Self Development Road Map


@Simon please help me understand, how The different versions of E yield different results? Shouldn’t it be the same results at differing pace only? The script is same in all right? Or do I have my understanding all messed up?


I agree with you. I am sad that there will be no way to just have a name embedded Khan… I would probably have never mixed POWER and SEXUALITY in my custom stack because I did not feel I needed power. Only first after having those amazing results, build my dream social circle etc. I truly understand. Khan is written in this very harmonic symbiosis where Fire (a third person) carefully thought intensely about everything he puts in this sub, creating it like a puzzle that will never be complete without the missing pieces. I am not sure if I will ever have this kind of dedication in a custom sub where I choose the puzzles.


@friday - the good news is that when Q gets released, we can get a name embedded Khan (and other titles) but cheaper than the current Custom subliminal. Because generating custom subliminals through code will make the process easier and hence cheaper. SaintSovereign did mention that in one of the threads here in the forum.


Both the size and content of the Scripts change, else it won’t be a new version.

Beyond what I already said in the Marvel Superheroes post, the biggest difference is the type of Nudges they evoke.

One example:
Ev4 makes me want to work on multi-million dollar goals like startup a SaaS/app company, or find the shortest path to becoming completely location independent.
Ev3 makes me want to build a stable online income, like from a copywriting, consulting, or information business.
(This is likely the difference between QL-Lite and Lv2 at work.
Or how prominent Mogul is in the overall script.)

There is a lot more going on in Ev4 with New Beginnings, Physical changes, et al., which weakens/delays the Manifestation, Sex Mastery, and other effects.

In my experience, Ev3 is the fastest acting product if one wants to start from scratch and get to making $3-10k a month. Its very rational and effectual (doing the doable).

There are other differences too, like how much push you feel towards practicing mysticism - from Neville to nothing; :smile:
or how stackable the file is with other products – All New Dawn & PrimalTech files play nice with each other, Alchemist tends to overpower whatever stack it is in, Ev4 pretty much runs solo (anything stacked with it has very little effect).

I could go on. But it’s all subjective. :wink:


Your insights keep on getting more articulate. Thank you for this clarification Stack guru!



Today I had a dream where we all of us knew the real identities of each other.


So you aren’t motivated to practicing mysticism in Ev4?


None whatsoever. :blush:

Mysticism went into the same big box that all Emperors possess…

Time Wasters.




I don’t know if it’s too early to put in my journal, but everywhere I have been going, I’ve been getting the - “you are the boss look” from everyone


I’m feeling like I’m ready to move on to KSt4!


I don’t want to hear that kind of talk from you again. Especially when moving onto Khan ST4.

That’s better.


I met an old group of college friends today.

Why I mention this here is because, the last time I was asked “what’s your future plans?” By this same group, I would blabber on telling everything in my mind regarding my future plans. Like every single thing I have in mind.

Today I was asked the same question again.

But today my reply was “Let’s take it 1 step at a time, let’s finish my masters first”

Edit: I had not anticipated the question, I had not prepared the answer beforehand.
Btw, my delivery wasn’t as smooth as I am making it seem like though, but still!

Khan at work- Internally validated. I don’t need their approval.

PCC at work- Say less than necessary

QL at work- I love QL so just had to mention it.

These are the subtle things i.e. reactions to unexpected situations. That tell me, how much I have changed

#Kuantum Korrupted Khan… How’s my nicknaming skills?



Khan’t Be Korrupt with Kwantum Klimitless…

3/4 and to work…




I finally have my first financial goal.

“earn an accumulated USD 3000 (after deducting rent, food, and travel) over the next 6 months”

sounds fairly simple, but not when its your first financial goal at 26.

but i finally have target figure to start off my wealth building journey,

oh man, i feel newly motivated!!


proud of you, bruh.


@mecharc in his pickup truck…


So, today I went to the hospital to collect blood reports. And I thought of taking an uncomfortable action.

I decided to go inside the ward, where my relative was admitted in, before he came back home. I wanted to say hi to the nurses. My only goal was to get out of my comfort zone.

Note that, entry to the ward is restricted to only paitents and attendants. And I was none.

I was sure they wouldn’t let me enter as per hospital rules. But I was just gonna do it, with an empty mind, no techniques or gimmick s or tricks.

So I went up to the guard, he was submissive the moment our eyes met. He then asked me where I wanna go.
I just told him
"I don’t have any paitent inside, but my relative was admitted here few days back, and I made friends here. I want to go see them"

He just let me in without hesitation.that guy could have lost his job, if his supervisor found this out.

Unfortunately none of the nurses I knew were there, but yea, my goal was accomplished!

One step closer to the Khan.

I’ve stopped actively counting the hours of exposure or the Nth day I’m in… Just moving from month to month.

I really can’t wait to start EOG


Holy Fucking shit!
Khan stage 4 is just too much!
i am manifesting Women left and right!
This is just too much!!

  1. A 36 year old woman (A Friend of an older Cousin)
  2. A 50 year old Woman (A Freind of my Aunt)
  3. A 26 Year old Woman (A person I went to college with)

I have Met them after almost a year, during the last 1 week.

Women are the least of my concerns now! Now, They are just a distraction from my true goal!

I would rather manifest Business opportunities and mentors!

I am removing Khan from my stack immediately!