Seeing 111 / Synchronization


Hey guys! It’s me, Friday. :wink:

First and foremost, thank you for all your support and the wonderful congratulations.
I am very grateful and I am now on my path to becoming the world’s best doctor hehe.

Anyway, I am now back to this forum after partying, having fun :wink: and travelling the East.
I tried to listen as much as possible to Khan St4 (I am now approaching 3 months of st4) which was hard as I had to listen on my phone while travelling. One thing that happened was that I began to see the NUMBER 111 everywhere I went.

I started around 15 days ago and since then I see the number 111 AT LEAST once (very often twice) every day. Sometimes I also see 333, 2121, and 2222. What’s that about?

Here a picture of a perfect example. I am sitting on a bus, on line 111, at 11:11 am.

I read through the forum if other people had similar experiences

So this is nothing new but something that seems to happen when you start to listen to a new sub. (Which is weird because it happened to me two and a half months after starting st4). I really would like to know more about it.

I encourage everyone to share their wisdom, especially @DarkPhilosopher @AMASH @SaintSovereign or everybody who knows more. Also, post if you have similar experiences


I am on emperor for last 40 days .
Yes I do see lot of 111 , 777 for last 3 weeks


Hello, @Friday. Good to hear from you. Congrats on living life to the fullest. Seeing a particular pattern of numbers is a way the Universe is communicating with you. Some call it an angel number. The short message if seeing 11 or 11 repeated like 111 or 1111 means:

“Angel number 11 represents inspiration and enlightenment (just like the angel number 1111). Your angels want you to know that you can now act on the things that make you happy and fulfilled, and achieve that sense of purpose in your life.”

(You don’t need to believe in Angels. Just consider it to be a message from the Universe if that is not your belief system)

There is more but instead of copy pasting the whole web page, here is the link:


Good to be back :smiley:

What is the correlation with subs then? Especially with the phenomenon called “synchronization” introduced by @SaintSovereign


Yep. I have been seeing 1111, 111, 2222, 333, 151515, 1818, etc all the time.

But I honestly did not notice more “luck” than usual. I mean, I am enjoying life and progressing, but nothing HUGE and major happened to change my whole life all of a sudden since I have started seeing those numbers since the beginning of this year 2019.

Maybe it’s a sign that: “You’re on the right path, don’t give up, continue.”

Or, it could be a sign @Fire put inside the subs so the users can know it is working. I remember when testing subs, @Fire does put in them something that if it happens to the user, they know the tested sub is doing its job. Maybe those numbers are part of it.

I remember @DarkPhilosopher had a nice explanation for this as well, having to do with spirituality and people believing in those numbers to mean something, so their subconscious lets them notice them when it’s time, or something of the sort.


@friday. It’s exactly as @AMASH puts it. It’s a nice bonus to confirm and inspire you on your path.


Kind of like Matrix or Inceptiom .


I dont have any :frowning:


12:12 is doing my head in…


To this day, I still see 111 on a regular base.

It mostly appears before something fabulous happens. This is reasonably also a self-fulfilling prophecy but yeah it is pretty accurate. When I see it before going out, I know my night will be awesome, I get laid or I just have a blast of my life.


yes, those have been a feature for me for about a year or two now.

To me, it means that your mind is opening up to and aligning with larger patterns that exist in nature around you.

(and yes, angels too. but that’s almost saying the same thing.)

or we could just put it like that.


11/11 at the bottom of the page…

Also 12:12, 1333, 525, 616, 717, 818 follow me around daily.


It’s not called synchronicity for nothing. Basically numbers is are the universal language of the universe. It’s a way of communicating. Some basic numerology would be able to make you understand these synchronicity’s. More importantly, when you say one be aware of what you’re thinking about at that moment. 11:11 Is four times the nummer one which is connected to new beginnings, opening a portal to a new positive timeline and leaving the old you behind. It’s a very positive synchronicity. You’re going to meet good opportunities, good luck.


This is astoundingly accurate. Where do you have this information from? And can you please share the meaning of the other numbers.


Just my intuition from my experience, these are common synchronicity’s. There are many websites out there on angel numbers, write everything from synchronicity’s down in your diary. You’ll find repeating numbers, write down there meanings and over time you’ll understand what the angels are trying to communicate with you. Trust me, they want to helps us but they can only do so much and if we are not open to receive there communications then they aren’t able to make contact.

I would say check out these sources. Also get a book on numerology. You might want to get a numerology reading done, you’ll be surprised how accurate it is.


I believe 1111 is a sort of upgrade, like a shift into another time portal. We all live in alternate timelines, 1111 is a sign that a timeline shift has occured.

It won’t be felt like whizzing in a TARDIS Doctor Who style, but a quick turn of a key, imperceptible but significant.

The link with subs may go like this: one timeline had you broke and living month to month. You listen to EoG and see 1111. You see an opportunity for a better paying job by just walking down the road and you apply. Next minute you get the job and are able to save money. You now live in an alternate timeline.


Do you think it is always a positive shift? Or can you alternate in a more negative timeline


Been running ST4 for several weeks now. I only listened ST3 about 200 hrs before moving to ST4.

I saw minor synchronicities in matching house numbers, seeing 1111, etc. in stages 1 and 2. But since I switched to ST4, seeing the number synchronicities has truly ramped up.

In the first couple days running ST4, I was driving on the highway, and I caught 5 or 6 synchronicities in a row all within 30 seconds or so on the highway, with the time, radio station I was listening, mile markers, and license plates. It was truly nuts…I think I may even have it saved somewhere on my dashcam footage, I’ll have to look back at it.

But since then, I’ve been seeing em almost every day, several times a day.

I think the simplest explanation is that ST4 is increasing my pattern recognition capabilities, perhaps linked to the Limitless portion in the script.


Negative? No. I believe the universe will warn you about going down a negative road through different numbers.


Seeing numbers on EmperorQ is getting even more frequent than on Khan St4.

Which numbers would be those?