Ninjii - 10 Toes


This is my new journal. I waited until I received my second to newest custom, my Wanted Black x Primal custom, before I created this journal.

I have not yet run a loop of this one. I got excited, hit up @Palpatine and dashed here to make my journal.

This is probably the ‘smallest’ custom that I have created since I have been here in terms of the module count. I could have added more modules with no extra cost but, I wanted to focus baby girl as much as possible.

Here she is:

Wanted Black Core
Primal Core

Alexander’s Play



Focused Arousal

Long-range Seduction

Gorgeous Manifestor


King’s Radiance

Edge of Falling

Subconscious Flow


Safety Net

You Are Not Alone

I am now only waiting on a Legacy of the Spartan custom that I created, with GLM as a secondary core. These two customs will work well together.

I think reading the modules of the Wanted Black custom should give an idea of the objectives I have for this one; I’ll share my next custom when she comes (giggity) and give a rundown on that one at that time.

To this first fuggin’ loop! :tada:


Today was great. I woke up this morning feeling pretty optimistic and got up earlier than I usually do, for whatever reason.

My last loop of anything, before knuckling down and waiting for the custom, was WANTED BLACK, which was 3 days ago.

I ran the first loop of my new custom - which, I want to name - and honestly, my first impression was how freaking smooth the loop was in the beginning, right up to about I want to say 4 or 5 minutes when I began to feel the symptoms of ‘intake’. Movement in the brainial area, typical.

I ran the full 15 solo.

I can’t report much about this custom yet, besides how…easy, I’m flowing into conversations with random people.

I stood outside on my parent’s apartment balcony and was talking to people just for the sake of acknowledging other people, rather than the still, stoic, poised, regal stance I fall into by nature.

I, without really trying, started up this game with my homie’s kids of body language ‘talking shit’ which has been a joy and lots of fun.

Women are noticing me in a different way but I’m going to let at least a sleep cycle pass before I bring them into here.

Actually, wait. Wanted Black result:

My dad’s occupational therapists were mad flirting with me. Now, both women have men so, this is just a nod. But one girl was pressing me about if I had a girlfriend.

I said, “Not yet.”

She said something like, “Oh, so are you talking to somebody?”

I said, “When you say…someBODY…” and just grinned at her.

She said, “Oh so you’re balancing more than one?”

I replied, “Well yeah I mean in today’s market, I’m a big fan of seeing my options. Can’t jump into an investment just like THAT.”

Pretty sure her and her coworker were gettin’ joocy cuz the speaking one kept the questions coming and she ended up asking me, which was DEFINITELY a Wanted Black mani, “So if you could, would you have two girlfriends?”

In the past, I might have locked up and instantly gone into a furious mini internal debate about the right thing to say.


I was like, “Well sheeeee-” and she cut me off saying, “what if they were cool about it?”

I grinned and threw my arms up and said something along the lines of, “Ha, well hell fuckin’ yeah, what do I look like saying no?”

Lots of interesting, fun tidbits in the conversation including me joking about showing up to her birthday on Sunday, but only if there were strippers, the other woman - she’s a cutie - throwing in there, “Oh but aren’t you supposed to be stripping?”

“I mean yeah, if it’s for the birthday girl. But y’all need to make sure the birthday girl has birthday money. I’ll head home and brush up on my Magic Mike routine.”

I suspect more joociness, 7.5/10 can’t confirm.


It seems like when I relax into my self and just let things flow, people gravitate all the way from wherever to come and be a part of my conversation or at least in the vicinity of it. People all over the facility were seemingly finding a reason to suddenly be around and were simply smiling and enjoying the banter.

Auric? Perhaps.

I think that’s good enough to get the journaling muscles a’goin’.


My Russian friend that I met on this app told me that me singing this chant to her (Chattr Varte) over voice recording ‘gave her the creeps’.

She sent a photo. She meant goosebumps :joy:

Edit: when she messaged me upon waking this morning, she said “how are you cinnamon bun?”

I said did you just call me a cinnamon bun? And did I kinda like it? :thinking:

She affirmed her statement and I was like:

“Why? Because I’m sweet? Warm? Delicious to take in?”

And she said, “Because this is the only bun I allow myself to eat without regret.”



Woke up this morning feeling a bit beat and drained; likely due to processing the new custom. I went to sleep feeling pretty decent.

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Do not worry cinnamon bun it will be ok :slight_smile:


Ran 7 minutes of the WB/Primal custom, running AsC now as well before bedtime.

I’m pretty sure I’m seeing a boost in manifestions of women in my apartment complex. I’m definitely seeing a greater increase in attraction and women being more open to expressing it verbally, even more so through body language.

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My Russian friend has been a great way to see how these modules work for me, thus far.

For example, Focused Arousal. Just through text and innuendo and suggestive speech, I had her at work almost begging me to stop as I was ‘getting her tense in her lower abdomen, making it hard for her to breath and having her mind far away from work’. She loves my voice so it was hilarious to me when she said ‘ugh now your voice in my head is torture’. :joy::joy:

She’s also told me she wants to know how I smell which I’ve never heard from a woman. She compliments me in ways that a woman never has and it’s quite endearing, she’s very expressive and descriptive in using analogies and metaphors to describe me.

All while dancing around the topic of actual sex without actually talking about sex.

She told me last night that she is so grateful that I responded back to her as she ‘wanted me to but had no expectations’, due to certain stereotypes about both of our nationalities and ethnicities.

As she put it ‘I never dreamed that I would find a soul mate through that app.’ Which was interesting because I had, the day previously, been thinking how she felt like a soul sister, a soul mate.

I think I was stirring her up for at least an hour, and she was sending me pictures of areas on her body in real time as I was describing what I would do to her.

I think it actually started because I made a comment that her eyes are incredible. She replied that they’re ordinary and sent a picture up close to them saying “see?”

I said, “Hmmm. Sort of. I need you to get a little closer to me though, can’t really see.”

I love my humor.

She said, “If I get closer I would have a really hard time not taking a bite out of a sweet bun.”

Shush, @Deadpool :joy:

I think I replied “Well alright but if you bite me too hard I’m expecting a kiss to soothe my pain.”

She ‘hearted’ that response, which I followed up with, “Otherwise I’m going to have to bite you back :man_shrugging:t4:” to which she reacted with the ‘:smiling_imp:’ emoji.

It only escalated from there obviously.

Last night, hanging out with and drinking with the neighbors across the way, a cutie walked by below us. She felt me looking at her and looked up at me with an open face as she kept walking and talking on FaceTime with what looked like her mom. I can only assume.

I leaned over with a toothy grin and looked deep in her eyes and said, “I really like that Looney Tunes shirt you got on girl.”

She said thank you with a face that looked like someone trying their best not to smile (latinas and their RBF) and, as me and my guy kept watching her walk away, she glanced back at least three times back up at me and he mentioned as soon as she went out of sight that she was angling her phone to show whoever was on her FaceTime me, which I had peeped as well.

Me and the same guy went for a beer run and the other homie said that she had already walked back by the time we returned. Oh well.

The same homie that was also there - who is in an open relationship - is hooking me up with his little female friend’s friend that works at TGIF. I found that out at around the same time as this last recounting happened. Looking forward to seeing that play out.

I also found out, before I used this custom but in the use of WB major that when I was in Vegas, my neighbor’s mother-in-law was asking my dad about me and told him to tell me that she’s back in town.

She’s definitely a MILF through and through and it’s funny because the last and only time we met, I didn’t actually see the interest so it was confusing when my mom texted me that I had a cougar next door looking for me :joy:

I think I’ll go back through memory as I feel like it and recount other WB stories, like the one of me getting a girl’s number at the smoke shop and finger banging her till she made a mess in her Jeep. That was a fun one.


You are doing great cinnamon bun :slight_smile:


The second custom is now complete :slight_smile:

Here it is:

Legacy of the Spartan Core
Godlike Masculinity Core

Anvil of Hephaestus


Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver

Moment Immortalized

APS: Hair

Eyes of Zenith

Enchanting Smile

Voice Master


Dance Mastery

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

The Aligner

SPS: Skeletal System

Serum X

Deep Sleep

Inner Gasoline

Inner Blaze

Subconscious Flow

I waited yesterday to play the WB/Primal custom to play this one too but, I’ll be playing them together now.

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What is Primal like with Wanted?

3 minutes of play for each custom today.

Too soon to say for sure.

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What do you like about Primal though?

The reason I said that it is too soon to say, at least right now, is that yesterday was a day of hella recon. I felt miserable the majority of the day, up until about the evening time.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty damn optimistic but I feel it creeping up again on me so, I’ve been focusing on hydrating and feeding myself more :slight_smile:

But I can feel the two of them, Wanted Black and Primal, meshing together for me. I just can’t put it into words, just yet :slight_smile:

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Definitely feeling this one starting up in my lats, shoulders, neck and spreading to my biceps. Even as I’m typing this, I’m feeling an energetic momentum building.

I’m also feeling activation of these two in the last hour or so.

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Yeah the recon on some of these programs can actually be horrible

Today at my parent’s church I got a girl’s number today and my parent’s friend, during the sermon, caught my attention from across the way and mouthed ‘I need to talk to you after’.

I slid her way when pastor was finished and she asked me if I’m single. I said I’m available, and she said that a little birdy told her that I’m very handsome. I told her to tell the little birdy to say what’s up and she said she’ll pass on the message.

The first girl came in early, and sat a ways across the church from me. This was my first time seeing her.

I caught her eye as she was coming in and she like open looked at me and I smiled and a little and waved and she relaxed and smiled back and waved. Within 15 minutes or so, she had managed to slide in the pew behind me.

My mom, who is hella observant, was watching her and the other two girls in the pew without watching, so I knew without having to look that they were wanting my attention but I ignored em.

The number girl was right behind me and leaning up against my seat, close to touching me without actually doing it. At one point, I felt what I thought was a ghost plucking my shirt and barely controlled my reaction and played it cool, turned around and mouthed, was that you?

She just smiled and nodded and I exaggerated a sigh of relief and signed that I thought I was going crazy. She laughed.

We ended up talking in between moments when I didn’t feel like the whole congregation had their eye on me (a lot did I found out :sweat_smile:) and she told me she was watching the game on her phone. I asked basketball or football and she confirmed my hunch of basketball and that she played. I told her I had a feeling she played and told her she needs to run a game with me.

She said you don’t want the smoke and I said some little quip and she laughed and I turned back around, to hear her say after 3 seconds:

“How we gonna play if I don’t have your number?”

I grinned and turned back around and told her that maybe if she got off of the game I would give her my number but she better get to it right right now.

She got flustered and it took her a bit to get my number right but she got it in.

Coming back home, a cutie that I’ve had my eye on and that has had her eye on me made eye contact as she was putting things into her car. By the time I had my dad out of the car and pulled up to go up our stairs, she was conveniently posted up on the stairs facing ours, clearly waiting. I caught her and nodded at her and she returned it, then I was caught up with my pops.

She looked like she was waiting for me to get done and go talk to her but then HER parents demanded her attention and she left, looking to me like she didn’t want to at all.

Very interesting day so far. And, the day is still young!


Oh, forgot to mention.

I ran both customs yesterday, this time full time.

I also have started my Dad on PARAGON Complete - with his blessing - to assist in his recovery from the stroke he had in May.


My dad’s x-ray technician asked him if we were related while I was sitting there next to them. He said yeah that’s my son, and she was like,

“So do you keep a shotgun next to the door to keep all of the ladies from running in on him?”

We laughed and I told her, “Well for you, in this case, I don’t mind hiding the shotgun just this one time.”

I’m enjoying these customs.


30 seconds both customs, full time AsC

Lol you are manifesting the Wanted Black program so well