Seductive Rich Empress

Hi, this might be a bit late. If I don’t journal, I can’t track my results.

Increased confidence, increased wealth, and business success.

I have seen that my confidence in my abilities and self are down and I want to change it around. There was a point where I had good money management, but know it slips through my fingers. I have great business ideas and acted on them, but no profit has been seen.

R.I.C.H (Solace) x1
Emperor Q (Ultrasonic) x2
Seductress Q (Ultrasonic) x2

Listening Schedule
Listen: Mon - Fri
Rest: Sun, Sat


So far I have listening for one week. I will do my best to keep things cohesive.

I have had two men come on to me. One of them was pretty shy and the other is someone who has been a friend for a long time. With these two, my confidence feels more like my normal self. Outside of the attraction realm, still feeling inadequate.

Most of my current business/financial issues rely on others doing the job they were hired for (not hired by me BTW), so that I can move forward with the next phases of business. Still teetering on a financial cusp.

Emotionally there were times I felt I wasn’t doing enough even though I have physically done all that I could. My frustration level has been high, but kept in check.

I have also noted that my sleep schedule got really weird. I would stay up later than normal and sleep through the day once I did get to sleep.

Let’s see what this week brings.

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Why did you choose Q over Qv2 if I may ask, please?

Simply put the difference was not clear in the instructions. So I went with the first download to see how things went.

Hmm, did you know that Emperor Q is made for men? I see that you also have seductress in your stack :wink: … so bit confusing

FYI: hope you are not using Emperor Ultrasonic with headphones (it’s unsafe for your ears with headphones. Use the Masked tracks if you are using headphones. Ultrasonic tracks are made to be used with speakers by adjusting some settings).

Also, as mentioned above, v2 is the better option for Emperor.

Will you be switching to Qv2 then? Remember, it’s way more powerful therefore we need to start carefully.

I am considering it. I do want more powerful results and develop coordinated habits quicker.

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I made sure to read the guide thoroughly. I am using all ultrasonics through my regular speakers.


Excellent :+1:

Mid week update. I’ve had to switch to listening while I sleep. Same reps. Lately, my kids have wanted to spend more time with me during the day (YAY!).

I wonder if this will affect the programming as well.

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End of 2nd week update

Seductress - I’ve been more confident in my body.
R.I.C.H. - So far no improvement in financial situation.
Emperor - Received numerous job offers. Unfortunately, they were sketchy and terribly misrepresented. I did ace an interview and lined up a new one.

Don’t know if I have scratched the surface or not. Will stick to my stack through the third week. I will be increasing my loops.

R.I.C.H x1
Emperor x3
Seductress x3


End of 3rd week update

Seductress - Body confidence and interest from men has been on the rise. Physically, the only change is I can feel my breasts growing (not that I needed help in that department). Exercise still tires me out too quickly.
R.I.C.H. - So far no improvement in financial situation. No cash flow to speak of. Tried my hand at the local casino while having fun with my sister in law came home empty handed. Don’t worry it was only $20.
Emperor - Received more sketchy job offers. Had one good interview for a position I would enjoy doing. Waiting to hear from the second interview. No success in either of my businesses. Negative self talk is not as often as it used to be.

On a slightly related note, I have begin to keep my bullet journal again. I am doing my best to keep it simple to encourage more use. I will stay at the same amount of loops for my 4th week. I am hoping for a breakthrough soon.

R.I.C.H x1
Emperor x3
Seductress x3


Are you doing Emperor QV2 X loops?

Yes, I am listening to Emperor QV2 at 3 loop per day.

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Always great to see ladies in the community on their own journey.

When you say ‘feel’, does this mean you have physical sensations? Or you ‘feel’ you can see a difference?

Or both?


Between money and jobs and your businesses, do you detect that you have beliefs potentially skewing your results?

Very well written journal, I like the format. Best of luck in your progression, I look forward to seeing you develop.

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Oh, this.

Emperor is really great with this, I’m glad to see this reported.

careful with the loops, emperor is hard and this new tech doesnt let you know you’re reconned, so you’ll soldier on which may be good, but lower loops work too just for your consideration.

do you feel any surges of euphoria on this program or mostly anxiety?


That’s the one thing I forgot to mention, nice.

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this shit is strong bro, older tech used to shift your inner world, this one shifts the world around you