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Starting a new journal here as I’m not running any customs for a bit. Coming off of a 5 day subliminal rest.

Lineage: Mandate Eternal, Khan Black ST3 - starting this cycle today and, though I had thought I would run Genesis, I’m more inclined to focus on Sage Immortal. I’ve focused on women enough, time to get back to me and inner growth.


Link to the previous journal:

I’m going to run Sage Immortal and KB ST3 tonight, LME on its own day.


Screwed up the playlist :joy: I played LME and KB-ST3, 7 min each


There go ALL your plans! :joy:

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Had some beef going with my mom for unknown reasons most of the day. Couldn’t figure out where it came from but, after doing some inner work and playing Terraria, it just suddenly came to me to go into her room, ask her which between two candles she preferred the scent of.

She chose the Cherry whateverthehell Merlot one and I told her she could have it and enjoy.

Things been peaceful ever since.



Played Sage Immortal, 3 minutes. Ascension Chamber, full time.

Got my hair retwisted today. My new hairstylist adores me.

On the way home I decided to buy my mom some flowers, spur of the moment thing. Felt right.

As for Sage Immortal results, one thing that I didn’t notice that I recall from my experience with it before is the transcendent sense of calm. However, thoughts to physical manifestation seems to have picked up, along with intuitive noticings.

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I think Wanted Black is blooming for me. Not sure how long it has been but I’m feeling pursued.


Yeah. Talking to her on the phone, she sent me some nudes, now she’s talking about wanting me to come over and beat it up.



I had a sleepless night - likely due to wanting to take a deep dive in between some legs - but when I did eventually sleep, I had a bunch of weird ass dreams. One of them I got into another fight with my dad (that he won) which ended in him getting out of his wheelchair, walking to a wall and diving headlong into it.

I don’t recall most of them but they were some strange ones. When I woke up though, I felt pretty clear, like I had transmuted/resolved some conflicts that were burdening me.

The girl from last night kept telling me how wet she was for me, telling me to come over despite the fact that she had to get up early in the morning. I like my sex to be quality time not rushed so I told her to let me know when she’s off work and we’ll go from there.


You got your ass beat by a man in a wheelchair, bro?

He got out of the wheelchair first which I think shocked my dream self enough that he got the upper hand lol, he had a stroke back in last May for anyone new to this journal. Paralyzed his left side and he’s slowly recovering.

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tenor (4)

She hit me up asking if I wanted to link today.

I asked “where at?” And she said that she had gotten her best friend to let her use the extra room for the night.

Worked perfectly for me as I was really not a fan of the idea of going primal on her at her place, as she has kids and I had no intention of being quiet.

giphy (3)

So after she got back home from work, she hit me up again, we agreed to meet at the bestie’s apartment at 9:30.

We linked up, hung out with the bestie and her bf. I had a cup of Del Mar and a shot of some Jose Cuervo and everybody else shared the same, plus they were passing around a Backwood which, while it smelled good, I had only the very faintest temptation to tap one time for the one time. But I declined each time I was offered, which I’m proud of.

After I started feeling the drinks a little I started rubbing on her ass while she was leaning over the kitchen island, talking to her friend who was in the kitchen, while I was maintaining a conversation with the boyfriend. She very much enjoyed that.

giphy (2)

After chopping it up with them for about an hour or so, I felt my energy shift and locked eyes with baby girl. She felt it, looked at me and mouthed “You ready now?”

I just nodded and she took my hand and led me into the room. She went back out to say good night to her people - I wondered if it was rude of me to have just disappeared but dismissed it quickly - and when she came back in, we started out by making out.

She took off her shirt first, and straddled me, pushing me back on the bed. She has very nice breasts, pierced nipples with some cute little heart designs. After kissing a bit more, she took off her booty shorts and took off my shirt, so she was down to her panties.

She kissed down my body and proceeded to start the process that leads to extraction. She did admirably well, but I had no intention of cumming from head.

I pulled her to the side of me and stood up by the side of the bed, kneading her cheeks and rubbing her back, which she responded to by arching her back up and pulling down her panties to start wiggling her butt at me suggestively.

I started to rub her from the back which caused her to mew, and noticed she was quite slick. I chuckled to myself and slipped a finger in with my left hand, had some fun with that for several seconds and once I started feeling her gripping my finger and gyrating, I switched hand positions so that I had a thumb massaging her G-spot and another simultaneously ministering her clit.

At this point, I’m confident she would have let me put it in raw but I had agreed we would use condoms and I didn’t feel like wasting the money I spent on them anyway so, I reached back with my right hand while still handling business with my left, picked up one of the ones I had placed on the dresser beneath the TV and opened it with my teeth, slipped it on and replaced my fingers with my ninji in one smooth movement.

I was very aggressive much to her delight and, due to not having jacked off since last year, I came within about ten minutes of poundtown action. The amount of sage I had in that damn thing surprised both of us, it was definitely a respectable load.

I had previously warned her in advance that I didn’t anticipate lasting long and the reason why and she told me she didn’t expect me to, as long as I gave her another round.

To my surprise, she waxed eloquent as we laid next to each other about how great it was and, while I was recharging we cuddled and were joking about this that and the other for a couple of minutes, then she decided to suck me up again, got me hard, snatched up another condom and proceeded to ride the shit out of me.

I had only experienced this with my kid’s mom before her but I could feel it when she was about to cum each and every time, even before she would audibaly tell me.

I let her have her fun for awhile and then flipped her over onto her back and really went to work on her.

I think we must have gone for at least an hour or two total, switching between her going on top of me to from the back to different variations of positions that I put her into as it came to me. I honestly lost count of how many times she told me that she was cumming.

I actually broke a damn condom, which I’ve never done in my life.

The final position was in missionary, and she had that O face staring up at me, watching as I was struggling not to cum again because I could feel her cumming energetically and she told me she wanted me to cum in her again (I still had a condom on, ofc) so, I increased my pace and allowed myself to go again. That was a strong ass one, had me twitching and shit :joy:

After, we laid together again cuddling, talking and shit. She has the perfect body temperature to cuddle with me as I’m very particular and get hot quick usually and have had to push previous women off me but, not this gyal.

She wanted me to go again but I was quite sassified and told her so. Plus, probably due to not having had sex for months, my ninji felt tender.

All in all, t’was a good night.

She texted this after letting me know she got back home safe (hella rain in California right now):



I credit the previous account to Wanted Black bloom and probably from my brief use of my PS custom, plus Khan Black, for those who aren’t familiar with my previous journal.

P.S. My dick feels raw :tired_face:


Another thing of note that I realized after getting home is that, though I ejaculated twice after doing the sex for an extended amount of time, I don’t feel drained. My head does feel niiiice and clear, though :pray:t4:


Running LME and KB ST3 right now. I’m going keep my micro 3 min runs for the time being.

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Oh haha forgot to mention about last night. She had put her panties on the bed and she invited me to smell em. I have never had a panty fetish but I took her up on it and it was quite nice.

I joked about taking them just to see what she said and she made some kinda weak protest, to which I just silently grinned at her.

She laid (layed?) them back on the bed while she was getting something and as soon as she turned back around, I locked eyes with her and snatched them and put them in my pocket, shrugged and said what are you gonna do?

She laughed and didn’t even bother trying to get them back, just said that maybe she’ll have to trade me for different ones in rotation in the future.

Like I said, never been one of those guys but kinda felt like taking a trophy.




Ran Sage Immortal for 5:15 min

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