Rise to Stardom

Hey guys,

Thought I’d make a new journal to clean up my mess of the other TMB journal. It was a fun ride with everything that I used but I need to stick to this discipline of this sub and I wanted to start a fresh.

Welcome to I Am Brandon.

My documentary of the MorningStarQ sub where I’ll be discussing my road to stardom, fame, fortune and the rest of it.

My goals:

Become a world renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher that has many multiple sources of income whilst also reaching massive fame and reach cross social media.

If you haven’t seen already, this is my current set up for my custom:

It also includes Natural Winner which isn’t in the screenshot.

I’m stacking this x2 along with: Limitless Executive and R.I.C.H and alternating the 2 as my secondary subs.

I’m super excited about this custom and I’m super excited for you guys to be around for the journey - if you wish to be.


Currently listening to my first loop:

I am already feeling somewhat empowered to do something. Before this loop I had been sleeping all day due to a mouse running around my room last night and the fact I’m a night owl.

I’ve actually been bored and now I’m feeling like I need to be productive and get some stuff done, but what can I do?

Maybe post my Tiktok I filmed like a month ago that I still haven’t uploaded, maybe learn some more from the Tiktok course I have and haven’t finished, maybe do some Chris Voss training I still haven’t finished.

I’m feeling motivating and ready.


The only thing I’m wondering is why you decided to not run DR till the end?

Other than that, it’s good that you found your direction.

Interesting to see your results with this custom.

I have a habit of starting things and getting close to the end and then not finishing it. I did the same with Khan Stage 4.

That’s my honest reason. I really don’t want to use it as an excuse either but after learning so much about me and ADHD and currently going through testing I realise it’s a common theme for us to do. We either procrastinate on things, get hyper focused if we’re interested, or throw it in the bag and leave it there.

I also realised I wanted other things, just like I did with Khan. I do still have a lot to use DR for though. I just want to keep my stack simple and stick to this routine for now.

I did with some experimentation of subs and everyone’s help here, I’m hella grateful.

Me too man! I’m ready for action.


Go forth in confidence!

You already know am following this journal

Nice build, with a clear set goal. looking forward to reading this one :slight_smile:

MorningStar Q ? As in Lucifer?


Don’t owls catch mice :relaxed:
Look forward to hearing the journey and results, especially about furious ascent.

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It’s time man!

Appreciate the support dude!

Thanks man! Everyone here helped with it and I’m grateful af! I’m happy with the build for sure.

Yep haha, @Varuna came up with it and I had been watching Sabrina on Netflix and she had been called it. Seemed fitting.

I tried, with a humane mouse trap but the bloody thing wouldn’t go in it :sob:

Thanks man, and thanks for the help building it.

I knew when I saw Furious Ascent that I needed to put it in there.


Tiny update which is kind of massive for me.

I ended up watching two videos from the Tiktok course before getting bored with what he was saying because it seems like common sense.

But I uploaded a piece of choreography that I hadn’t posted and initially meant to post a couple months ago.

First Tiktok done.

I watched the course during my first loop.
Posted the Tiktok after it.


Edit: I had fear about posting, and negative thoughts about the video. Maybe this is where Furious Ascent kicked in already.


That’s right. I forgot about that show. I have only watched the first season. A bit hilarious because the monument at the school in the first season is identical to the one made specifically for the Satanic Temple.

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Or maybe you’re just way more talented than you know

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Yeah the first season was quite lame and cheesy to be honest but for some reason I stuck with it haha. I was overall disappointed in it.

Oh man, that’s cool that you made that and it’s similar haha.

Might be that :kissing_heart:

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I didn’t make that . I got it online

Oops, read your comment wrong.

Which of the modules in your Custom are you noticing so far?

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Most likely Productivity Unleashed and Furious Ascent earlier since I got the Tiktok done and out of the way, and had hardly any fear or procrastination. Now Machine: Rest as I’m playing CoD and don’t feel as guilty as I normally do when I know I’m just putting work off.

Raikov for CoD haha, been watching people’s game play and it’s helping so far.

Nothing else as of yet. Will keep you updated.


On Stark what I often noticed is wasting time here on the forum, or other time-wasting activities while I could be doing something productive. I’m really wondering how machine:action is going to work in that regard.

Thanks for sharing your insights!