Shapeshift Q Journal


received first custom today!

Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core
StarkQ Core
The Flow
Divine Will
Inner Circle Q Core
Natural Winner

It is pretty lean and focused. I think I feel good after one loop!

I am a medical student. My goals are:

  • focus and productivity for reaching my goals
  • endurance for long study, clinical, or workdays
  • social confidence
  • strong relationships with colleagues and mentors that can help me grow
  • positive attitude, happiness, decreased resistance to high amounts of work and execution - more effortless studying, group work, presentations

This is a long and difficult journey. I want to be good at what I do, and in serving others. Less resistance to being productive and staying ahead. Positive relationships. I want to enjoy this journey that often involves a lot of self-sacrifices and diligence.

I’ve previously listened to BLU and StarkQ starting 2 weeks ago and it helped me to be incredibly productive. Also noticed more attitude shift for developing my inner circle. I was able to pump out more research, study sessions, and did well on my last exam. I hope to run this custom for a while. I believe that I get fast results from subs. Besides cognitive and social, my other goals are to improve my fitness and spiritual endeavors/personal happiness, so maybe I can get some advice on how to incorporate more of that. I feel decently fit and have been meditating for 5+ years, but it is hard to incoporate those practices when I feel so busy and driven to do well on my classes and boards.


Day 1

After 3 loops @ Noon

  • feel like I’m on caffeine, similar to how I felt when I first listened to BLU. “Activated” and thirsty
  • sense of energy, lightness, and pep
  • new enhancement / feeling from this custom that I don’t get with other productivity subs: feeling vibrations in my body that I would normally feel after meditating. I had the same feelings of lightness, motivation, faith, connectedness, and energy that I get from meditation without meditating
  • avoided distraction in the morning study session, but I have the TV on now while I study, normally always have it on

Ran errands

Meditated for 30 minutes prior to a 3-hour online meeting

  • Felt like I was already in the meditative state prior to meditation, and then I was able to go a deeper state quickly during my session
  • I ran the masked loop in the background during the meeting (2 loops total)
  • Performed well during discussions
  • I am admiring my physical appearance more
  • Still feel “stimmed” like I am on a stimulant but also a sense of well-being
  • Ready to spend a couple more hours studying now
  • No more subs for today; will continue again tomorrow

Overall: I feel like I’m killing it and feel more confident


Day 2

Woke up tired.

Productivity subs make me feel amped up and this also makes me sleep late. I slept at 2AM yesterday. Was not very productive (studying wise) at night - watched a lot of Youtube, ordered some playing cards to learn magic tricks, and I am also interested in learning chess as a beginner

Did not feel like listening to subs this morning because I still felt stimulated. Ran more errands. Felt a lot of momentum and urgency to get things done

Listened to 1 loop @ 1PM

  • Feel hyperfocus and less focus on time
  • Feel like I’m on overdrive getting through tasks, making calls and contacts

Listened to 2 more loops @ 3PM while studying

  • Very productive
  • Had new idea to make condensed/visual PPT study guides for one of my huge review books

End of day notes

  • Created a new study workflow today and worked on the PPT study guides for the last 5-6 hours straight lol. I was super focused. Felt like I was in the zone studying tonight and am happy with my study guides. Feeling ahead of the curriculum. Also feeling major momentum in productivity going forward
  • Will end up sleeping a little late again but earlier than yesterday
  • Still feel really amped up right now, it is pretty crazy.
  • Think I am developing a little more nonchalant attitude toward some of my projects and on their outcomes. Just executing right now. Picked up some more volunteer opportunities


Woke up early and watched David Blaine fly into the sky with balloons.

Feeling down today. Listened to 2 loop of custom. Other people I interacted with seemed down as well.

Had a dream that is weird to explain. Had a close friend group I used to hang out with all the time in the past. Was getting depressed and had family problems at the time, so I stopped going out and would avoid them. I would dream about these people throughout the years in various ways. This time, my dream re-framed my perception of the past. I had low self-esteem at the time and thought my mental health led me to avoid them, thinking that I did not want to bring others down if I go out. But this dream had a different tone: I was the one that rejected them, because they weren’t actually good friends for me. I was in a lot of pain, we were young, and I don’t really think they had to capacity to care about what I was going through. Instead of interpreting that I was running away or was not good enough, it was my action of having to leave, stand up for myself, be independent, and take care of myself. Basically, I shouldn’t think of it as that something was intrinsically wrong with me, just an unfortunate situation.

Feeling less social today but good productivity.:+1:


Watching a lot of def comedy jam, which I find very funny…

Listened to ~3/4 of a loop in the morning before going out for a longer clinic day. Kinda procrastinated a lot today. Finished my case assignments though it took me a while. Still got them done ahead of schedule. Its 2AM again so another late night… Tomorrow will be more productive.

In general, just feeling a sense of confidence despite certain projects not feeling that great. Social, group work and presentations felt good. Just have a sense of not caring that much. Sense of optimism. Sense of freedom I guess. Good day.


3 loops of custom. Today was a good day. Thinking about getting another custom. This one is more for productivity and social benefits and I am happy with it. Will probably make another one with emperor fitness, healing/happiness type of subs.


2 Loops while taking practice exams. Met friends and ate at a restaurant I wanted to try for a while. Visited family. Things are going really well because I feel more social and talkative. Very hot day. Felt physically sick and nauseous all day for some reason though I’m not sure why. My sleep hasn’t been great lately and I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. Still have an underlying sense of flow and nonchalant attitude I suppose. Ordered a custom with Emperor Fitness and Deep Sleep in it. Received some playing cards and started reading a card trick book, beginning with practicing some overhand shuffles with control of the top card.


2 Loops, one in the morning and one at night. Woke up really late today @ 11AM. Must’ve been exhausted, but felt good. Not as productive as I would’ve liked but I reviewed what I needed to.


0 loops, great, productive day… Finished all my objectives for what I wanted to do. Made a bullet-journal style task list. Finishing the night with a kettlebell workout. Haven’t been exercising in a while but going to get a workout in more consistently. Sleeping early tonight.


Got my 2nd custom today! It has emperor fitness ST4, deep sleep, sanguine, lion iv, joie de vivre, gratitude, the oath, and a few others.

Ran 2 loops of the StarkQ custom and 2 loops of the Emp Fit custom. Finished all my objectives today. It was more work than I thought but powered through it. Fit in a nice boxing workout at the end of the day. Fasted most of the day and eating a nice spicy ramen with an egg. Will be sleeping around 11PM, which is okay, much earlier than I have been the last week. Good day.


3? Loops of StarkQ Custom and 3/4 of a loop of EmpFit Custom

Fairly productive day. Feel kind of tired and have some skills tests tomorrow. Also feeling sore from working out but feeling good. Will finish reviewing tonight, wake up early, kill it tomorrow, and get some rest after! Things are going well.


1 Loop StarkQ custom. Did well on the skills test and finished a few assignments. Took a break from studying today. Played a lot of chess. Back at it tomorrow.


Last 5 days - I mostly took a break from listening to subs as I was feeling really stressed out, probably because I was feeling physically sick. Listened to 1 loop of each custom yesterday. Feel a lot better today. Need to focus much more on self-care. Can’t take care of others if I burn myself out. I feel ahead of the curve in terms of my studies and skills for my class. But for long term productivity and consistency, I need to have a solid base of energy, mood, sleep, happiness, rest. It is better to enjoy the journey and have consistent long-term productivity instead of having periods of intense levels of productivity followed by periods of illness or burnout.


Been looping the customs while I sleep for the last 2 days. - probably 3 loops of each. I think I definitely notice a sense of ease, confidence, and development of relationships with my mentors as well as when talking to patients. Received a gift from one of my mentors and he spends a lot of effort in teaching me. Woke up tired this morning but have an exam in a few days I need to prepare for this weekend. Going out to someone’s bday dinner tonight.