Sharpening The Saw🪚🐲 (QL+DRLD)


Just bought what stack I think is ideal for me. I already have a roadmap to attain both my short-term and long-term goals. I know what has to be done but I stagnated somehow. I am an INTJ and we are not the strongest in the action department plus I have ADHD. It could be fear of leaving my comfort zone, fear of more success/change, or something else. I’ve been around long enough to understand and experience firsthand what it means to transform one’s life. I was a broke hikikomori college dropout dependent or a basement bum as Americans would call it, before I managed to get my act together and learn to make some dough for myself. The universe led me to SC for some unknown reason just two days after the new Quantum Limitless was released and I believe it is exactly what I need. I love learning and being a supreme expert in whatever I choose to learn. I prefer depth over breadth and don’t mind long periods of isolation. Dragon Reborn: Limit Destroyer also resonates with me. I will run these two subs first before substituting DRLD with RICH+GMX3 later when I reach QTS4. My life situation is privileged enough that I can take a break from the daily grind but not yet affluent enough to catapult me into the final stages of financial freedom. While I have a solid plan I remain receptive to how the subliminals will steer and aid me in manifesting my vision. At this point in my life, I believe each of us is responsible for our loved ones, those who came before us, and those we leave behind. We cannot help others if we ourselves are weak and average. We have to be strong. We have to be great. We have to evolve.

I will use this journal to record daily metrics and see my long-term progress. Listen+Journal+Action=Transformation and Results. I’m so confident I can follow my listening schedule that this reconciliation concept is alien to me.

Daily Routine - 10/10 if all daily items were done
Action - Lag and Overcoming Resistance between two right actions. 10/10 if no procrastination.
Habits - Since I already have a premeditated list of activities from waking up to sleep that are in alignment with my desired outcomes it is more crucial for me to focus on not engaging in bad habits like social media and multitabbing. 10/10 if no bad habits
Emotions - Not under my control in the fullest sense. I understand priming and improving my emotional state using various means like NLP, exercise, sun exposure, and diet but I will just monitor this and feel how the subs affect me daily. 10/10 if zero negative emotions but lower is not necessarily bad.
Concrete Updates - Occasionally, I will jot down a measurable outcome in the physical realm as I walk through my path.


11/21/23 I’m excited to start my stack but I have to follow my prior decision to wait for a few days. I decided to simulate my routine anyway and meditated for 15 minutes. I just explored and understood the concept of custom subliminal modules last night and was enthralled by the possibilities. Made an oath to not subhop though so I’ll extract max value from this generic stack first.

Daily Routine - 10/10 Woke up earlier than usual. Did all I had to do perfectly.
Action - 9/10 There were small resistances here and there but I was more mindful than usual and easily prevailed. Forgot to put sunblock before going out though.
Habits - 8/10 I noticed I would autopilot opening new tabs or hop from one view to another after reading a paragraph or in between tasks. It keeps coming back but I address it as it comes. Deep work is paramount.
Emotions - 9/10 Suboptimal because of lack of sleep but surprisingly did not feel groggy. Willpower and mindfulness throughout the day were noticeably higher than usual. Serene.

Daily Thoughts - After dinner, I wanted to eat a piece of chocolate. I only eat dark chocolate and already cut it into bite-sized pieces beforehand to manage my daily intake. I was only supposed to eat it after breakfast. I kept rationalizing it was no big deal and that I was being too hard on myself but eventually came to the conclusion that it was a good test of discipline. It’s just chocolate and if I succumb to small things how would I fare on bigger temptations?.. Saw my mom and uncle today. I was happy. They are getting older though. I don’t want to think about it…

11/23/23 Decided to move my journaling to mornings instead of evenings to not disrupt subliminals transition to sleep. Reviews will be of the day before.

Daily Routine - 8/10 Unexpected events came up but managed to do what I had to do for the most part. Still have some problems with small distractions coming up and snuffing them out.
Action - 7/10 Woke up 3am. Did not feel groggy but felt the effects later on. Lag and resistance were an issue and urge to bedrot maybe due to lack of sleep but fought through it.
Emotions - 6/10 Felt tired but still proud of myself for choosing right action even if I did not feel like it.

Daily Thoughts Sleep is the foundation of my days. It affects everything so I have to make adjustments based on that. The day is won from the previous night.

11/24/23 Excited as I will be officially starting DRLD+QLSt1 later tonight but here is my review of yesterday.

Daily Routine - 9/10 Almost perfect except for the small distractions in between tasks again. It seems I am Chrome addict. No more facebook or reddit. Aside from the few gems of information at reddit, most of your time is spent as an unpaid reader, writer, consultant and therapist in exchange for upvotes.
Action - 9/10 Smooth. Lag was minimal. Token resistances were identified and overcome.
Emotions - 9/10 The best I’ve felt in years. I’ve logged roughly 17 days in Quad N Back training and 5 days in Transcendental Meditation for cognitive benefits and the effects are starting to kick in. Socmed detox is also showing. Heightened awareness throughout the day but a little sleepy late afternoon. More expressive but not anxious or furious.

Daily Thoughts Thanks to journaling I’ve noticed the Chrome addiction and came up with a simple solution. Delete the web browser shortcut from my taskbar. Design your environment to aid you. I set myself up for success by stacking all good habits and practices in daily habit chains while eliminating negative habits. I want discipline to be autopilot instead of having to push through each obstacle. “It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” -Bruce Lee

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11/24/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QL ST1 Day 1 Review

Daily Routine - 9/10 Did what I had to do but had to take a nap late afternoon after suddenly feeling tired and sleepy. I’m thinking of dousing myself with cold water next time it happens.
Action - 7/10 Smooth. Lag was bare minimum but took a nap.
Emotions - 10/10 I’m supposed to beat myself up for taking a nap but I accept my imperfections. Idk why I feel like this. Centered and serene throughout the day. This will be my first day listening to SC subliminals. DRLD felt weird. Some goosebumps and noticeable warmth from my palms. My breathing and heartbeat felt slightly irregular too like I was stimulated. It’s an excitement closer to anxiety than elation. In contrast, QLSt1 felt closer to nothing but it was not “nothing”. It was just different and easier to listen to. Post-session feels normal so far. I decided to input my journal right away tonight because I have an appointment tomorrow. A bit worried about nightmares others are saying. I find horror movies traumatic because the sounds, scenes, and images stick to my head for a very long time so I avoid them entirely. I don’t even watch trailers… :unamused:

Daily Thoughts
I’m on my way to manifesting my version of success. The bare minimum SC is gonna help me with is placebo response and/or pygmalion effect in case they don’t work which is already a win by the way but they do work so the effects can only be better than that! All I need is to follow the instructions, patience, and consistency with my actions. This is my QuadNBack after 19 days before listening to my first stack.


I started very inconsistently and logging 50 rounds per session morning and night but most recently I figured it’s best to stick just 20 each for morning and night to lower resistance but if life gets in the way I try my best to do the night session at least. Quad7Back is good enough but I won’t put a limit on myself. After 1340 sessions I’m still at level 3 and sometimes level 4. A bit disappointed but it’s still 19 days and I had to take breaks due to negative emotions and getting ill. I’ll take this habit well into my old age to enhance and preserve my cognitive abilities and cultivate focus, willpower, and discipline. For now, it serves as a benchmark on how fast and how far I can go after starting the DRLD+QLSt1 stack.

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11/25/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 2 Rest Day Review

Sleep - Sleep after the first time listening to the stack was weird AF. I “woke up” in the middle of the night but this was different from all the night sweats I’ve ever had. I know the feeling because this ain’t my first rodeo. What made this different was I didn’t feel hot in my skin or uncomfortable but there was an inner blaze of some sort. It’s hard to explain but that’s the best way I can put it. I put quotations on woke up because I’m not even sure if I fell asleep. It seems I just closed my eyes all the way to morning.
Daily Routine - 10/10 everything was executed promptly. Felt ultra
Action - 10/10 No lag or resistance at all. :worried:
Emotions Here’s the kicker. I expected to feel groggy all day because of the apparent lack of sleep but the exact opposite is true. I don’t know what happened. I’m actually scared because this is the first time in my life I’ve felt like this! There is no stop, no pause, just one mode, GO. And there is no fatigue at all. I feel like I can’t handle the boundless energy within me and I have to do more or I can’t sleep. I did not feel excited, just endlessly acting, pondering, and calculating.

Daily Thoughts
I’m moving my listening schedule to the stack during the mornings because it’s obviously not compatible before bedtime! I’ll do it while I am meditating. Luckily I don’t have to listen to it today because it’s a rest day. I am actually worried if this is sustainable or if I would get a heart attack…Scared to listen to it again tomorrow not knowing what to expect. Have I been living under my potential so much? This is just stage 1 FFS. All I can say is it’s POTENT. I hope I don’t crash and burn.

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11/26/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 3 Review

Sleep - Normal. No nocturnia. No dreams or nightmares
Daily Routine - 8/10 Spent more time on youtube than I would have liked but only on my phone. Definitely a lot less than before my journey though. Maybe around 30 mins to an hour tops. Bed+Cellphone is a bad combo. Did everything I was supposed to do anyway.
Action - 8/10 Some lag but I was immediately aware and did not let it affect the rest of the day.
Emotions - Felt centered and normal focus throughout the day with no negative emotions which is good I think. No elevated emotions or beating myself up either. Felt more in control over bad habits whereas before it would have ruined the rest of the day.

Daily Thoughts - You don’t have to be elated. Just do it anyway. Consistency compounds.

11/27/23 Cycle 1 Day 4 Rest Review

Sleep - The sleep itself was ok but slept late. Must improve.
Daily Routine - 10/10 Did everything.
Action - 9.5/10 No lag. Very little resistance.
Emotions - Some flashbacks of negative memories but no emotional reaction unlike before. A bit sad with QuadNBack performance. Still at level 3 to 4 but it felt harder somehow. Might be due to sleep. I’m in for the long-term anyway. Q7B looks impossible right now so I can’t wait to make it a reality.

Daily Thoughts Thinking about my future 20-module custom stacks. Health and safety, Wealth and luck, Peak performance and learning, are the three categories that come to mind. As a man, sexual relationships with multiple beautiful women should be up there but it’s not. That would be nice but idk what happened. I just see them as eternally hard to please where looking for future prospects is a waste of time, money, and energy, even potential STDs. Maybe it’s because I have a steady GF already or I’m getting old so not as horny. Or my belief that extremely loyal and dedicated beautiful women are hard to find, already taken, or would not be interested in me anyway.

11/28/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 5 Review

Sleep - Had to use an alarm for an early appointment so not ideal.
Daily Routine -10/10 Did everything and more.
Action - 8/10 Some lag and resistance but noticed and overcame it.
Emotions - Felt some inner blaze again but I don’t feel unwell or have a fever. Noticed tiny opportunities for procrastination today as simple as clipping fingernails and organizing finished laundry. Before I would rationalize and put off nuisance tasks like this for a “better” time. Now I said it’s a chance to rewire my brain when faced with similar but more uncomfortable future tasks.

Daily Thoughts - Do the work whether you feel like it or not. Consistency is key. Sugar and white bread have negative cognitive effects. Lack of sleep as well. Avoid attention hopping.

11/29/23 Cycle 1 Day 6 Rest Review

Sleep - Not ideal. Got some extra snooze in the morning.
Daily Routine - 6/10 Missed some of my morning routine.
Action - 6/10 Felt lazy in the morning but did do most of my work in the afternoon.
Emotions - Felt lazy in the morning and wanted to relax. Did not want to engage in bad habits though. Just needed more sleep. I attribute this to my late afternoon snack of white bread and higher sugar intake than usual the previous day. Ironic how I thought about that the other day. Also ate fast food dinner instead of my usual salad.

Daily Thoughts - Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed but try to make the best of your day anyway. Every day in every way you’re getting better and better.

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11/30/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 7 Review

Sleep - Vivid dream. Noisy dogs and nocturnia but refreshed and well-rested when I woke up. So it’s a N-Yes
Daily Routine - 9/10 Took a nap after a somewhat heavy lunch. Digestion’s a B. Did everything I had to do regardless.
Action - 10/10 No lag, no resistance. No pushing or bargaining with getting things done. Smooth day!
Emotions - 10/10 Clear. Calm. Appreciative. No hesitation or fatigue.

Daily Thoughts - If I can maintain this state daily for the rest of my life I am unstoppable. That’s exactly how I feel. I am not hyped or excited, but lucid, placid, and productive. You have to experience it to believe it. This has to be DR:LD at work. This is just the first week and I can’t wait for what’s to come :sweat_smile: I also notice things that are supposed to upset me but I don’t get irritated or emotional, like the noisy dogs last night. I just notice that I am aware of them, I acknowledge it then accept it and move on effortlessly. It’s peculiar at first but I’m getting used to it. I believe this is an embodiment of the quote “Accept everything just the way it is.” by Miyamoto Musashi. Of course, his philosophy’s ramifications are deeper than that but that’s what came to me.

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12/1/23 Cycle 1 Day 8 Rest Review

Sleep - Nothing noteworthy. Pretty standard but had to use an alarm for an early appointment.
Daily Routine - 7/10 Did everything and more except right now I kinda just want to sleep now without doing my night rituals. GF drained my nuts. No QuadNBack today.
Action - 7/10 Nighttime weakness, lag, and resistance.
Emotions - 7/10 Content overall. Just a bit of nagging from my perfectionist mind.

Daily Thoughts - Studies have shown that fulfilling relationships are a greater indicator of happiness than money so I can’t belittle it but it kinda disrupts your days sometimes. Noticed more light posts than usual. They have always been there they said. I guess I think too much I don’t notice a lot of things or maybe it’s QL ST1 and/or cognitive training working. Guard your mind. Do not stray from the way.

12/2/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 9 Review

Sleep - No alarm clock today. Much better to wake up naturally.
Daily Routine - 8/10 Back to business. My 2nd internet connection had to be repaired. I didn’t expect them today so my flow was disrupted several times but took it in stride.
Action - 8/10 Some lag but no resistance.
Emotions - 10/10 Cool. Levelheaded

Daily Thoughts - More aware of negativity when presented to me but unaffected. The food delivery guy was upset because he had to wait more than he wanted at the restaurant. He certainly had something to say. Just spoke with empathy and gave him a tip to immediately brighten his day.

12/3/23 Cycle 1 Day 10 Rest Review

Sleep - 7/10 A bit late but still good. Not super refreshed waking up though.
Daily Routine - 6/10 Did everything but started badly with phone+youtube in the morning. I hate that.
Action - 7/10 Some lag in the morning but no resistance throughout the day.
Habits - 5/10 Failed to notice this metric but will pay more attention to it now. Our lives are built by our days and our days are built by the hours. Right action moment by moment equates to a good life.
Emotions - 7/10 Overall very good. Did not beat myself up but my inner voice kept nudging me that I was straying off the path. DR:LD is quite handy.

Daily Thoughts - I make it a point to progress every day. Every step counts so I make sure I accomplished something today that I did not yesterday. I have to assemble my new PC with parts completed months ago. Several tasks had to be finished first to start on that and I’m happy to say that from 0% I am now 95% ready. I’m just glad that I am finally unstuck in my life.

12/4/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 11 Review

Sleep - 7/10 Vivid Dream but was not groggy. Fictional Remote Viewing(?) POV of my brother as a patient in a hospital. Weird AF involving testicles. It was like a blood test but from his testicles. And why does it have to be POV? They are trolling me for real.
Daily Routine - 6/10 Did a lot but my main mission for the day got in the way. Was beat. No night routine.
Action - 9/10 Some lag but no resistance. Did what I set ought to do.
Habits - 9/10 Did not engage in negative behavior for the most part, just some YouTube while assembling my standing desk
Emotions - 7/10 Flood of negative thoughts and emotions early in the morning but got better throughout the day and ended on a positive note.

Daily Thoughts - Disappointed that I couldn’t do my night routine. My back hurts and diarrhea after doing this with no tools. It’s harder than it looks.


I kept putting this off since February this year(yes it was that bad) so I am proud and relieved I finished it in one day. Took longer than I thought. At least I took care of some of my cognitive dissonance from unfinished tasks. One less intrusive thought is always a good thing. No procrastination and no blockages would be an ideal life.

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12/5/23 Cycle 1 Day 12 Rest Review

Sleep - 8/10 Good. Nothing noteworthy
Daily Routine -2/10 A family issue paralyzed me today. Just meditated and drank my morning tea that’s it
Action - 2/10 Did what I could. Made a Daily Routine guide for her.
Habits - 1/10 Did what I could
Emotions - 1/10 Terrible. My estranged sister failed the bar exam again and I did not expect I would be affected that much but it devastated me nonetheless. I was hyperventilating and was numb all over my body for quite a while. I felt electrocuted. I also felt the grief of my parents. We expected her to pass this time. Could not function.

Daily Thoughts - Miserable day but the show must go on. I’ll try to bounce back tomorrow.

What kind of tea?

I take Hibiscus tea because it has more antioxidants than green tea. It also prevents kidney stones from forming, among other wonderful health benefits. As a previous renal colic patient, it is ideal for me. Hibiscus Tea Benefits: 13 Reasons Your Body Loves It – Tea Drops

Btw renal colic is the worst pain I’ve felt in my life. Women who experienced childbirth say the same. They prefer going through childbirth again over it. So avoid junk food and stay hydrated!


12/6/23 Cycle 1 Stack Run: DRLD+QLST1 Day 13 Review

Sleep - 7/10 Good but felt like it was not enough so slept a bit more.
Daily Routine - 8/10 It was not my standard schedule but did everything I had to do. Used free time for some planning.
Action - 9/10 Little lag. No resistance.
Habits - 8/10 Some youtube before dinner.
Emotions - 7/10 It was ok.

Daily Thoughts - Just focus on the future and what can be done instead of wallowing in self-pity.

12/7/23 Cycle 1 Day 14 Rest Review

Sleep - 4/10 Crazy dream with a lot of roaches. I was unable to do my yoga and hot bath routine and I’m definitely feeling the difference.
Daily Routine - 5/10 Slipping. But currently focused on building my long overdue PC. This is my first time so I’m watching YouTube for help.
Action - 7/10 Some lag. Some resistance.
Habits - 7/10 Still good overall considering the circumstances.
Emotions - 7/10 It was ok.

Daily Thoughts - Not every situation is ideal but if you look at the big picture it’s all good. Just do what you can. If you’re moving in the right direction you’re still winning. Success or failure is not decided by just one day.