Riding the Wave - Sinusoid's Custom (EmpQ + Sexual + Social)

Hello everybody,

I am relatively new to SubClub. Over the last two months, I have been running Khan which has done a great job of solidifying my alpha base and getting me into action. Khan also helped me form a more general life plan, and I realize that I want a whole lifestyle change. In order to address this broader plan, I decided to build a custom sub.

First, a little background. I am a successful teacher/tutor coming off a long marriage. Post-divorce, I have not been able to get my social and dating life back in gear. I feel stuck, and Khan was a great kick in the pants and opened my eyes about what could be. I now a envision a paradigm shift, a reboot from lone wolf to social, fun loving guy!

The major goal of the custom is to create an active dating and social life with an emphasis on having fun. Sub-goals include improving SMV and social confidence, expanding income to easily afford my new lifestyle, moving on from past traumas, building a great and healthy body, and enhancing work life by being calm under fire and relationship/trust building.

I plan to run 3 loops a day on a 5/2 schedule. After a lot of experimentation, that worked well for me on Khan. I will adjust if need be. I also plan to journal focusing on General Impressions, Interesting Experiences, and Module Comments. I am hoping to give back/pay it forward for other users.

Lastly, I want to express my appreciation for the journalers out there. I spent a great deal of time reading through the journals to figure out what might help me. Your work made things much easier for me. And I want to give a special shout out to @Fire who was instrumental in helping me put this thing together.

My new custom arrived late last night. Here is what I built:



EmperorQ (EmpQ)


Primal Seduction (PrSeQ)

Sex Mastery (SexMQ)

Perfect Style and Smell (PSSQ)

Gorgeous Manifestor (GoMaQ)

Earthshaker – Sexuality (EaSQ)


Inner Circle (InCirQ)

Daredevil (DaCQ)

Lion IV (LilVQ)

Great Body

Emperor Fitness ST4 (EmFiSt4)


Sultan (SulQ)


Rebirth (ReQ)

Reconciliation Smothers/Mood Boosters

Sanguine (JoDVQ)

Joie de Vivre (SangQ)

Results Enhancers


DEUS (DeusQ)

Dominion (DomQ)

Informaticon (InQ)

Mosaic (MoQ)

Omnidimensional (OmQ)

It’s very diffuse I know. I plan to use this custom for at least 3 months, supplementing it with Ultima products for work, social or sexual occasions.


That’s like a heavy sub .
You got almost like 6 cores !!!
Keep us posted on your experience
I myself wanted a custom build like that !!!

6 Cores?


Day 2

General Impressions

Phase I of my grand plan is underway. During this time, I am laying the groundwork for things to come. Major focus on increasing SMV. My primary objective is to body build with a heavy focus on hitting the gym hard and eating clean. In that regard, the custom is coming through. My workouts yesterday and today were awesome. I feel a heat virtually all day from my revved up metabolism. Recovery has been solid. I am also driven to drink water, lots of it. My short-term goals are 18%BF, 225 lb bench (4 plates), and 15" arms.

Supplementing the body goals, I have taken a deep dive into understanding decoration and fashion. Through a lot of hard work, I came up with a new furniture and clothing plan. These are things I’ve thought about over the years but never took action. Through Khan and the custom, I have eliminated a lot limiting beliefs and now I’m taking action. I came up with a reasonable budget and then executed. With COVID, everything is a lot cheaper and there are great buys out there.

I also have a background project of exploring a move to CA next school year. I am filling out paperwork to get a CA teaching license; I already have a teaching license in my home state, so the process is not too hard.

COVID has put a damper on tutoring, but I am exploring possibilities for online tutoring. I am also hopeful that SATs and ACTs get going again, which will be a big help.

Interesting Experiences

Not much to report yet. Generally, people have been very friendly and helpful. I accidentally played an extra loop today and liked it. So I will give 4 loops per day a try.

Module Comments

EmpQ: I feel like a boss and I am getting s**t done. Nice ego balance. Very smooth.
Sex/Social Mods: Have not really come into play just yet.
EmFitSt4: Definitely in play. Huge drive to work out and eat clean.
Joie de Vivre/Sanguine: Mood has been great. No recon.


Hi @rajeshwer. I know it’s a lot. I ran it by @Fire before I bought the custom. He thought that the subliminal was on the larger side, and that it would take longer for results, but I would see a wide variety of them. This is meant as a long-term sub to help launch my journey.


Hi @Hermit. Yes 6 cores. I know it’s a lot. I will take care and adjust if need be.

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Awesome Journal,
really enjoy the details
I see the intelligence, patience and thoughtfulness behind your custom decisions

My 2 cents on cores:

Anyone who has run Emperor has run a massive program with 4 cores successfully,
There is someone on this forum successfully running 10 core custom to great results.

If you look at @xanderson83 journal he was running Emperor, Khan Stage 4, PS: Iron Throne, and sex Mastery for quite a while, which is more than 6 cores-e it.

@Simon was running 5 major programs at once and seemed to be enjoying the results.

If you’ve run modules before and/or happy to wait for longer term results large programs/stacks are not a problem- in some cases stacking more will accelerate a particular programs results.

That said tried and true 1 core or 1 program is always a winning bet as well


Did you run any of these Cores previously? Or did you literally jump-in and create this Custom out of nowhere?

By the way, from what it looks like more Cores doesn’t necessarily mean more suggestions, I believe the amount of suggestions are determined by the build method, so I can certainly see this work in the long run but that’ll be more then 3 months. My Custom consists of one Core, 20-modules total and I’ve been getting insane results after two days, name embedding is really strong.

After reading that you have 6-cores, I really don’t understand why I couldn’t get two Cores and 22-modules total. Honestly, I am glad that I didn’t, the Custom I have right now fits my needs perfectly.

Good luck, your Custom is something very experimental and I’m eager to see where it’ll be taking you, it’ll give the whole community lots of insights!


On another note, wouldn’t it make sense to add Mosaïc for all of those Cores to fit together smoothly?

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Thank you @Azriel. I first came up with a Master Plan, a sort of vision. I built an Excel spreadsheet, put headings for all of the major categories, and then filled in the columns. Then the hard part of cutting it down to 20 modules. I read literally hundreds of journal entries and then had numerous PM exchanges with @Fire who was extremely responsive and helpful.

The whole process was exhausting - took 3 weeks - but I was driven to get what I wanted.


Hi @Hermit. I realize my custom is more “White Album” than “Sgt. Pepper”. I know it goes against the advice that was given about the number of cores. I am not trying to be a trailblazer; I am going on what feels right for me. I could be completely wrong in which case I will change course. Point is I spent 3 weeks formulating the custom; at some point I had to pull the trigger.


Mosaic is in there. If you read my original post, you will it second to last in the list.

Also, I appreciate your insightful comments as a highly experienced sub user.


Those Mood Boosters have exchanged their acronyms …


Hi @Simon. You are correct. I got 18/20 right, so 90%. Will endeavor to reach perfection some day. LOL.

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It’s only a problem if one has Cores with conflicting agendas. This custom doesn’t.
Older versions of Emperor could have had trouble with Daredevil, EQ is cool with DD.

Not really. If you just squint a little, you’ll see that this custom is not that different from Stark. :sunglasses:
(As in, SQ could have almost all of these components.)

Very different flavor of course, and with Emperor’s orientation.
I kinda like it actually. @Sinusoid :+1:t2:


Thank you @Simon. To give credit where due, I laid out my plan to @Fire, and he came up with EmpQ.


That’s true, there’s much overlap between the Cores, especially between Primal Seduction, Emperor, Sex Mastery and Emperor Fitness probably as well.

Still Stark is many times less scripting compared to what his got, so it’ll definitely take more then a year for this Custom to fully manifests it’s capacities. I’m actually kinda happy that someone chose to go this route, that way we gain some insights on having so many Cores in a Custom.

All-in-all it’s very streamlined and goal-oriented, I guess.

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There is a method to my madness.

I view my custom as a long-term, transformational sub. My frame is play for the long game: keep building, do the right things, and the results will come when they come. I don’t want to put a time frame on it. Trust the process.

That said, Ultima is there for the short/medium game. Going out on a date, use Ultima (sex sub). Going to a party, use Ultima (social sub). Need a boost for work, use Ultima (work sub). You get the idea.

So the combination of my custom and Ultima covers all the bases.


What was you reasoning behind adding SM core considering SM core is in Emperor Core (and primal seduction I believe) ? Obviously it would enhance those effects, but any particularly reasoning behind it?