s incredible

Are you from Germany?

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Close, the Netherlands. The name Marlies could’ve been either one haha


That is an incredible way to look at life. I always seem to forget about that.


She sounds incredible. Reminds me of the woman that raised me. God rest her soul. I am happy that she made progress. That’s promising for everyone who listens to subs.


Now imagine how the world would be if everyone was like that? :ok_hand::grin:

To enhance the results some breathing exercises, meditation and exercise. Lets put those chakra wells rolling. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Your step mother reminds me of all the good people in the world that makes this journey easier to bare.

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But she understands English well enough?

I’m asking because I believe subs would be great for my mom, but her english isn’t that good anymore (though her german is perfect as always :rofl:)

As far as I understood, beeing able to understand english is dealbreaker. She’s willing to learn it again, but that will take some time…

My mom doesn’t speak English at all but her subconscious mind must have absorbed some English by watching American movies (with Polish voice-over) since LE works wonders for her.


Your mom will be fine. Especially if she understands basic spoken english.

The best thing to do is give her the free Love Bomb for Humanity and see how she does. Love Bomb for Humanity is the best trial subliminal not only because it is free but because you can also see the effects immediately.