Sex mastery+ spartan


Currently running spartan overnight for 7-9 hours depending on how much sleep i get and sex mastery during the day whenever i am at home.Will post an update once the one month of running is up to note changes or if anything notable that is out of the ordinary happens before then to me and my gf.Have primal seduction also so might run that occasionally for a few hours when im at work but cant expose my gf to it so spartan and sex mastery will definitely be the main running programs.


So far,spartan seems to be helping.more motivation to go to gym and exercise and my weight finally went down below 110kg after being stuck for a month so hoping its caused by the sub.
been running legacy before workouts but it doesnt seem to be helping that much because i suck at visualizing.
havent gotten anything from sex mastery yet other than it makes me really tired when i listen to it during the boost to sexual prowess or lasting longer yet so hope its just clearing something and not that its ineffective on me.only running it 3-6 loops a day so that might be why.
Most likely gonna run spartan new dawn using the 5 days on and 2 days off schedule overnight and sex mastery overnight on the 2 days off on the weekends unless anyone thinks that wouldnt be effective
So far no noticable effect on gf yet.will update if there is.