Sex & Seduction v2 is now available at:

Those who have ordered Sex & Seduction can access the new version under “My Account” and “My Downloads.”


Will it include a masked version?


Yep. All new titles come with masked versions.


And does this subliminal, as well as the rest of your subs come with a silent/ultrasonic versions for those that want to play it with some music or thunderstorm/heavy rain soundtracks in the background?


Yes. All current subliminals come in ultrasonic also.


Does playing it with certain kinds of music bring the effectiveness of the subliminal down?


Noooope. Play it with whatever.


Can’t wait to pre-order. Is there a page with more information? I couldn’t find anything.


So what will be the difference between this and Primal? I want to know whether I should wait, or get this. Also supposing I do get this, it’s OK to run it alongside the Emperor, right?


@SaintSovereign Would you please link me to a post or page with a product description for Sex & Seduction? I’ve looked but couldn’t find one. Even though I’m sticking with Emperor because it addresses the areas of my life that I most want to improve, I’m buying Sex & Seduction too because I want to support Sub Club and because the results will be a hell of a lot of fun!


It’s not up just yet. We will post the page when it is ready, and you will learn more about the subliminal and be able to pre-order.

Thank you, we appreciate the support. :slight_smile:

PRIMAL will have a larger scope, and it will be based on the new optimizations.

SS will be… well, you will see when the page goes up. But trust me, you won’t make a mistake by ordering it first. :wink:

They will be two different subliminals, but they both will be focused on women.

SS has some very specific technologies in it, that I expect will make it work extremely fast and powerfully.

If you get SS, it’s fine to run it alongside EMPEROR. It will be a powerful combination with the new things SS has in it.


So what is Primal going to be about?


So what’s the story with the Pre-Order link for S&S? I thought it was going to be available for today…:disappointed:


It’s only 10:00p on the east coast. It’s coming. I do most of my SubliminalClub work late at night.


Just placed my pre order thanks guys



Pre-ordered right away. If this is even 10% as good as Emperor has been to me, I cannot imagine what life will become.

A perpetual orgy where I am the only man, perhaps?

Thank you Subliminal Club.


Happy to pre-order to get this one ASAP


Pre-ordered as well. Like OldChap said, if this is anything like Emperor life will be wild.


I’ve only been doing Emperor for 41 days. I wonder if it makes sense to add S&S or if I should add it after doing Emperor for a full 6 months. I guess I am worried about watering down the process by using more than one program at once, especially with Emperor being such a large and complex script to begin with.


Haven’t seen any reports from members that purchased the S&S sub. I’m hoping to read some as I’m really interested in getting this sub in the near future.