Seeking reassurance - concerned mind


[Mod Edit: Don’t post that drivel to my website. Call it “censorship” or whatever you want, but I don’t have to use the resources we’ve spent to amplify the nonsense of that crap.]

Guys this is not to instigate/start anything, and I AM neither taking swipe at anyone here,so please know of this before attacking me etc.
I am most looking for reassurance that I can listen to subclub subliminal and get positive outcome.


You seem to constantly be looking for reasons not to do any subs. First time around you complained and asked for your money back. Second time around you started out great by asking questions to figure out what was best for you, then we never saw a journal appear and now you have found yet another reason why you are not listening to the subs.

There’s lots of people getting positive outcomes from these subs, but you are apparently so strongly opposed to getting any yourself that you are actively searching for negatives. And finding them.

Listen, if you don’t want to do subs, then don’t. Nobody is forcing you.


I don’t have much of history about you, and as you said there are negative reviews about SubClub, but may be you are focusing one one or few negative reviews, how about so many positive reviews which people are achieving. I can personally vouch for positive results and changes in hardly 50 days.

I would say go with your heart, and there is vast choice of titles in SubClub and I am sure any of title would be appropriate for improving some area of your life.

I am just a user here and my heart says, every dar we are being conditioned by society and world, why not to do it knowingly in better direction as per my choice.
But I think it should be practised like all other things to actually get result , one need to be consistent here.
And I am not throwing it at anybody it’s hardly eqv to dinner : movie .


@TerminatorT1 - if you have any doubts about SubClub, just purchase the Sex Mastery sub and take it for a test drive. There will be no doubts after that.


Try not to overthink it. Just like pheromones first i doubted it then decided to take a risk and try them. Im on pherotruth btw as well. Sublimals was the same issue i doubted it but know there potential. Dont look into what this person says that person says give it a try and see how it works for you. Only you can know if it works or not. If you dont want to invest your money into a subliminal buy a supercharger sublimnal. Its not much money compared to the main sublimals which are also not that much in my opinion compared to other companies.
But at the end of the day if you dont take risk and try things out for yourself then you will remain where you are.
Pick a supercharger that interest you and use it for 2 or 3 weeks and see what happens. Its a low investment


I should add the you 2nd guessing subclub could be your subconscious mind trying to self sabotage you and keep you in your comfort zone. Your brain doesnt want you to change because it fears change and is trying to prevent you from using sublimals.
Sometimes in life we or our minds are the biggesst things holding us back


Intent is the greatest force in the universe. Subliminal’s are used throughout the whole world especially by the elite the control the masses. I would suggest you look into it. Anyway you can consciously deny to accept the subliminal’s, again intent is key here. If you accept them, they are going to do great work for you. I’ve listened emperor for only one day and I’ve already achieved great succes from it. It’s all up to you where you put the barriers on your limits. Good luck, mindset is key. I am a practitioner of magick. And I can tell you there is lots that you haven’t discovered. Your still running on programs that have been implemented for disbelieve in your capabilities. You’ll have to consciously make an effort to change everyday up to three weeks. After three weeks that program will be set in your subconscious and stick as long as you don’t overwrite it. If you have anymore question, feel free to message me. Only thing you need to do is make that little step, conscious effort everyday. Stating these questions of disbelieve isn’t going to improve your life in any way.


Everybody said it pretty well. @TerminatorT1 One thing I know is when it comes to success it’s always our selves that get in the way of it. You must unknowingly be a bit scared of changing into the new you only because you have been living the old you your entire life. So if you want success don’t let your self critic get in your way and try to keep you in that old shitty state just because your used to it. Wake your self up Get out of that comfort zone. Your here for a reason damnit! now start the subs


Like you said, there is no negative review of any of the SubClub products on that forum, only of one of the “makers”.
The debate is just 2 people saying they don’t like Saint’s attitude, and mostly from YEARS ago, on a different forum. :roll_eyes:

(I put “maker” in quotes because @SaintSovereign doesn’t do the scripting of the subs, that’s done by @Fire.)

Those 2 users have never used any of the SC products, nor have they posted any negative product review.

So, do you now have your reassurance, or do you want to continue taking feedback from non-users? :blush:

Also, even if you were to find a review saying they had a negative reaction on a product, does that automatically mean that ALL products from this company are bad, and for everyone? :thinking:


I have seen the thread at pherotruth. Who cares what a couple of fanboys of another subliminal vendor thinks of these subs? They are pretty clear on the fact that they have never used the Sub Club products.

I would not get caught up in pointless drama. Your time is better spent listening to subliminals.


I’m one of the relatively new users of the subs here and I’m not someone who’s going to defend them on every front like a fanboy and such. But what I can tell you is that the subs do work. I first started out with Limitless V1 and I can tell you that I’ve seen real results with this, especially through my typing speed. That’s one good way to see if it’s working for you, in my opinion. I practice speed typing occasionally, but prior to using Limitless V1, I can never really get past the average of typing ~73WPM no matter how much I practiced. And this was with practicing speed typing for over 10 years. I was only able to type around 80’s only when it was those “good” moments where I just happen to type everything more accurately. But after using the program for about two months, I now type on average ~85-95WPM very easily. And this is the truth, I’m not lying about this.


I am not a user of the site you posted but i read the thread out of curiosity. Only the last pages since saint posted but i didnt see anything negative about his subs. It was only some negative talk about his attitude but to be honest about you if the product works then i dont really care what he is writing in forums

When i am using anything i want two things

  1. Results
  2. Flexibility

This company offers me both. I can vouch for Sex Mastery, Limitless, Spartan (for mental strengh), Legacy, Muay Thai-x. Personally i cant vouch for khan. I am in ST4 and still i dont feel anything different in my life. I am not chasing women since i am dating one woman regularly the last two months

For eog i ran around 90 hours but i didnt continue since i didnt like it (st1)


85-95wpm?! Damn! My best speeds are in the low 70s. I’ll have to listen to Limitless again and practise my typing.


Yeah, it’s crazy, but it worked like this for me. I was shocked when I was able to type so fast and accurately. For me, personally, the ultrasonic one doesn’t really work for me for some reason. I usually play the masked version with music or podcast playing in the background, but I put the masked files high enough where I can hear the water sounds in the background of the music, etc., and then I just practice typing and it just kept speeding up little by little. There’s times where I can hit 108WPM. My best score was 115WPM, but it was a short sentence though. For paragraphs, it usually fluctuates between 85-95WPM.

But if you’re going to start practicing your typing speed, I suggest that you don’t practice where you compete/race against others. You focus too much on winning and looking at the other players that you end up making a lot of mistakes and lowering your score. I’m usually skeptical about these types of stuff since I tried the YouTube subs and they NEVER worked for me. Not even the slightest despite the hundreds of comments that claim they do work. But this site changed my mind about it. It’s just insane how it works.



You’re starting to abuse our kindness here. Don’t think we don’t realize who your identity is — we let you return to our community (after getting banned for bad behavior) after threatening us via email to either give you free subliminals or you’d “destroy our reputation via social media,” and now you’re posting negative stuff again.

We appreciate all our customers and we try to do right by them, but you’re testing my patience.

Last warning: cut it out.


It wasn’t mostly years ago, it WAS ALL years ago, and they were being disingenuous (re: making stuff up) about what actually happened. The whole thing started when a bunch of customers PMed me asking if @Fire and I were “college kids” because someone made the claim we were. Of course, when confronted about it, they never admitted wrongdoing for lying, just tried to pivot to some nonsense about what allegedly happened years ago — things you can’t find because they’ve all “been deleted.”

During that period of my life (which I’ve spoken about here), I was wandering the US aimlessly, without a care in the world other than having sex, partying and making money.

Then I grew out of that stage. And I’ll say it here what I said there: no one gets to deny my growth, hold me accountable for things that happened five years ago that didn’t involve them, or try to “cancel” me or my business over it — point blank.

You’ll find that both me and @Fire will take a hardline approach to this. People who have nothing trying to destroy what others have built so they can feel better about themselves at night. We’re not the ones to try and bully.


Just a bunch of freaking haters that are jealous of you guys. @TerminatorT1 if your here to cause drama just know that your not going to sway us cause we get results and take action. Hop on another forum here

If that’s not your intention then why the drama?


Another perspective in the debate about Creators of Subliminals is similar to using products by Edison and Tesla. We could debate all day about who is a better maker or marketer etc but we will still use their products as long as it works.


Your work speak million words for itself @SaintSovereign and @Fire.
Your subliminal works and they are flexible and potent.
Every body has a journey, and hard work can’t be denied.
I know this from my personal experience.
Keep it up you guys are best around and changing life for better of your customers.


Ah, the wonderful War of the Currents. Funny how one of the methods to prove that AC was more dangerous was to electrocute small animals, and yet the AC supporters made certain that the first electric chair was powered by AC (I’m imagining the Intel logo on a wooden chair right now, “AC Inside”).

Even funnier that Tesla invented AC, while the Tesla automobile runs on DC (batteries are DC after all). Wonder what he would think of that…

DC is actually making a comeback.

I’m curious if by now their work has literally surpassed a million words. I suppose only Fire knows for certain how many words he’s used. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I think the answer should be clear by now. At worst, nothing happens. Best case scenario? Your life changes positively in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Most people start out in the middle, but once the momentum kicks in, they move more and more to the better end.