SaintSovereign's apX / alX Journal



Day 1 - 5
Nothing yet. Minor dreams of floating through space. Very hazy.

Day 5 - 10
Had a very profound lucid dream, especially considering that it was the first one I’ve ever had. I “woke up” in a car and began looking around. Everything appeared SO vivid and realistic. I remember thinking, “this has to be the subliminal,” which gave me my first indication that this wasn’t just an ordinary dream. Once I realized it was lucid, I got out of the car and attempted to fly by jumping into the air and “straining.” No dice. Next thing I knew, I was launching into the air and floating through the clouds with other people. Woke up a bit later, body was buzzing. A warm energy was emanating from my core.

Very interesting experience. Hoping it’ll repeat itself. I did notice that after 10 days of nothing, it wasn’t until I played the subliminal all night over earbuds that I actually experienced something solid…


Looking forward to this sub…:grinning:


I actually want to release this one as a free experimental soon.


Good news for all of us. :sunglasses:


I want to try it definitely. Is it a sort of spiritual / alchemy sub ?


Lucid dreaming / remote projection. Didn’t perform well, only one person met the target goal. Gotta recreate it using the latest technologies.


Great, I think that’s a good way to gauge the power of subliminals. This is a realistic goal yet a bit far out of reach and when it manifests you know the sub did its thing. I long ago tried to LD with subliminals too but the best I could gain was increased dream recall.
(However, I successfully had one with a sigil :grin:)

Looking forward to the upgraded version!