Sharpening The Saw🪚🐲 (QL+DRLD)

12/9/23 Cycle 1 Day 16 Rest Review

Sleep - 5/10 Slept late figuring out this PC building
Daily Routine - 2/10 Just focused on building PC and forgot everything
Action - 8/10 Some lag. Light resistance.
Habits - 2/10 Just focused on PC.
Emotions - 9/10 No complaints. Satisfied after finishing the hardware.

Daily Thoughts - Finished the hardware. Will flash BIOS and install OS, drivers, etc. after dinner. Hope nothing goes wrong :sweat_smile:

12/10/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 17 Review

Sleep - 9/10 Good. Deep sleep. I did my hot bath and yoga.
Daily Routine - 5/10 I’ll give myself a pass. Still listened to my stack.
Action - 9/10 Minimal lag and resistance.
Habits - 5/10 Stuck at Windows 11 installation error.
Emotions - 3/10 Frustrated but will solve this

Daily Thoughts - Just want to get this over with so I can move on with my life. 0xc0000005 error Windows 11 pro install. It could be my RAM but I hope not. Will try BIOS update and Rufus again.

12/11/23 Cycle 1 Day 18 Rest Review

Sleep - 7/10 Okayish. No night routine.
Daily Routine - 7/10 Did everything I could.
Action - 10/10 No lag and resistance.
Habits - 5/10 Solved the error at 1% now new error at 22% plus a lot of other things irl so I could not execute
Emotions - 5/10 Better than yesterday but patience was really tested throughout the day on other issues.

Daily Thoughts - Some people are just stubbornly devious even if they are misaligned with the law. You have to be firm and fight through it. Long day again tomorrow but will find time for my stack.

12/12/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 19 Review

Sleep - 3/10 Stressed. Slept like 2 hrs only but still alert throughout the day.
Daily Routine - 7/10 Did all I could. Missed a few but found time for listening to my stack. Tomorrow should be back to normal.
Action 10/10 - No lag and resistance.
Habits - 8/10 Pretty satistified. Still managed to do my nightly routine despite the busy day.
Emotions - 7/10 A little upset but ok overall.

Daily Thoughts - Happy and proud with my little accomplishment. Finally finshed hardware and software installation. Errors 0xC0000005 and 0x8007025D were annoying. The solutions were “Run as Administrator” when running Windows Media Creation Tool then did the same with Rufus 4.3 for good measure. The next error was solved by buying a new USB flash drive. Feeling blessed that it was not anything serious. It’s always a pain if you brick something you don’t know how to trace. I’m a complete noob at actual PC building so this outcome is fantastic! 256GB RAM setup previous generation HEDT should last me at least 5 yrs. GIGABYTE TRX50 AERO D just released this year and ASUS Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI is coming next. They can do 1TB RAM but I prefer waiting for the tech to mature rather than jumping into new but possibly faulty shiny objects.


12/13/23 Cycle 1 Day 20 Rest Review

Sleep - 9/10 Deep sleep after hot bath and yoga.
Daily Routine - 7/10 Still getting my groove back. Benchmarking my PC and other minor stuff
Action 7/10 - Some lag and resistance. I just wanted to sleep all day.
Habits - 6/10 Good enough but I expected more.
Emotions - 7/10 About the same as yesterday.

Daily Thoughts - Was unable to execute my morning routine of Exercise and Priming so the rest of my day did not feel optimal. Installed a lot of relevant software and drivers to finalize my PC. I have a lot of catching up to do especially with QuadNBack. Tomorrow will be the 21st day of my first cycle. Happy not to have skipped any listening to my 15 min loops of both subs. While the initial ecstacy has fallen off I can’t deny the subtle and obvious benefits of DRLD and QTST1. I honestly don’t know if I could have assembled the hardware in one go had I not run these stacks. In hindsight, it looks easy but as a complete noob, I know it’s the complete opposite. I will run another cycle as planned before moving on to ST2. As usual, I am excited and can’t wait for more!

12/14/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 21 Review

Sleep - 9/10 Slept deeply
Daily Routine - 8/10 Better than yesterday but I had to push myself to get back to my morning exercises
Action 6/10 - Lag and resistance. I felt fatigued most of the day for some reason. Maybe this is recon I’m not sure or just a cumulative lack of sleep the previous nights.
Habits - 7/10 Better than yesterday but not too smooth.
Emotions - 6/10 Content. Kinda low on energy I don’t know why but no negative thoughts.

Daily Thoughts - Today is the last day of my first cycle with DRLD and QTST1. Day 21 :smiley:. I prevailed over resistance and followed my listening schedule despite occasional unfavorable circumstances which I could have accepted as excuses before. Observed benefits throughout this cycle include:

  • More discipline
  • A lot less procrastination
  • Awareness when engaging or about to engage in a bad habit. I get a nudge to stop and do what’s right.
  • Following youtube x2 speed easily as opposed to x1.5 max before
  • Hearing audio lyrics more clearly across different genres, including rap
  • Seeing details I have previously overlooked in daily life
  • More centered
  • More optimistic, not necessarily amped up all the time but integrated belief that I cannot fail
  • More patient
  • More present
  • More persistent
  • Not shying away from apparently complex stuff whereas I would end up avoiding it before
  • Assembled my standing desk and 256GB HEDT PC which had been put off for a few months because of fear, intimidation and inexperience
  • Was able to sit through and understand a technical video which dumbfounded me. I have watched it before but could not digest it fully. Which video exactly eludes me, as I only remembered it because it was hard. I just remembered it now lol thanks QL! A GTOWizard video on Nodelocking. Watching it now I feel silly because it’s very simple.

I suddenly crave canned sardines in tomato sauce with rice and boiled egg. I’ll take a break from chicken salad tonight.

Are you doing code?

No bro. My bread and butter is online poker but will transition to forex/futures daytrading for higher income potential. I’m still in the active income/savings phase. All roads lead to passive income like dividends, real estate rentals and/or hands-off businesses.

12/15/23 Cycle 1 Day 22 Dayoff 1 Review

Sleep - 7/10 Missed my hot bath and yoga last night as I had to help my little cousins. KhanAcademy is awesome.
Daily Routine - 8/10 Missed my morning routine because of early GF visit but did everything else and then some. Taught her the Alexander semi-supine position but with me on top.
Action - 9/10 Almost zero lag and resistance.
Habits - 9/10 Excellent. Getting my groove back.
Emotions - 9/10 Happy and content.

Daily Thoughts - Quite a relatively social day. Saw my uncle, and also had dinner with my mom. Screen time was low. Installing SSD on PS4 for my cousins so just prepared it tonight. Did my hot bath and yoga. Great day. 4 more days off left for the second cycle on Dec 20.

12/16/23 Cycle 1 Day 23 Dayoff 2 Review

Sleep - 10/10 Perfect
Daily Routine - 7/10 Great but I had to help someone else today so a bit short on time.
Action - 8/10 Minimal lag and resistance.
Habits - 7/10 Missed my night routine, unfortunately.
Emotions - 9/10 Happy and content.

Daily Thoughts - I never thought I’d be this thoughtful. I guess I have to avoid spreading myself too thin. Sometimes I feel like we just have to roll with the punches.

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12/17/23 Cycle 1 Day 24 Dayoff 3 Review

Sleep - 1/10 I watched Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So live like a fool. Did not listen to my inner voice.
Daily Routine - 3/10 “Morning” was Fd obviously. Did what I could with the rest of the day. Worst day since starting this journey and it’s my fault.
Action - 3/10 Heavy lag and resistance but pushed through it.
Habits - 7/10 Still managed to execute my night routine.
Emotions - 6/10 Felt terrible with myself but I still managed to overcome.

Daily Thoughts - Decisions determine our destiny. Avoid bad situations but once you find yourself in one remember that you are not powerless. Enthusiasm and positivity are still a choice. Do what’s right to regulate your emotions.

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12/18/23 Cycle 1 Day 25 Dayoff 4 Review

Sleep - 4/10 Less than average. I slept long enough but still felt tired, unfortunately.
Daily Routine - 5/10 I’m slipping because of bad mornings and a congested schedule but I’m still doing what I’m supposed to do noon and onwards. As soon as I finish these side quests, everything will be perfect.
Action - 6/10 Some lag and resistance but pushed through it.
Habits - 7/10 So so. Same as yesterday.
Emotions - 8/10 Still grateful and content overall.

Daily Thoughts - These side quests keep coming but that’s life. Can’t say no to those who need you. Two things to keep in mind.

Many have it way worse than you but they are still doing their best regardless.

Sometimes the secrets are simple and in plain sight.

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12/19/23 Cycle 1 Day 26 Dayoff 5 Review

Sleep - 9/10 Excellent
Daily Routine - 10/10 Did everything and did not miss my routines
Action - 9/10 Minimal lag and resistance
Habits - 9/10 Almost perfect
Emotions - 9/10 Happy and grateful overall

Daily Thoughts - Finished 5 rest days and starting the second cycle tomorrow. Time flies too fast but I’m hyped. My front panel Audio I/O is not working though. I already bought a TRRS to TRS audio splitter to no avail. Fractal Meshify Compact 2 buyer beware. I’ll try a 3.5mm jack to USB-C adapter next. Also thinking about buying an audio interface for my headphones but I don’t know how it affects the subs. A bit torn because it somewhat affects my desktop speaker upgrade. Ruark MR1 Mk2 does not need it so I will have to go for DJ VM-50 which takes more space on my desk.

When you don’t feel like it, just take one step at a time. That lethargic feeling will fix itself.

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So true.

Am practicing more of this these days. It’s very satisfying at the end of it.

No motivation needed. Just one step at a time.

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12/20/23 Cycle 2 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 1 Review
Total Days Counter: 27

Sleep - 9/10 Great
Daily Routine - 10/10 Perfect
Action - 10/10 No lag and resistance
Habits - 10/10 Perfect
Emotions - 10/10 Joyful and serene

Daily Thoughts - Feel like I’m a better listener today. More aware and attentive. Happy to be back on track for the most part without neglecting my meaningful side quests. The correlation between routines and well-being is apparent. Today reminds me of Kobe Bryant. He is big on meditation and sleep.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.


12/21/23 Cycle 2 Day 2 Rest Review
Total Days Counter: 28

Sleep - 9/10 Great
Daily Routine - 9/10 Excellent
Action - 10/10 No lag and resistance
Habits - 9/10 Excellent
Emotions - 9/10 Great. More vocal in discussions but not pent up or frustrated.

Daily Thoughts - A pretty normal day. My standards have risen and I want to continue this normalcy. Chop Wood, Carry Water.

12/22/23 Cycle 2 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 3 Review
Total Days Counter: 29

Sleep - 8/10 Great but the problem is I have so much energy that I end up sleeping late
Daily Routine - 9/10 Excellent
Action 10/10 - No lag and resistance
Habits - 9/10 Excellent
Emotions - 10/10 Perfect. Peaceful, happy and grateful.

Daily Thoughts - I have to improve my bio clock. This will be a challenge this holiday season because of all the festivities. I have too much gas left in the tank that I end up sleeping past my desired bedtime. I don’t know which is which but DRLD and QLST1 really add that relentlessness in me. This is a huge positive of course but I want to be off when it’s time to be off, not fighting 24/7 lol. Gotta wake up earlier tomorrow. Maybe that will help.

12/23/23 Cycle 2 Day 4 Rest Review
Total Days Counter: 30

Sleep - 7/10 More like a 3 hr nap but still energetic. Thanks, neighbors.
Daily Routine - 7/10 Good
Action - 10/10 - No lag and resistance
Habits - 7/10 Good
Emotions - 9/10 Great. A bit confused on energy management.

Daily Thoughts - Tis the season to be jolly. Gotta adapt until after New Year’s Eve. They can’t make me skip my subs though. :relieved:

12/24/23 Cycle 2 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 5 Review
Total Days Counter: 31

Sleep - 5/10 Slept late.
Daily Routine - 3/10 Meh. Just binged lossless flac music for the most part.
Action - 5/10 Wasn’t feeling it
Habits - 5/10 Ate burgers, a lot of sodium today.
Emotions - 10/10 Merry Christmas!

Daily Thoughts - Need to sleep. Good morning.

12/25/23 Cycle 2 Day 6 Rest Review
Total Days Counter: 32

Sleep - 7/10 Surprisingly better than yesterday but still late.
Daily Routine - 6/10 Did what I could but still far from default.
Action - 8/10 Little lag and resistance.
Habits - 6/10 So so. Incomplete.
Emotions - 9/10 Still happy and content overall.

Daily Thoughts - Kali LP6 v2 base tonality, bass extension, and flatness are better than DJ VM-50 and JBL 306P Mark II according to No hiss is important as well. The only downside is it takes quite a lot of desk space.