Rest in peace, Kevin Samuels

The world lost an honest soul and a great man. Someone who showed men that there was nothing wrong with having standards in their relationship while at the same time holding both men and women accountable for their actions.

KS is infamous for his clips where he gives women a reality check but what most do not know is that he will tell you like it is no matter your gender.

I won’t say more on the matter since he is quite a controversial figure in the world we live in. But I am grateful to him for his lessons in masculinity, success, frame (which he has oodles of on his show), communication and sense of style. He was an excellent teacher even though most of his advice was tough love.

He passed away too soon at the age 55/56 a couple of hours back (I don’t know the official reason of death).

Rest in peace, man. You have my respect.


Crazy stuff man… Heard the news yesterday. I believe they were saying cardiac arrest but nothing confirmed yet

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Damn, I didn’t hear about that. Cardiac arrest, eh? Seems to be a lot of that happening lately. :roll_eyes: iykyk.


Mhm exactly what I thought :neutral_face:


@enigma12, @SaintSovereign - not sure yet. No official statement as far as I know.

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Yeah , i think alot of us are thinking the same thing here


This thread is how I found out.


Whats really disgusting is the amount of hate the guy is getting now. People saying he deserved to die etc. Insane the amount of hateful people their are in the world today, and even shows the mental state/low level of intellect that many people have.


I agree. What makes it even worse is when people who are speaking the truth are called undeserving names. Won’t list them out here but such name calling and shaming tactics are frequently used to silence truth-tellers

Am suddenly reminded of one of my favorite dating gurus BlackSheepBandit who also passed away a few months ago under some strange circumstances. Man, I loved his travel vlogs and his ramblings on dating and women. May he too rest in peace.


Absolutely. Shaming, Insulting, guilt tripping etc… Also Conspiracy theorist, “_____” denier is name calling at its finest these days…

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Aight, ya’ll. Let’s keep it on topic. I got a little carried away with my comment earlier, rofl. :wink:
We are still a neutral forum.


Lol yes. Agreed :pray:

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Sry, I forgot my heritage… Sweden the most neutral country…in…the…wor…d :upside_down_face::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


No no no brother

We are NR 1


Its not even funny to be NR 1 this time


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Wanna fight about it… :boxing_glove::boxing_glove: haha… :penguin::joy:

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You can have it

I give it to you

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I don’t want it


Bro let’s move away from our countrys

Let’s go on a adventure

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Dammit don’t use backwards psycology man! :heart::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I never did

But seriously let’s find a place to live where the place and people is alive and positive

I really have to leaf my country or change the city