Seeking Healing from Past Tramas

Hello to All,

I’m new here, was referred by a dear friend. I’ve watch her transform over the past yr into this more conscious beautiful energy, and she gives much credit to these subliminal programs so I thought I would try.

I really want more out of life, tired of being an emotional roller coaster. I consider myself to be an alpha female, more spiritual than religious, intuitive, creative, and healer(when it comes to helping others but not myself). Started my spiritual journey at about 24 and I’m 34 yrs old. Made alot of progress with my forward thinking and on the way i view life. Also met some really cool energies that seemed to be on the same way-length as me thru out the yrs.

But its just not enough. I have alot of old habits and beliefs that I’m trying to kick. I feel these habits/beliefs are holding me back in life from reaching true happiness and success. I realized that I am very hard on myself, and I beat myself up so horribly about alot of the decisions Ive made in my past. This has manifesting in moments of deep-rooted pain and depression.

After reflecting back on my life, I’ve also realized that I have alot of past tramas (from childhood and adult hood) that I have not healed from. These tramas are so paralyzing, it has manifested in my life as procrastination, mental self destruction, fear and the list goes on.

I really just want to do better for myself and my amazing son that i am raising who is 8yrs old. I need more help. I have read so many self healing books, and have listened to many different philosophers that I admirer deeply. But it’s not enough for me. I need more help in reprogramming my past beliefs and healing from past tramas.

So here I am. I have started with the Regeneration and the Elixir Subs. Been listening for about a week. I have to start Journaling.
I am opening to any suggestion you all may have to tackle deep rooted tramas and self doubting beliefs.

Thanks for reading😊


Elixir + Regeneration! Yes! Excellent stack!


By the way, since the latest version of Regeneration is ZP and the latest version of Elixir is Ultima v2, run it this way:

Day 1: Regeneration ZP x1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Elixir Ultima v2 x1
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Regeneration ZP x1
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Elixir Ultima v2 x1
Day 8: Rest
Day 22 to 26: Rest
Day 27: Regeneration ZP x1
Day 28: Rest
Day 29: Elixir Ultima v2 x1
Day 30: Rest

When the ZP version of Elixir comes out, you can do:

Day 1: Elixir ZP x1, Regeneration ZP x1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Elixir ZP x1, Regeneration ZP x1
Day 22 to 26: Rest
Day 27: Elixir ZP x1, Regeneration ZP x1
Day 28: Rest


Don’t worry about Elixir until its updated to ZP
Just run Chosen From Within ZP


Sounds like a lot of pain, and a very similar to how my girlfriend would describe her own experience. She saw me grow a lot by using subliminals and then started her own subliminal journey.

The first subliminal that she ran was Regeneration… and while I was able to see her grow, she didn’t feel like she was growing all that much… she felt more anxious and insecure and emotional than ever sometimes… while at other times, she had much more access to her entire emotional range, including the positive.

So regeneration WAS working, but, it was bringing up her past traumas and making her face them without giving her something soothing to counteract it. That’s called “reconciliation,” which is when your mind is processing subliminals and can actually make you feel a bit worse for a bit, but it’s actually part of the healing journey.

I told her to listen to Chosen instead of Regeneration and that REALLY worked for her. She got more positive right away and felt way better internally. Soon, she’ll add in more loops of regeneration, but right now she’s listening to chosen as a way to create a baseline of positivity, before drudging up past trauma, so that she’s stronger when she faces that deeper healing.

For now I’d recommend Chosen! If you want to stack it with something, stack it with Rebirth! You’ll get LOTS of healing from those two, but it’ll be a very positive experience and you’ll notice yourself getting happier and lighter every day without too much pain and reconciliation from the beginning.


I know this well. It can take a while to get past this kind of thing, but it can be done and these subs are great tools to help you do it.
What I’d suggest for you is start with Ascension for Women and maybe Rebirth. Do that for three to six months, then something like Chosen for another three.
After that consider a year on Dragon Reborn. I can only speak for myself, but DR is the one that got me to where I am actually OVER a lot of my old trauma and can move on with life now.
Granted, I was using the last generation of technology, but I do recommend taking the full year to work through the program. After that, the world is your oyster.


Show Patience,kindness and love to yourself. YOU GOT THIS!!! :wink::heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::raised_hands:t5:


I low key could tell you were behind this


Since Elixir isn’t ZP yet, I’d swap it with either Chosen ZP, ChosenFromWithin ZP or Rebirth ZP as the others have mentioned

ZP subs are really in a league of their own lol and it’ll also save you some listening time since they’re only 15 minutes long,

That’s probably the only suggestion I’d make


Definitely focus on ZP.

You can keep it simple. Chosen is basically similar to the elixir in the sense that it is focused on same-day joy.

And then since your stack is all ZP, you can listen to Chosen and regen back to back.

Easy to remember pattern is Monday, Wednesday Friday, take every third friday off.


Once Dragon Reborn ZP is out I would definitely focus on that .

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I would add Rebirth to Regeneration, they’re both ZP.

Rebirth Zp + Dragon Reborn Zp +The Elixir