Results for custom ultima stacks


I did not want pollute the ultima custom build thread, so i decided to start a new one. How is everyone doing with results ?.

It would be nice if we can share results, observations. Which will help others make better descisions when creating custom ultima stacks.


The only Ultima I’ve used semi-regularly is Libertine V1. Very impressive. The wife responded favorably 3/4 times on that so far.

I’ve used Executive a couple of times while working on my website, and it definitely keeps me focused.


That’s a very good question. You’re not the only one who is interested in how it works.


Thanks guys however i am more interested in sharing how people are getting on with their custom ultimas.


I’ll receive my healing Ultima next week :slight_smile: I will share results!


What did you choose?


Hopefully I’ll get mine soon as well. Went for a physical improvement custom.


I have been using my new ultima custom stack for two days nothing to write home about as yet. I did two loops on both days.


what are the modules? haven’t been checking that other thread at all


Healing Custom, it should be hyper versatile depending upon which sub I stack it with!
It’s called WhiteTiger’s Foundation Builder :

I Am
Attachment Destroyer
Blue Skies
Power Awareness
New Beginnings

I’m doing this with @SubliminalUser ! (I keep tagging him hahaha)

@blackadder Your ultima looks sick! I can’t wait to see you reporting some movement :sunglasses:


any updates on how your ultima is treating you? @blackadder


Forgot to post my update here!!!

Extracted directly from my journal! I’ll see how it transcribe into my actions in the next weeks!


First run of my new custom!


@i_am nothing to write home about yet will update yiu guys towards the end of this week as i need ti give the product time.


I am really happy with my new ultima custom sub :slight_smile:.

@SaintSovereign @Fire thanks for making my dream a reality.


You’re very much welcome.


share more ???


You can’t post this and not share your story mate hahaha you have to tell! :heart_eyes:


@blackadder must be running overcast-auraQ… the way he’s keeping us in the dark


@Azriel my new super ultima is comprised of aura of craving and earth shaker together with one other module i forgot which one is. Its helped me meet gorgeous young women.

Might just tweak it but i have to ask Saint whether he can make Libertine available as i want to name embed it !.