Sex Mastery Party

Okay, this might be not the best idea I have ever had buuuuuuuut since it came to my mind IT is HARD to RESIST…

So, I am throwing a garden party later the week celebrating my birthday. We organized a dancefloor, lasers and superb speakers and everybody will have a blast dancing till 5 in the morning. I was thinking WHAT will happen IF I play Sex Mastery (on a considerable volume) the whole night?
Will everyone get turned on? Will everyone start making out with some other? xD

I am more joking here but the idea is kind of intriguing


Is everybody aware that you are running it? Or would you be running it in secret?

You should never expose someone to subliminals without their knowledge and consent.

If they are aware of it and you have their consent, then they will be expecting to get the associated effects and it could act like a self-fulfilling prophecy. The group energy would then amplify everything even further. Plus, in certain age ranges there may be a chance of recreational drug usage, like MDMA.

It would have to be a group that’s comfortable around one another of course.

I wonder what the effects would be when running it during an ecstatic dance gathering. People tend to get quite touchy-feely during those already.

Hmmm, Eyes Wide Shut party…


Yes, PLEASE make sure you have the consent of everyone to do this. PLEASE make sure they understand the implications. PLEASE make sure everyone is over the age of 21. You may want to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs, as @DarkPhilosopher said.

Other than that… it’d… be interesting.


It’s funny to think that only sub’s have that need of “consent”.

A lot of users here wear pheromones, and never asks for “consent” to use it. A lot of people use PNL (or even PUA) techniques onto others, and never ask for “consent”. A lot of us tend to make straight eye contact in order to generate oxytocin, and never ask for “consent”. And etc.

All of those (and many, many others) are practices that we do to influence the action of others, the same way subs are. Can anyone explain to me why only subliminals are “morally arguable” to use without “consent”?

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Exposing someone to a subliminal literally rewrites their subconscious — that’s something you don’t have the right to do without their consent.

Pheromones send off an attractive “signal,” but doesn’t directly access and rewrite their subconscious, hence the need for congruence with the signal you’re giving off. Furthermore, pheromones are something you’re applying to yourself to make yourself more attractive — no different than a woman applying makeup.


Well, that makes total sense. Thanks for this answer.


I assume you mean regular exposure, one day of hearing a subliminal won’t change much as takes time for the changes to take effect.

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Not with Sex Mastery X. The Weapon X platform was designed for rapid results. Not LIFE CHANGING results, mind you, but noticeable results from Day 1. If you run Sex Mastery X earlier in the day, you’ll see a performance boost that night.


Are there other subliminals that use this Weapon X protocol?

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Gaming Mastery and Muy Thai use Weapons X. I am not sure if there are any others.

Remote viewing X & Astral Projection X use it as well :slight_smile:


Thanks!!! So that’ll be to Look forward to with Alchemist :+1:t5: