Scarlett's Rise From The Ashes

Hey :wave: This was a originally a reply to another topic, but I thought why not? I should start my own! So again, hey :wave:

As a trans woman (pre everything unfortunately, but have an appointment in March to start hormones :sparkles:) I can confidently say that listening to Seductress has changed my life!

Before Seductress, I was listening to programs like Emperor & Stark (both phenomenal btw) but kept getting reconciliation like crazy at a certain point to the level that I would just give up. I then would try again (sometimes getting further) but always again, giving up at a similar level of progress.

In the middle of this all though, my mental health took a nosedive, I lost my wife (amicably and now we’re actually best friends and stronger than when we were together) and covid hit. For the first time in my life I had to take a real look inside & see why I was so miserable… for the first time, I had nobody to impress but myself and for the first time I realized I didn’t even love myself, I was simply receiving love from others and translating that into what I believed was love for myself also. It wasn’t.

I’m honestly not sure what the big “aha” moment was, but somewhere in amongst all that confusion & depression came the realization that I wasn’t and have never been “masculine” inside. I’ve always kinda known it, but I mean, I was brought up in a HEAVILY conservative family & you ain’t never question god’s decisions yknow? Lol I came out to my then wife & had her full support. I’m a trans woman who likes women (that was part of the issue coming out as well actually - how can I be trans if I still like women… how uneducated I was ha!)

Of course, I was horrified in one major sense though at my newfound discovery - how am I going to use subliminal club’s products now!? :wink:

Enter Seductress.

Oh my god - this changed everything. The fear, the uncertainty, the confidence, god, even certain body attributes - all changed after a few listens, and after a few months, I’m nowhere near where I WANT to be re my transition, but to say that I know who I am is such an understatement. And I honestly don’t think I would feel half this solid in my decision to transition or even happy in my life at all, if it wasn’t for these amazing subs.

I now run Seductress overnight & Limitless Executive / Stark during the day. Definitely thinking of running Emperor Fitness sometime soon as well, but think I’m going to wait til I start hormones so that the product can work with my body as it develops & not something that is going to change anyway.

Nice to meet y’all and thank you SubliminalClub for changing my life :sparkling_heart:


@Scarlettphoenix Welcome!!!


Thank you!! Stoked to be here!! I’ve been using subliminals for years but NOTHING comes CLOSE to Subclub… like they’re WORLDS away from anybody else


Same here and you’re correct. Nothing comes close to SubClub


Welcome aboard. I have to say, you might be a prime candidate for the Order of the Dragon.

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Lifesavers again? It’s getting boring :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really happy another human being could change their lives for the better. That’s the main reason I wholeheartedly support SC. Thank you for sharing your story with us. :slight_smile:


Haha right!? Like its getting old now :rofl: Same! I’ll be honest - I used to “questionably” attain subliminal, and even got Emperor back in the day by that method, but as soon as I realized the power, I ditched it and began buying them real deal from here and I haven’t turned back since. Now I’m more aligned with what I want and (I guess lol) what I am, I’m so excited for the future and what else will be realized through action and these amazing subs.


Thanks!! Oooh… what’s that?? Forgive my ignorance :pray:t2:

I think and I feel we’re part of something great in here, part of some kind of social/cultural revolution… It’s great to know we have more supporters. Thank you for your honesty. :slight_smile:


Oh, Dragon Reborn? I have been curious about that one but don’t want to overload…

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You have some time to run that one, just run what you think is related to your priorities right now.

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I forgot to mention about something incredible that happened two nights ago. I’m probably only about a month (probably less actually) into Seductress/Stark/LE (Stark longer but anyway) and since coming out, I’d felt this need to present or show my gender expression as female as I could… which is kinda ridiculous because before hormones or any medical procedures, ya girl is definitely presenting masculine (I mean, it’s a feminine masculine all the same but you get what I mean) - I have beard growth constantly, wide shoulders, Adam’s apple, deep voice, short hair… the works, and despite all that, I was trying to wear makeup, feminine attire, speak with a higher voice - you name it, I was trying it and failing each and every time (in my view anyway) and that started to eat at me.

The person who was looking back at me in the mirror was not who I hear inside and that was really starting to affect me - depression & subsequent desperation hit me hard and I gave up for a little on thinking I’d ever be happy, even though I was now “free”.

I kind of just started to move on with that thinking in mind, and even though I was still listening to the subs, had almost written them off as anything that could ever help somebody “as hopeless as me”. It was only when I was, of all things, washing a bunch of makeup brushes that a girl friend had gifted me, that I realized what the hell I was doing. I realized in that moment that I was STILL putting on an act, a different act yes, but an act nonetheless. I wasn’t good at makeup because I had never had the opportunity to learn. I didn’t know what skirts or tops went with what or what sizes would fit etc because women’s fashion is a labyrinth and they don’t provide a map! I wasn’t happy with my body because (duh!) my body now has to go under a crazy amount of changes over time so that can start to align with what my mind knows on the inside - that I am a woman, but damnit if this ain’t gonna be a journey!

And at that moment, it was like the blindfold was removed from my eyes (or I saw the matrix for what it was if you will lol) and everything changed. The programs kind of took the driving seat and started to push me in a way that I’ve never felt before. Seductress changed what I saw when I looked in the mirror - yes, still very male but definitely a woman inside, Limitless Executive pushed me to do more coursework for something I’d purchased months ago but had just been procrastinating because “I had to put my transition first” (which I now know was more excuses) and Stark pushed me to begin live-streaming again (I have over 100k followers who I was definitely letting down by hiding) and I received nothing but praise and support upon my return - something I was terrified of doing, and I’m almost certain that Stark & Seductress worked hand in hand to give me the confidence to go on in a dress, stubble coming through & no makeup, all with a “take me or eff off” kinda attitude. It. Was. Liberating!

Stark even helped me come up with a squad name for my followers - Scarlett’s Embers. Embers are red hot & even when the flame seems to be all but extinguished, they can reignite to a roaring fire again. I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate. It was very well received also :slight_smile:

Seriously, I sit here typing this all out with goosebumps traveling up and down my body over and over again, and a huge smile on my face, because I truly know that these programs work, and that the other night was just the start of something massive for me. I’ve completed more coursework today than in the past 4 weeks and I’m revving to go tomorrow to be able to decimate my house (in a good way) so that my view can be uncluttered and as focused as I feel on the inside.

Love & light :sparkling_heart:


Just be careful with @Varuna he’s an optimistic wisdom spewing hippie


Lol duly noted :rofl:… I kinda like hippies tho, especially the optimistic ones :stuck_out_tongue:


Be careful with @JCast since he doesn’t even know who HE is let alone other people :smiley:

How about that, daddy! (JCast)

I’m waiting for you…:heart_eyes:


I’ve been following Jcast’s journals for a while now… you could be right :thinking::rofl:


If I was him, I would run DR along with the Alchemist. The Alchemist does what he needs most, it stills your mind. And if you combine it with Kriya Yoga and Theravada meditation… it’s mind-blowing! :slight_smile: I would consider doing it along with DR when you’re done with your stack, Scarlettphoenix. It helps you kick out all the shit (DR) and unlocks your inner power (the Alchemist) which is something almost all of us need.


Amazing :slight_smile:
Hope you get all the way to where you want to be and further


I know very well who I am . Ok maybe not entirely. Dragon Reborn has made that painfully obvious

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