Sex and Seduction v2 Information


Got some good news and bad news.

Bad news – Primal’s going to get pushed a little bit. Good news, it’s because I’m rebuilding Sex & Seduction from scratch, with the new included aura module. We want S&S to perform better before releasing Primal. I know this is going to upset a few people, but we have to think long-term.

The new S&S is being updated to the same build method we used with Limitless. @Fire is looking into upgrading it to the latest PrimalTech.

Tentative release date for the ultrasonic is Nov. 23rd – Black Friday (yes, we’re having a sale). Masked may come later, due to the fact that I’ll be traveling extensively for the new few weeks. The upgrade will be free for all who have purchased S&S.


I am hoping at some point you will combine S&S, Sex Mastery and Primal into a single optimized major program. A sort of “Sex Emperor” if you will.


S&S has Sex Mastery in it.
Primal will have S&S within it. It’s a core component of Primal and why S&S was developed first.


So essentially Primal is that program?


S&S is a big part of Primal so we have to get that right before it can be created. That along wit the new technology that will make it possible.


I bought S&S but haven’t even downloaded it yet because I’m concentrating on Emperor and Limitless, but that’s very exciting news!


Awesome, I am looking forward to this.
So are the changes in SS2: Aura and PrimalTech? Or is there more planned?


I hope that for SS2, you’ll include both a normal Limitless-like version, and a Limitless X version (a kind of SS2 and SS2X).


Aura, PrimalTech, new build – the same I used for Limitless. A much more meticulous, high-quality build.


Thank you. What results do you expect from SS2 compared to SS1?


I totally agree that it is better to enhance S&S in first place and then create Primal.

How do you think aura module can improve the overall performance of S&S?


I thought an aura module already exists in SS that’s what i find perplexing. Why is an additional aura module required ?. Apologies in advance for the spelling mistakes as I am typing on a credit card size screen.


Could you please explain what a “build” means? And how it can be different?

I can understand PrimalTech, and how it’s a total change to the script. But having different builds to the same sub, I have no idea what that means.


I cannot. That’s trade secret. Just know that there’s multiple ways to build a subliminal, some leading to better results than others. Limitless was built very meticulously and with a newer method than S&S.


Every subliminal we create has a basic “aura.” We’ve enhanced the auric scripting.


Not sure, but we’re shooting for a faster, more blatant results. What’s agitating is the fact that we are seeing user reports of S&S working very well, but those people won’t post here. We’re finding out via our research company, who scours private forums and the such to get information for us.


Really? That is GREAT!
It’s winter and I’m in the middle of nowhere right now. So I am hoping that listening to SS will fill my subconscious with enough goodness that when circumstances make it possible to be around lots of women, things will kick in faster, stronger, and better.


11-21-18 @ 1:05 PM
Unfortunate to hear that those that are getting positive results with the current version of S&S are not reporting. I am not getting anything from S&S, and I’ve been on it for over a month, listening to both the masked (now v2) as well as the ultrasonic track, and yet…nothing.

Perhaps Sub Club should establish a discount system, like what a major 'mone company did to reporting users, in order to encourage users to report back on their results, whether good or bad.


I thought I was getting results with SS but it seems that not alot has happened during the four weeks so I have stopped using it and will await version 2 masked when it’s available in a few weeks. I have actively cold approached girls are polite but haven’t seen anything concrete as such.


Can you share some info on what results you thought you were getting? And how did you later on notice nothing concrete happened?

I also noticed just a bit more ability to remember game techniques to use when talking to girls. But nothing as impressive as @Dmitry getting a threesome after 3 moves in a very sexually conservative country such as Turkey, or @Yardbird getting a lot of passive interest from girls much younger than him.

Those guys seem to have a gift, a very responsive subconscious.

But anyway, I thought that is the point of SSv1, to learn pickup skills fast. Not really for girls to be looking at you everywhere without you talking to them.