Self Love subliminal



There is a best selling book on amazon that works really well about self love.
To sum it up, you have to tell yourself “I love myself” throughout the day even if it is hard at the beginning and feels strange (most people don’t love themselves). With time it gets easier until you reach some kind of blissful state where you have a constant smile on your face. All your problems just burn away when doing this. This kind of affirmation really works but it is also very tedious since you have to say this all the time.

Is it possible that you @SaintSovereign @Fire do a subliminal about self love? No other scripts but only this? I think this could be really powerful. are you using this in any current products already?


You may be looking for Regeneration.

The subliminals are designed to utilize what your unconscious believes is the best way to achieve its goals.

For me, that means I actively use the CBT tools I learned in therapy, meditate regularly, and oppose my negative thoughts actively.

For you, it’s likely you’ll resort to doing the affirmations.

Give Regeneration a try.

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