Returning User need some help building a stack

Hey everyone!

I am returning to subliminal use and I would like some guidance.

Summary: Really want to take control of my life and find my purpose spiritually and physically. Over the past couple of years I’ve struggled with self-control, impulses, setting boundaries, and being consistent with things that I want to achieve in life. I feel like I have a lot of mental blockages stopping me from being the best man I can be for myself, my family and my relationship. Turning 26 this month and I want to dedicate it to emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Really want to take control of my life and stop being my adversary. Would like some help creating a sub stack for my goals and eventually a custom. Thank you guys for what y’all do


  1. Become more aware of my inner self and thoughts
  2. Tap into my divine masculine and not move from my wounded masculine
  3. Tap into my subconscious mind and inner creative
  4. Heal trauma and blocks stopping me from progressing
  5. Deepen my spiritual practice
  6. Release old habits and find my purpose as a man
  7. Release emotional blockages
  8. Learn how to learn(Learn how I learn + coding + anything that interests me)
  9. Build discernment(Know when others are trying to manipulate me)
  10. Discover my own energy and personality and not shape myself based on others
  11. Be able to read body language and build social awareness
  12. Stop being lazy and start attacking my goals and healing
  13. Stop being passive(Letting others talk down to me, stop procrastination)
  14. Build self worth
  15. Build body awareness and be more grounded and present

Subs I have
Chosen from within
Asc mog
Limitless executive
Primal seduction
Sex Mastery
Revelation of the mind
Renaissance man
Limit Destroyer

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Given the subs you own and the goals you set Ascension, RoM and LE would be the way to go.

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Revelation of Mind
Limit Destroyer


@James Would you like to comment about DR?

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