Sending a new PM


Anyone know how I can send a personal message to a user on this site? I can’t seem to find a way. In my own messages area I can only keep replying to the discobot greetings message and when I go in a user’s page I can only look at activity and have no messaging option…?

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Welcome Kalimero!

New users on this forum need to have a short period of normal activity to show they are good honest people, before all the functionalities are open to them, including PMing others.

It is a normal procedure to avoid the problems of spammers and bad bots.

Any reason you need to PM someone rather than post about it in a thread here? :slight_smile:



Been lurking for a few months and only recently registered on the forum, so this makes sense.

I was trying to register for the EmpQ test run, and SaintS asked for a PM, so I was looking for how to go about it :grinning:

Just 2 minutes ago I got the level raise, so the message is off.

Thanks for the help! A lot of the new user joining info mentions asking or messaging for help and it’s not exactly obvious, but I’m just happy to know it wasn’t that I missed the option of PMs, but that it wasn’t available yet


Also new here and with the same issue :joy:
Is it a question of time or do you need to do something in specific to get the functionality?


I don’t remember exactly, because it was so long ago, but I think when you finish the required tutorial from that Robot helper thing, at the end, it will tell you.


I got the level up after finishing the robot tutorial (look at your messages) and spending some time reading and answering posts while logged on, hope that helps


Just got it! Thanks to both


You are welcome!


PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread