Road to Abundance


Hi, had Emperor for months but recently started using it.

Back then I was heavily into hypnosis, wanting to fix a lot of things about me. My goal for the next 6 months is to have a 7 figure agency, buy 2 businesses that have a total worth of $8 million, and an apartment complex, as well as live in a mansion with nice cars.

All of this is possible, I dreamt too small but it’s the start so it’s whatever.


Day 1 n 2

Sex drive went through the roof, was hornier than usual. Desire for bigger than greatness is slowly creeping in. My postures are becoming more powerful.


I am glad I could inspire you to start a journal (If I did, just thought so because of the title)
Wish you much strength mate and Ill be happy to read your journal!


Thank you mate


Day 3

Sex drive still there, it unleashes in sexual scenes or when I wake up or falling asleep. I’m thinking more about my empire more than usual even more than the baby supposedly on the way. I’m charismatic but a lil rusty… def not afraid of physical contact. One concern, I harbor this undying rage… weird. The growing desire of an empire is driving me insane.


Day 4

Yesterday, had a strong desire for my empire. Even worked a little, I couldn’t go all the way due to lack of time and more work needed to be completed before I bring in new clients. The way I think has been amplified, minus the negativity of course. People are more friendly to me… I wonder why😊


Day 5

I did a couple of work today, I was expecting more but the work I did is enough to put me to 7 figures in a week.

My goal is to get the 7 figures, fly to China, look at the business that’s being sold… then close the deal and that will make me a worldwide millionaire, netting me 7 figure in $ not Rands.

After checking out the business, there’s another one in Romania, another 7 figure $ business.

The best part about all of this is that I won’t use any of my cash to buy the businesses.

All of this depends on my digital marketing agency, which I found a way to not do any of the work so I’m not limited by how many clients I bring in.


Day 6

Today something magical is going to happen. I feel it. “Preparation meeting determination equals success” something like that, what I’m trying to say is… I’ll dominate today.

I feel higher status, I don’t need anything from anyone, I’m going to be adding daredevil, I don’t want to lose the social part of my life.

In terms of love life, I run an empire of women. I want more, I want better ones… all over the world.


Day 7

Yesterday I had to wait a certain time before I could do what was going to put me on top, and I accidentally fell asleep.

Since then, I been lazy, I want the work but for some reason I just don’t want to do anything.

Today is my lowest being on Emperor, despite looking good in the morning. I hate life right now, and I noticed the coldness towards everything, except the goals, I’ve been distant from a lot of people and there’s this girl that won’t stop calling me… she sees a future with me, and I see a future surrounded by super hot girls and she ain’t one of them.

About the rage I felt in day 3, looks like that was a one time thing.

I hope tomorrow is great…


Day 8

I’ve been having dreams about my exes, it’s weird cause unless I’m in contact with them whether it be on WhatsApp or in person, they don’t exist in my world.

I like the increase in respect I get…

Some of the treatment I got today, I shouldn’t have gotten but for some reason I did.

Partnered with this other company, this will take my business to a whole new level. I hate cold calls, I don’t mind the demo and closing.

So I thought about what I could do about it, and I decided to hire someone to do the work. I’ll pay him 20% commission on the $3000 package that will be sold.

He seems motivated, I’ll be training him in a few hours.

I wonder what tomorrow brings…


that cracked me up


Day 9

Never been in some much thought in my life, I hit my all time low… @Fire @AMASH does Emperor make you want to deal with deep rooted issues?


Day 10

Until now at 11pm I’ve been detached from reality, I really wonder why.

It’s quite a coincidence that I been at my lowest this weekend and all of sudden, just when I’m about to sleep I get my drive to dominate life tomorrow.

Here’s the thing…

I don’t want to sleep, at this time I feel like working. For those that meditate and work on chakras, I feel my chi(vri, bioelectricity) causing me to be invigorated.


Of course. Dive deep, think it through well, let your subconscious express itself, notice what thoughts pop up.

Then start dealing with the issues.

Finding my True North

@Fire that makes sense. I’ve gained a lot of clarity over the weekend but i feel like Emperor ain’t done with me yet.


Day 11-13

I’ve been having lack of energy lately.

It’s worse when I do something that goes against my status. I think I’m doing something wrong or not enough of something that’s very important.

One thing I noticed when socializing is my position, it’s of higher status. The way I move, how I command attention, clear loud voice and the way I unconsciously change tonalities.

When I noticed that, I was very impressed with myself. I also noticed that I eat healthy now… weird.


Most successful people are eating healthier than the average population. I think emperor should work with that. Also it has fat burner


The picture of Warren Buffet immediately popped into my mind :smiley:


Day 14-15

My thinking in business has improved.

Right now, I’m solely focused on business despite being hit up by women who won’t leave me alone.

The ups and downs of emotions are slowly gearing towards what I want them to be, unaffected by things that don’t really matter.

But when I do get angry, it’s like my anger has been amplified. It’s a good thing it never last long.

I spent hours generating leads for my employee only for him to slack. He should be doing the lead generating and cold calls but I wanted to make his job easier. Instead of being angry for him underperforming.

I decided to do his work. After a week, I’ll hire fronters to do the lead gen and appointment setting, then I’ll fire him for underperforming.

This morning, I removed all my distractions.

That’s after reading Ecstasy Gold - Now or Never, something inside of me clicked. I just realized that I’m close to the 250 hours.


Day 16

My life is now aligned. The important thing I needed to do, turns out was spiritual.

I handled that, all of a sudden a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I decided I wanted to dream big while keeping my short terms goals. So I started reading Donald Trump Wealth Building 101.

I have to say, I’m at my happiest.

I now have a clear vision for the future and an ideal day plan to maximize my time.

I feel great, ever since I got rid of distractions. One thing I noticed after the planning, was that at first, with Emperor I had a foggy mind on what to do. It’s like it was telling me to plan and have vision like Emperors do.

Since then, my minds calm…

The program is running smooth, I wonder what tomorrow brings.