James Bond like professional gambler

What subs or even a custom would be best to obtain my dream of being a professional gambler?

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Wanted Black + Fortune Favorite + Stark + a whole lot of manifestation modules.

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You got me excited thinking that the updated EOG was released

If you haven’t run subs before, foundational stuff is a good place to start. Mogul, Limitless, Ascension.

Once you’re actually gambling, the most important sub will be RICH

Starting off with Dragon Reborn.


Maybe Emperor: House of Medici as an option plus the ones mentioned above.

Edit: I might have wrote my original reply fast.

You can do something like

  • Genesis: Mogul or House of Medici
  • Limitless
  • RICH

From the main store titles (not custom).

Whatever subs you choose I think you still have to be careful.

lmao why the hell there’s a fly sitting on the shoulder of Saruman?

I’m brainstorming my future custom for wealth and luck. This is a 20-module build with 3 cores. You can use it as a base and modify it as you desire. 2 cores might be better. James Bond is a live gambler and his stack might include Eagle Eye or All-Seeing modules. As far as I know, Black Jack has very thin edges even for a card counting expert. Live poker is more realistic both for MTT and CGs. I don’t know how much subs can affect player vs house games though.

New Weatlh Experience CORE
Fortune’s Favorite
Treasure Finder
The Way of ROI
Cosmic Navigator
Secret Source
Positive Being Atrractor
Natural Winner

If you want to be an online poker pro, these will give you an idea of what the top earners look like. Looking at the leaderboards is free. It is then up to you if it’s worth the effort. You will have to learn preflop, postflop GTO and exploitative strategies across different stack sizes and positions on your desired format/s. Off-table stuff like bankroll management and mental game matter too. Think of it like becoming a chess GM where you will be facing less and less patzers as you move up. It goes without saying you have to keep on improving or you will be their patzer. :sweat_smile:

Cash Games Data by Network

MTTs Leaderboard

Maybe fit Intuition Enhancer module somewhere for reading people. Minus one Core (go with 2 cores to start) for Intuition Enhancer.

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Thank you. I will include it in my list. There are too many beneficial modules. 20 seems a lot at first but it’s hard to fit everything in there. I had to make a different list for Health+Wellness and Productivity+Learning.

I would throw in Quantum Limitless.
To be able to think fast, make all the right deductions etc

Eagle Eye
When gambling it would be very nice to be able to notice all the small hints out there.

Eagle Eye is the module all who study human body language and patterns yearn for. Studying, recognizing, learning and intuiting all aspects of human behavior, especially body language, movement and NLP is the heart of Eagle Eye. Use it if you desire to easily be able to know what each movement of another person means, as well as to rapidly develop your knowledge of human behavior and put it into practice effortlessly.


Power can Corrupt is a must under liars and thiefs

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Hom (reading people, business mindset, better maths, learning gambling (as learning gambling and trading seem similar to me) and reading the hidden currents that influences the games)

RICH (business mindset and manifestation)

Tons of modules to read people more and not fall for manipulation.

I cant imagine how powerful hom and rich will be for this purpose after the updates.

This is a good bet for all of them combinations, patterns, finding loopholes in those games, etc.